BO3 Zombies: Shadows Of Evil Ritual Item Locations

Start early as an occultist.

If you want to Pack-a-Punch your weapons or complete one of the main easter eggs on Shadows of Evil, you need to know where to find four Ritual Items.

They are used to complete rituals (obviously) which turns them into a spaceworm to transport you to the PaP machine. While not apparent early on, the ritual items are located inside wooden crates that require you to turn into the beast in BO3 Zombies.


There’s a map in the spawn area of Shadows of Evil that reveals the four locations for the ritual items.

1. Lawyer’s Pen

To find the Lawyer’s Pen, you need to head to the Junction area and become the beast. 

Once you’re in the beast mode, you must locate a power switch in the middle of the area. Hit the switch and you’ll notice a crane moving above. This crane will drop the Lawyer’s Pen on the ground.


After collecting a ritual item, two spirits will spawn. Kill them quickly because they can do a lot of damage to you.

2. Producer’s Toupee

This ritual item can be found on top of one of the ledges in the Footlight District. Simply turn into the beast to spot a grapple point, grapple up on it, and toss a fiery wooden crate sitting on a ledge. The crate will break down and reveal the Producer’s Toupee.

3. Detective’s Badge

Travel to the Canal District and turn into the beast to find yet another fiery wooden crate sealed below the ledge in Shadows of Evil. Travel further to the northern end of the canal to find a power switch that unlocks the sealed cage of the ritual item. Electrocute the power switch and turn back into human form to collect the item.

4. Promoter’s Championship Belt

The last ritual item for Shadows of Evil can be found inside a wooden crate in the Waterfront District of the map. The crate will be placed on a high-fenced balcony so turn into the beast, grapple to the point nearby, and toss the crate to find the promoter’s Championship Belt.

Where to find the Summoning Key?

The Summoning Key is not a ritual item but is used to activate a ritual after finding any of the four items. The key will be placed inside the small wooden crate behind the truck in the spawn alley of Shadows of Evil. Simply turn into the beast and break the crate to collect the item.


Only one ritual can be performed at a time. After collecting one ritual item, travel to the designated sanctorum and perform the ritual to obtain one of the four spaceworms.

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