BO3 Zombies Revelations Secret Melee Weapons Unlock Guide

Beat the clock to find these secret melee weapons

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies map Revelations features a handful of Secret Melee Weapons that depending on the level, can one-shot most of the zombies. These can be acquired by completing a few time bonus trial challenges which are not listed anywhere but when you complete one you will receive a notification titled “Time Attack”.

Originally introduced in Gorod Krovi, Time Trials on Revelations Map allows players to acquire 4 free melee weapons for completing a certain number of rounds within a fixed time duration.

As said before all 4 of these bonus melee weapons can insta-kill most enemies and feature unique animation. However, unlike the standard knife, equipping these melee weapons takes one of your weapon slots

Fastest way to unlock the secret melee weapons

Each secret melee weapon has a specific time trial that must be completed to unlock and will cost you a certain amount of points. You can go about these challenges in any way you like as long as you meet the challenge requirements but there is a much faster and easier way to unlock these secret melee weapons than simply grinding your way through the whole map of revelations.

To get started you need to equip 5 specific Gobblegums. These Gobblegums are not especially rare so you have a good chance of finding them along your way.

Gobblegum #1 – Wallpower
This Gobblegum will allow you to pick up any gun from a wall and the gun will come Pack-a-Punched. This will make any weapon you use extremely efficient up till round 5 or 7.

Gobblegum #2 – Disorderly Combat
This will give you a random gun every 10 seconds for 5 minutes.

Gobblegum #3 – Dead of Nuclear Winter
This will spawn 2 nukes for you to use at any time

Gobblegum #4 – Killjoy
This Gobblegum will give you an insta-kill and can be used twice to speed up any round.

Gobblegum #5 – Temporal Gift
This will make your Power-ups last longer and will allow you to make much more efficient use of all the other Gobblegums listed above.

With this, we are ready to ace the time trials and get our hands on the overpowered melee weapons in BO3 Zombies – Revelations.

Secret Melee Weapon #1 – Nunchucks

Time Trial Requirements: Complete 5 Rounds in less than 5 Minutes.
Cost: 100 points

The fastest way to get the Nunchucks is to stay in the first room for the first 5 rounds and have the Wallpower equipped. Don’t open any doors as you don’t need them at this point and hit the Gobblegum machine a few times to get the Wallpower.

If you get any other Gobblegums along the way they will be useful too but what you really need is the Wallpower. For the weapon, you need to get RK5, as this weapon is quite effective at the lower rounds.

With this, all the zombies will come rushing to you and you can simply kill all of them which should not be too difficult. Once you have cleared round 5, you will get a “Time Attack” notification. This means that the Nunchucks are available to purchase.

Head to the Temple in Shangri-La and go up the stairs, you will see a wall buy on the right side. You can buy these for 100 points and unleash your ninja moves on the zombies.

This secret melee weapon has a slow animation but will one-shot all the enemies up till round 15, after which you will need to switch to the next weapon on the list.

Secret Melee Weapon #2 – Skull Splitter

Time Trial Requirements: Complete 10 Rounds in less than 12 Minutes.
Cost: 200 points

To get the skull splitter, head back to the spawn area and repeat the same strategy. This time, however, the most effective Gobblegum will be Disorderly Combat. This will give you a bunch of random weapons including shotguns and LMGs.

Pair these up with Nukes and Insta kill Gobblegums and you should be able to clear 10 rounds easily in under 12 minutes.

Skull Splitter is a medieval-style secret melee mace and can one-shot enemies up till round 20 in Revelations.

Secret Melee Weapon #3 – Buzz Cut

Time Trial Requirements: Complete 15 Rounds in less than 22 Minutes.
Cost: 300 points

Now if you have some time left from the previous time trial, you can equip the Skull Splitter and pair it with the other gobble gums like Nukes and Disorderly Combat to race through the next 15 rounds.

You should use the melee weapon to one-shot enemies up till round 20 after which you should switch to LMGs or any other faster weapons. If you have got the Wallpower Gobblegum, this combo should let you clear 15 rounds in about 15 minutes.

Once the Time Trial is done, head to the temple to buy the Buzz Cut secret melee weapon which is an extremely powerful saw wheel with a pretty fast attack animation in BO3 Zombies.

Secret Melee Weapon #4 – Nightbreaker

Time Trial Requirements: Complete 20 Rounds in less than 32 Minutes.
Cost: 400 points

To receive this powerful melee weapon, you must complete 20 rounds in under 32 minutes which is easy if you have Gobblegum to skip a round. We also recommend using the Juggernog perk as you will find yourself sprinting often as the zombies spawn more frequently compared to the previous rounds.

By this time, you should have enough powerful weapons and Gobblegums to make short work of most of the zombies. This makes it the easiest time trial to complete despite having the greatest number of rounds.

The Nightbreaker is one of the fastest attack animations among all secret melee weapons in Revelations. It can get you one-shot kills until the late 30s rounds.

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