BO3 Zombies: Shadows Of Evil Skip Rounds Easter Egg

Look out for the Shadowman.

There is an easter egg that will let you skip rounds in Black Ops 3 Zombies: Shadows of Evil and instantly jump to round 5, round 10, or round 15 without killing a single zombie. This is especially useful if you don’t want to grind through the earlier rounds and are looking for more challenging. You will also receive some additional points to help you take it from there.

However, we wouldn’t recommend doing it if you’re a new player because you’ll get overwhelmed fast. But in case you wish to give it a go, here’s how you can do Shadows of Evil skip rounds easter egg.

How to skip rounds in Shadows of Evil

As the Shadows of Evil game mode loads, you will notice yourself being in an alleyway. Walk a few steps, and you can see the Shadowman standing on a fire escape above. You can shoot the Shadowman, but there will be no animation of him getting hit by the bullets. Hit the figure for almost a whole clip of bullets, and you will notice that your round has jumped from 1 to 5.

Repeat the shooting of one or two more clips, and your round will jump to round 10. For every jump, you will also receive 5000 points which can be spent on buying gear and useable items. Since the latest patch update, it has been difficult to jump to round 15 as there is a sequence players must follow to jump to level 15.

When you skip to round 10, wait until the fast-forwarding sound has finished. After that, you get a window of a few seconds before the Shadowman disappears. Shoot him during that time, and you will skip to round 15. That is as high as the easter egg will get you, and you will have a total of 16000 points.

Once again, I don’t recommend jumping to round 15, but round 10 should be a nice start if you’re looking to give yourself a challenge. With 16,000 points in hand, you’ll easily be able to get out of the initial area, buy yourself a pretty strong weapon, and carry things from there.

But more importantly, you will need to rush from here on and buy a nice gun off the walls as hordes upon hordes of zombies will start swarming you and you must be quick if you wish to survive.

How to skip rounds in co-op

If you are playing Zombies on Shadows of Evil with your friends and you want to impress them with this cool trick, you will need to get all your friends to shoot the Shadowman as well at the same time or this trick will not work. It might take a couple of tries but it is possible.

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