BO3 Zombies Gobblegum Tier List: Best Setup

Get these Gobblegum loadouts to break your best Zombie record.

GobbleGums are a handy feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies. They give you temporary boosts and bonuses to help you against the undead hordes. You can think of them as a different type of perks since like the Perk-a-Cola machines, you get your own GobbleGum machines.

Before starting with the best possible GobbleGum setup in BO3 Zombies, it is important to remind you to customize your packs before entering a game. This is because the GobbleGum machine automatically spews out one of the five gums you pre-defined in your loadout before.

Best Gobblegum setup in BO3: Zombies

The setup will vary according to the player’s style and whether they are playing co-op or solo but rest assured this GobbleGum setup will get them through any situation.

Perk #1: Perkaholic (Ultra Rare Mega)

Perkaholic is unanimously agreed to be the best Gobblegum in Black Ops 3. It is instantly activated and gives players all the perks on the map.

Perk #2: Shopping Free (Ultra Rare Mega)

Another versatile Gobblegum; it is also activated instantly and all purchases are free for 1 minute. Use this to your advantage and open as many doors and passages to widen the map whilst also getting your favorite wall guns.

Perk #3: Alchemical Antithesis (Classic)

Despite not even being a Mega Gobblegum, this still makes it to the list because of its sheer overpowered nature. It can be activated twice, for 60 seconds each time and it replenishes player ammo by 1 for every 10 points earned; since a bullet wound is 10 points, you are getting your bullet replaced in the worst-case scenario and staying even.

In the best-case scenario of melee kills and headshots ( 130 and 100 points ), you do the math of the ammo being replenished. This Gobblegum makes you invincible ammo-wise; it is so overpowered they converted it into a mega Gobblegum in Black Ops 4.

Perk #4: Near Death Experience (Ultra Rare Mega)

If Alchemical Antithesis makes you invincible ammo-wise, this Gobblegum makes you invincible health-wise. It is activated immediately and lasts 3 full rounds. Players can get revived by simply being near other players and they even keep all their perks.

In Solo mode, this makes you unkillable for 3 straight rounds, as long as the gum is active, the player has the option to quick revive.

Perk #5: Power Vacuum (Ultra Rare Mega)

For 4 rounds, this Gobblegum increases the number of Power-ups spawning. The normal limit of 4 drops per round is also ignored and more drops per round are spawned.

How to get Mega Gobblegums in BO3: Zombies

There are a total of 44 Mega Gobblegums in BO3: Zombies and unlike the Classic Gobblegums, they are not unlocked by ranking up in zombies. They have to be created using Liquid Divinium in Dr. Monty’s Factory.

The other way is to get them for free in Shadows of Evil or Der Eisendrache by completing a series of tasks.

How to get unlimited Gobblegums in Black Ops 3

There is a glitch in Black Ops 3 zombies that allows players to have unlimited GobbleGums. Jump into a private Zombies game either solo or co-op. Hit up the Gobblegum machine and start consuming your Gobblegums.

Your main objective to complete the glitch successfully is to not get downed by zombies and get shown the “Game Over” screen. If that happens, you will end up losing all the Gobblegums you have consumed for good.

When you are about to get downed playing solo, pause and quit the game or join a friend who’s in another lobby. It’s the same scenario in Co-op as well, when your team-mate is down and you are surrounded as well, follow the same two steps.

This glitch preserves your Gobblegums, no matter how many you consume, they return to their original value and don’t get consumed.

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