BO3 Zombies Der Eisendrache Wisp Locations

Little balls of lightning.

One of the first steps in completing the Der Eisendrache easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Awakening DLC is finding and shooting all 4 wisps that appear randomly around the map.

Without finding and shooting these wisps, it is impossible to proceed with the completion of the easter egg. However, before completing this step, you need to ensure that you do it in a single round and have an upgraded Wrath of the Ancients Bow.


Wisps look like small electricity sparks that emit bluish-white light.

In addition to this, also note that there are a total of 8 possible locations where the wisps can spawn, but you need to shoot 4 to complete the step.

Since there are eight different locations these Wisps can spawn in, and you have a limited amount of time to get the four of them, it can become quite difficult to complete the step.


It is possible to do the Wisp step solo, but we recommend bringing in a team as you have a short amount of time to find all of them.

Where to find the Wisps in Der Eisendrache?

Head over to the Undercroft area and inside the teleporter room there. Once you are there, stand in front of the teleporter to notice prongs at the top of the teleporter.

At this point, you need to shoot these prongs and you will notice that they will turn golden and emit lightning. When that happens, four Wisps will spawn in eight random locations on the map, and the step will ensue.

When you shoot the orbs and get your clue, head out and shoot the Wisps. Once again, note that you need to shoot the 4 wisps in quick succession. The section below provides an overview of all the possible wisp locations:

  • Car tire near the Double-Tap perk-a-cola
  • Telephone near the initial spawn area
  • Telephone near the power switch
  • Inside the room directly above the Double-Tap perk-a-cola
  • The world globe inside the room adjacent to Sam’s room
  • A radio set in the corner right across from the Speed Cola perk-a-cola
  • The wallclock directly above the command center room
  • The clock inside the hall leading from the Bell Tower

Once you shoot a Wisp, it will disappear and you will hear a weird Margwa roar sound in the background, indicating that this one has been shot and the next one has spawned.

If all four Wisps have been hunted within the same round, a slightly different roar will be heard, and the step will be completed. The teleporter will now have purple light shining from below and you will be able to travel to the past with your team.

You will then be able to access Dr. Groph’s vault code for the next step.


The highest chances for a Wisp spawn include the Globe, the power room (telephone), and the command center (clock).

If you run out of time and fail the Der Eisendrache Wisp step, however, you will have to hunt all four of them again starting the next round. Note that the Wisps will acquire a different pattern this time and may not be found in the same place as before.

As I have mentioned before, you should try to shoot all 4 wisps in a single round with an upgraded Blue Elemental Bow to proceed to the step ahead.

Lastly, there is a bug in Bo3 Zombies where the Wisps do not spawn and the step consequently does not work. In that case, you may want to shoot a random spot or wait for the next round – but make sure you have shot the prongs correctly.

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