Black Ops 3: How to Get the Focusing Stone in Shangri-La

The Focusing Stone gives the player all eight perks in Black Ops 3. You keep them even after dying.

The Focusing Stone is a story-based object found in the Shangri-La map of Black Ops 3. It is obtained as a reward after completing the main Eclipse Easter egg, also known as the Time Travel Will Tell Easter egg, which is an important point in the Aether storyline.

The procedure to get the Focusing Stone involves two explorers, Gary and Brock, who are in dire need of your help to escape an infinite time loop. They were trying to prove the existence of Agartha, the first dimension where the Keepers reside. When the explorers were quite near their destination and had access to the Focusing Stone, some zombies attacked them and forced them to wander in the temple forever.

Keep reading this guide to learn all the steps needed to reach the Focusing Stone in Black Ops 3: Shangri-La map.

How to Get the Focusing Stone in Shangri-La

There are 14 steps involved in the main Shangri-La Easter egg. You will get the Focusing Stone in the final step after destroying the wall behind the Pack-a-Punch machine and putting the explorers out of their misery.

Step #1: Go into Eclipse Mode

As in almost all Easter eggs, the first thing you should do is turn on the power after spawning in the map. After that, you and three of your teammates have to stand on the buttons at spawn.

Step #2: Stand on the Panels after pressing the Button

Press the skull button under the statue at the wall where Pharo/ MPL can be bought. This will make 12 stone panels emerge from both sides of the spawn room.

Each pane has a clone on the other side, and two players have to stand on two similar symbols to make this work. Do this for all panels to progress to the next step.

Step #3: Stand on the Pressure Plates

It’s time to go into Eclipse Mode (just like you did in step 1). Now, ask three of your teammates to stand on the metal grate/ pressure plates at the bottom of the water slide after going down one by one from above. The fourth player should follow them while holding the square button on their controller, and he must flick the switch on the side of the slide as he goes down.

All four players have to stay on the metal grate for a few seconds until a large crystal appears above the water slide’s entrance.

Step #4: Shrink the Crystal with 31-79 JGb125

Go near the crystal and shoot it with any weapon. Once it falls on the ground, shrink it using the Shrink Ray Gun (31-79 JGb125).

Now, melee the small crystal so that it goes to the geyser. Launch the crystal using the geyser, and it will go above the tower and rest in a ball holder there.

Step #5: Interact with the Gas Wheel

Trigger the Eclipse Mode again and make your way to the mine tunnels. Just near the entrance area, you will find a gas wheel/ valve that you have to turn four times.


For the next step, you need a Napalm Zombie. This species is very rare to find, so you may need to go a few rounds before finding one. Babysit the zombie and don’t let anything harm it before it’s served its purpose.

Step #6: Lure the Napalm Zombie into the Tunnel

Now, you have to lure a Napalm Zombie and make it walk down the whole tunnel so that it lights up the gas leaks. Once all four leak points are lit, make your way back to the gas wheel and pull the lever to complete this step.

Step #7: Plug the Trip Mines into the Holes

Activate the Eclipse Mode again before moving further. Then, walk in the tunnels (with the gas wheel) to find four blue holes in the walls. Place one Trip Mine on the ground in front of each hole and lure regular zombies so that they explode while stepping on the mines. This will block the holes from the outside.

Go to the bottom of the waterfall near the box location. Hold the square button to trigger a stone on the rock and make it go inwards. The waterfall will flush out, indicating that this step is also completed.

Step #8: Melee the Stone Symbols on the Walls

After interacting with the stone in the previous step, 12 symbols, similar to the ones in step 2, will appear on different walls on the map. Activate the Eclipse Mode and melee all the symbols one after the other.

Step #9: Destroy the Wooden Structure

If you carefully look to the left of the Minecart entrance, you will see some wood structures that appear like traps. You have to throw a grenade to make it explode for this step.

Step #10: Turn the Disks in the Mudroom

The Mudroom in the temple has four Disks, all with peculiar symbols. You have to go procedurally and turn the disks one by one. In these symbols, “C” means 10, “. (Dot)” means 1, three vertical dots mean 3, and so on.

The pattern to be followed is “16, 1, 3, 4”. Once you are done, you’ll hear Gary and Brock’s dialogue, indicating you’re good to go ahead.

Step #11: Melee the Eight Gongs for the Dynamite Stick

Activate the Eclipse Mode and find eight gongs scattered around different map areas. You have to check all gongs by knifing them and finding the four that do not make the crystal above you go red.

Once you have done that, a Treyarch’s Symbol will appear among the crystals. This will complete the 11th step for you.

Step #12: Shoot the Crystal with the Fractalizer

The tower outside the spawn room (near the Minecart geyser) has a crystal on top of it. Shoot it with the Fractalizer, and it will drop a stick of dynamite. You have to catch it before it reaches the ground. If you miss, the step needs to be redone.


The Fractalizer is simply a pack-a-punched Shrink Ray. To get it, you have to make all four players stand simultaneously on the pressure plates around the map. Doing so will stop the spinning statue part, and the Pack-a-Punch machine will open for a few seconds.

Now, shoot another crystal on top of the mudroom with the Fractalizer.

It will cause three lights to emerge and reach the giant meteorite in the middle of the temple. The meteorite will get smaller and fall to the ground, vanishing for the moment.


The next steps should be done without entering the Eclipse Mode.

Step #13: Free the Explorers

Activate the Pack-a-Punch machine by standing on the pressure plates near the statue. As the water clears your path and you climb the stairs, you will notice that the PaP machine has vanished from its position and the wall behind it is now accessible.

Go near the wall and hear what Gary and Brock have to say about the dynamite stick. They will practically be given the dynamite from your inventory, after which you’ll be asked to step back from the wall.

Once the explosion sound is heard and the wall is destroyed, the explorers will be free of their time loop misery, thanks to your efforts.

Step #14: Get the Focusing Stone

With the wall broken in Shangri-La, you can finally get your hands on the Focusing Stone in Black Ops 3. It is, in fact, the giant meteorite that was shrunk down in step 12.

The player who collects the Focusing Stone gets to have all the eight perks for the rest of his gameplay. Even if the player dies, he won’t lose these perks. The good news is that the above steps can be reiterated to get Focusing Stones for the other three players as well.

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