Black Ops 2 Buried LSAT Buy Location Guide – How To

How to buy LSAT in Black Ops 2 Buried Zombie map in Vengeance DLC.

In this guide, I will teach you how to buy LSAT in the round two of Black Ops 2 Buried, the latest zombie map from Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC.

To buy LSAT, you will need 2000 points. Buying LSAT is definitely a good idea when you are playing solo. What you need to do to get this weapon is pretty simple and straight forward:

Step #1
In the place where you spawn before the round two; look for an opening (a door pulled off its hinges) to get out in the open area.

Step #2
Stay on the left hand side and you will come across another opening.

Step #3
Go through that opening and you will see a broken staircase in front of you.

Step #4
Jump through the gap on the staircase and double tap ‘A’ or ‘Cross’ to get onto the platform.

Step #5
You will see the marker for LSAT on your right hand side.

This is a really good idea to have LSAT in this map. Zombies are just like pieces of cake with this weapon. For more help on Black Ops 2 Buried, read our Pack a Punch, Candygram Guide and Mined Games Easter Egg guide.

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