Should You Join Jagni or Myriad Tribe in Biomutant

This guide will help you figure out whether you should join Jagni or Myriad Tribe in Biomutant. We will be diving deeper into the differences between both of these tribes and discuss what kind of impact they have during your playthrough.

Should You Join Jagni or Myriad Tribe in Biomutant

As soon as you make your character, you have to choose which tribe you want to side with. Your decision will determine what kind of loot you get, who will consider you an enemy, and what kind of ability points you will get easily.

The Myriad Tribe represents light, and the Jagni Tribe represents dark. One more thing to note is that whichever clan you choose, your choice will not be set in stone. You can easily get all of the benefits and loot from the other clan by defeating them. Choosing a tribe helps you unlock their playstyles and armors quickly.

Biomutant does not limit you in any way. It is sort of like Dark Souls, where you end up getting all of the abilities regardless of which path you chose at the beginning of the game.

Myriad or Jagni Tribe Choice

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose between two paths. One is a Tunnel, and the other is a Motor Bridge

If you decide to take the motor bridge, you will meet the Jagni Tribe first. The decision is entirely up to you. We will now be telling you in detail about both tribes, and that should help you make a sound decision.

Choosing the Jagni Tribe
The Jagni Tribe’s objective is to destroy all other tribes as well as the tree of life. If you decide to side with the Jagni Tribe, you will be able to farm Dark Aura Points with ease and receive the Jagni armor as well as their tribe weapon.

You will also be able to unlock Dark PSI Powers. Other tribes with allegiances to the dark side will surrender to you without putting up a fight. This tribe also helps you learn more aggressive combat styles.

Choosing the Myriad Tribe
The Myriad Tribe’s objective is to unite all other tribes, defeat the World Eaters and rescue the Tree of Life. If you side with the Myriad Tribe, you will be able to farm Light Aura Points. They will award you with a Myriad tribe Boomerang which has excellent range and accuracy.

Light PSI Powers will be easier to farm, and other tribes with allegiances to the good side will not fight you. The fighting styles you will learn with this tribe are not as aggressive, and the NPC’s across the world of Biomutant will also treat you differently.

Changing Sides
Changing your allegiance is extremely simple. If you wish to check out the other tribe and unlock their abilities and weapons, simply go over to their territory and talk to their Sifu in the fort. Your allegiances will also determine what kind of behavior people will have with you in-game.

However, do keep in mind that this choice is taken away from you after you defeat your first rival tribe. So if you sided with either Jagni or Myriad, once you defeat the other rival tribe you will not have the option to change your tribe. Till the end of the game, you will be stuck with the same tribe and will get the option to represent a different tribe, out of all six, when you start New Game+ mode.

Which Tribe suits you best depends on what kind of adventure you plan on having. Regardless of your initial choice, the abilities and gear of the opposing side will always be there for you to unlock.

All you need to do is go and defeat the opposing tribe to gain access to their loot. One last thing we would like to point out is that as soon as you defeat the other clan, you will not be able to switch sides again. So, make sure you have unlocked and got everything you wanted from the opposing side.

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