Biomutant Psi-Powers Guide

Psi-Powers in Biomutant are the type of mutation abilities that players can unlock by earning a specific amount of Psi Points. There are various methods through which players can earn these points and unlock the Psi Powers. In this guide for Psi-Powers in Biomutant, we will cover how to unlock these powers and also mention their effects.

Biomutant Psi-Powers

You can gain points to earn Psi-Powers in Biomutant by simply making choices in dialogue, interacting with shrines, captives, and civilians. You will need a specific Aura score to unlock some of these powers.

This means that your Psi-Points are only able to unlock these powers if you have dark or light levels. In order to use these powers in battle, the selected ability must be bound with an input.

These powers are extremely useful for raw damage, crowd control, and even movement. Let’s discuss all of the Psi-Powers in Biomutant along with their costs and effects.

You will need 30 Dark Aura and 18 Psi points to unlock this power. You may use the movement controls to move the impact maker. Press the input to send Skyspart to the location. There is one thing to be noted about this ability and that is the fact that it can only be applied when players are outside of its radius.

Ki Spark
This requires 30 Light Aura and 16 Psi Points to unlock. This power shocks the enemies present at a small radius from you. It also deals with a very small amount of damage.

Freeze can be unlocked through 10 Light Aura and 6 Psi Points. Enemies hit by the freeze receive cold damage. The ground becomes slippery which makes it hard for the enemies to stand on it. It is an interesting Psi-power to take advantage of and fight the enemies.

Sizzle Ball
It can cost you 10 Dark Aura and 4 Psi Points to unlock this specific power. This will allow you to throw a ball in the direction being faced. When the ball hits the enemies, it causes a good amount of damage to the enemies.

It costs you 2 Psi Points. This power will let you teleport forward in the direction that it is facing and create a shockwave in the destination location.

This will cost you 2 Psi Points. It will allow you to leap forward and leave behind a fire that will damage your enemies.

It can be unlocked through 20 Dark Aura and 10 psi Points. You may use it while holding a target to throw in the character’s direction.

This ability requires 20 Light Aura and 10 Psi Points. It allows players to use abilities and weapons while levitating.

Spark Ball
This power can be unlocked through Psi-Freak. It is a special power as it belongs to the Psi-Freak class of the game. This ability allows the players to throw a lightning ball at a target that deals with a good amount of damage and impact.

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