How to Get Character Upgrades in Biomutant

Biomutant is all about crazy genetics and kung fu (well, Wung fu in this case)! To emphasize those things, the game lets you upgrade your character in various ways by obtaining the associated resource or currency tied to the upgrade. In this guide for Biomutant, we’ll break down exactly how to get character upgrades for yourself by highlighting the three major currencies in the game. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to get Character Upgrades in Biomutant

In Biomutant, there are 3 currencies that you can gather and can use these currencies to get character upgrades. These currencies are

  • Psi-Points
  • Bio Points
  • Upgrade Points

All these currencies upgrade your character in different ways.


Psi-Points unlock the Psi-Abilities, which are Psychic skills akin to magic. There are different ways to collect Psi-Points in Biomutant.

  • Interact with Psi-Shrines
  • Complete Certain Quests
  • Interact with Certain Objects

Psi-Shrines are small tent-like Shrines found all over the place, including open areas, outposts, towns, and villages. In order to collect Psi-Points from these Psi-Shrines, just interact with these Shrines to get your hands on Psi-Points.

If you complete certain quests in Biomutant, you will get Psi-points, specifically 1 Psi-Point for each quest.

Interacting with Certain Objects around the World that trigger a specific event will also give you Psi-Points. If your response is positive to a certain instance, you, you will have a Light Influence. On the other hand, if your response is negative, you will have Dark Influence.

The cause of the Psi-Points being so connected with Light and Dark Influence is because you can use these points only when you are at the required Aura threshold.

In terms of how you approach your journey experience, a Psi-Playstyle takes careful planning. You may want to be the sweetest person on earth, but you might have to go to the darker side for a while for a specific ability that you want to employ.

Everything depends on your decisions, so think hard before you take any action and acquire these Psi-Points

Bio Points

Collecting Bio-Points can help you unlock certain mutant powers like acid vomit etc and emphasize the genetic modification of your character.

Bio-Points are important in developing your character and have importance due to their ability to increase your resistance. A single Bio-Point increases the chosen resistance by 10%.

There are different ways to collect Bio-Points

  • Defeat Morks
  • Find Bio blob Containers

Morks are Plant-like-Creatures that are found underground in tunnels or bunkers. Minions are spawn and you will get 1 Bio-Point for each minion. Hence, you will get 3 Bio-Points per encounter since you always fight these Morks in a group of 3.

The Bio Containers have a greenish tint that throw out a single Bio-Point once you interact with them. They may actually be found all throughout, from wrecked cities and dungeons to open space. Take a look at them always.

Upgrade Points

Upgrade-Points are used to unlock Wung-Fu of all kinds. That means Upgrade-Points are used to unlock active skills used with weapons and passive abilities that enhance your character permanently!

Leveling-up is necessary if you want to collect Upgrade-Points. Upgrade-Points are rare and have different ways of collection.

  • Level-Up
  • Interact with Certain Objects
  • Complete Side Quests

The first way to collect Upgrade-Points is by leveling up. You get 1 upgrade point at each level and can keep it as long as you like until you use it.

The second way to collect Upgrade-Points is by interacting with Certain Objects. 1 Upgrade Point is awarded for each interaction. These items differ in looks since they can be anything from books, ancient artefacts, etc.

In addition, these goods prefer to conceal behind an enemy barrier, for example, to destroy all opponents of a camp. Then the huge, bad guy will appear from the same camp, and you’ll have access to its lair from where he was from. Kill the Bad guy and then go to its lair, where you will find several chests and objects. Interact with the objects to collect Upgrade-Points.

Third and the final way to collect Upgrade-Points is by completing certain Side Quests. You can complete a huge amount of side quests in Biomutant, and some of them provide you with an Upgrade Point as the final reward.

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