Bayonetta 2 Boss Guide – Battle Tips and Platinum Strategy

Bayonetta 2 Boss battle tips and platinum strategy to earn platinum rank.

Bayonetta 2 is exceedingly generous when it comes to presenting boss battles to its players. With a wide arsenal of bosses, some of these bosses appear more than once and their battles are divided into different phases.

The end of a boss battle usually involves a QTE.

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Bayonetta 2 Boss Battle Tips

In this guide, I’m going to share tips on how to defeat these bosses with a platinum rank.

The first thing that you need to know is that in Flight Mode, Bayonetta can move anywhere along the horizontal axis. This boss has a couple of lethal attacks at its disposal which include fire-breath, swipe attacks, and biting attacks.

The best way to take out this boss is to be aggressive! While at a distance, give it a taste of your firepower and when up close, slash him down with your melee attacks.


Don’t let it swallow you or you’ll have to complete a Quick-Time event to avoid taking damage. Just keep on attacking it and you’ll finish this boss fight in no time!

This boss fight is divided into two phases.

The first phase can be ended pretty quickly, provided that you play it right! As soon as you see Glamor lunge at you for a jaw-attack, dodge it and counter-attack with Witch Time. Like with Gomorrah, as soon as this boss gets back, start shooting it to deal damage.

The boss will also try to swipe-attack which can be treated in the same way as its jaw-attack.The second phase is pretty similar to the first phase, but the boss’ attacks come a lot faster.

Follow the same strategy as you did during the first phase and complete the Quick-Time Event to finish this boss battle.

Glamor During Chapter #3
Once again, this boss is divided into two phases.

During the first phase, the boss will try to attack you from a distance. You need to rely on your ranged weapons such as Love is Blue to keep dealing damage. It will also throw destructed buildings at you which deal massive amount of damage.

The best time to deal damage is when the boss tries to hit you up close. You need to dodge its attacks and enter Witch Time to counter-attack.

During the second phase, use the similar strategy as you did during the Prologue. Avoid the swipe-attacks and deal damage with your best weapon. You need to constantly deal damage from every range to end this boss fight quickly.

Masked Lumen During Chapter #4
This boss fight is divided into 4 phases!

During the first phase, you’ll note that this boss has a ton of attacks at its disposal including spear-attacks, fireballs, wolf-transformation attacks, ground-eruption attacks.

Don’t be afraid as almost all of these attacks can be dodged pretty easily! These attacks vary greatly when it comes to their execution speed so it may require a little bit of practice.

The strategy involved in beating this boss is fairly simple: dodge boss’ attacks and enter Witch Time to counter-attack. One important thing to keep in mind is the distance between your character and the boss.

Don’t go reckless if you see there is a large distance between your character and the boss. Another thing to watch out is the boss’ shield which it will put up for about six seconds. Once the shield is down, repeat the strategy provided above.

During the second phase, you need to stick to the strategy provided above, but with one little addition. The boss will call forth his angel to shake the ground which can be dodged. However, you need to go ahead and start a PPP combo to open up an opportunity for another PPPPP combo.

During the third phase, you’ll be flying, but sticking to the strategy provided above will help immensely. The boss will once again call forth his angel, but instead of an earthquake, he’ll execute a laser-attack which can be dodged with ease.

During the fourth phase, Madama Butterfly will enter the fray. Dodge the angel’s attacks to enter the Witch Time and use Madama to attack the angel for a quick victory.

Similar to many other boss fight, battle with Valor is also divided into two phases.

During the first phase, the boss tries to take advantage of the narrow space and flies around Bayonetta to hit her with either his shield or sword. Furthermore, he can also pin you down using his sword which triggers a QTE. The idea is to shoot him from a distance and hit hard with your sword at close range. He isn’t very tough, so it won’t be hard!

The second phase is almost identical to the first one, except that it takes place underwater. Stick to the strategy provided above and complete the QTE to take it out.

Just as the battle begins, you need to focus on the boss’ eyes. After taking out the first eye, you’ll have to dodge a stream of missiles before focusing on the second eye.

This is a pretty short boss fight and as soon as destroying the second eye, you’ll have to complete a QTE to complete it.

Masked Lumen During Chapter #7
This dude just won’t give up! This time the boss fight with Masked Lumen is divided into three phases with a couple of new attacks at the boss’ disposal. Read on to know how to beat him:

During the first phase, the best way to beat this boss is to dodge his attacks, charge in for at least four attacks with P, go back and keep the combo going with your guns, dodge again, and keep the cycle intact.

The second phase is pretty much similar to the first phase, but you’ll have less maneuverability due to less space. During the third phase, the most lethal attacks at the boss’ disposal come out! He’ll not only summon his angel to shock the ground, but also laser attacks.

The good thing is that you can interrupt the angel’s attacks by using same strategy as you did during Chapter #4.

Certainly the best way to defeat Golem is to use Umbran Climax as much as possible!

There are a couple of attacks at Golem’s disposal including laser-beam, dive-bomb, and sword transformation. Luckily, all these attacks can be dodged into Witch Time to create room for counter-attacks.

All you need is to be aggressive and constantly hit him to complete this boss battle.

Note: Golem will also appear during Chapter #9, but the strategy to take him out remains the same.

Prophet uses its energy sprouts to attack you along with energy erupting from the ground. Furthermore, laser-attacks and energy blades are also a few tricks up its sleeves.

This boss fight is divided into two phases and stratey to take out Masked Lumen is highly recommended! Dodge the attacks, move in close for four slashes with P, get back while using your guns, dodge again, and repeat the process.

The idea is to keep the combo as long as possible and don’t get hit by energy sprouts.

This large spider has a variety of attacks at its disposal! It’ll hibernate and emerge directly under you, erupt fireballs, try to stomp you, and reproduce swarms of smaller spiders to surround you.

Luckily, all these attacks are pretty straightforward to dodge. The fireballs has decreased maneuverability, swipe/stomp attacks can be easily seen, and keep your eyes peeled on the ground when it hibernates.

Similar to most bosses in Bayonetta 2, the spider cannot do much while Bayonetta is in the Witch Time. Make most of it!

The battle with Alraune is a long one which is divided into two phases.

During the first phase, the boss will lunge at you with spinning attacks and dive-bomb from above. These attacks have a high damage output and dodging them is a must to keep the battle going!

The first phase can easily be completed by using the same strategy as you did to take out the Masked Lumen: dodge into Witch Time, attack with at least four slashes with P, dodge out and use your guns, dodge in, and repeat.

I wouldn’t recommend using your Magic during the first phase as you’ll require it later!

She’ll also grow deadly flowers all around her which can immobilize Bayonetta – destroy them as soon as possible. Furthermore, she’ll try to suck out Bayonetta’s soul which will deplete all her vitality.

The second phase can be completed in any way you want! I’d suggest charging in with everything at your disposal and using Umbran Climax as much as possible.

She’ll retain all her attacks from the first phase so keep an eye out for them. Once you’ve deprived of her vitality, complete a QTE to complete this boss battle!

This is a small spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet: Masked Lumen is Balder. And since Balder is Masked Lumen (it’s the same thing, isn’t it?) almost all of the strategies involved in taking out Masked Lumen are also applied here.

Keep an eye out for slashing attacks from his Golden Sword, swarm of fireballs, ground-eruption, and laser-beam. Luckily, all these attacks can be dodged into Witch Time followed by the same strategy involved in killing (not really) the Masked Lumen.

During the second phase, Balder grows his number of attacks to put Bayonetta down. He’ll call forth an army of angels, double-lasers, and a gigantic fireball. Just stick to the strategy provided above and you’ll defeat him once and for all!

Fortitudo can be regarded as Golem when it comes to strategy involved in killing it. You need to aggressive at all times and try to keep long combos. When you’re at a distance, stick to your guns and bring out heavy-hitting swords at melee range.

Drop its vitality and complete a QTE to complete this micro-boss-battle!

Sapientia’s attacks include charging attacks, throwing rocks at you, and laser-attacks. What makes this fight exceedingly easy is Rosa’s company. Simply dodge all these attacks (which are quite easy to spot) and charge in with PPP combo to trigger a small QTE and complete this boss battle.

Worship & Iustitia
During this boss fight, you’ll be airborne, drifting near the boss itself. While you’re in the air, dodge the air-missiles and tendrils coming out of the boss’ mouth to avoid taking damage. Once you’ve destroyed the first two faces, divert your attention to the larger one and keep away from the laser-attacks.

Complete this boss fight to trigger the final boss fight of this chapter. Iustitia showers you with heavy-hitting missiles, a headbutt attack, and attacks from its tentacles.

Dodge all these attacks into Witch Time and retaliate with firepower when at long-range and with melee attacks when at close range. Use your Umbran Climax as much as possible and deplete its vitality to complete the final boss of this chapter.

There are a limited number of attacks at this boss’ disposal, but all of them have great damage output. When at a distance, pinned it down with your guns or Kafka and switch to heavy-hitting swords at close range. Remember to dodge its attacks before melee attacks for maximum efficiency.

Completing this boss fight will treat all Bayonetta fans with a treat from the past.

The best advice that anyone can give you to defeat Loptr is to have Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa at your disposal during this boss fight. Another thing to note is that Loptr acts similar to Prophet when it comes to its attacks so keep that in mind!

Once again, the strategy involved in killing Masked Lumen and Balder will work here too. Dodge in to charge with no less than four slashes with P, get back and start shooting with guns, dodge in again, and repeat the process.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Loptr is pretty agile and you’ll have to play really fast to keep up with him. Don’t let your combos break and you’ll complete the final boss battle of this chapter in no time.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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