Battlerite Freya Guide

Battlerite Freya Champion Guide to help you learn all about playing as the champion, Abilities, EX Abilities, Ultimate, and Tips and Strategies.

Freya is a champion which is very good for beginner players but at the same time can be incredibly useful for someone who understands the game at a deeper level. This Battlerite Freya Guide will tell you everything that you need to know about her such as her abilities, battlerites, and strategies that should be sued by you when playing as Freya.

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Battlerite Freya Guide

Freya uses thunder to have good mobility and deal a ton of damage. She can be hard to master so let’s take a look at her abilities, battlerites, and strats.

Freya Abilities and Battle Rites

Tempest and Twin Hamers are really good for your right mouse button as they will allow you to have extra hammers for more damage. Apart from this, you will also have a really good amount of mobility at your disposal to make sure that no one runs away from you when you are beating them up. You will also be able to apply static much more often.

Use Electric Conduction for space as it will allow you to survive a little bit longer whenever you jump in. You are a melee champion so there is a significant chance that you will be the focus of many attacks, which is why Electric Conduction is good.

Rolling Thunder is really good for your E as it allows you to have further mobility and ensure you can move around the battlefield however you want. Lastly, use Lightning Rod for your E to have a shield when in duels with an enemy.

Use F for a more powerful lightning effect then your E attack. Deals 45 damage and inflicts Static. Deals 15 bonus damage if the enemy is already affected by Static.

Use space to spring to your target, this also provides you with a bonus 100% fading speed for 1.5 seconds.

Use Q for Electric Shield, Counter incoming melee and projectile attacks. Countering any attack pulls that enemy towards you and inflicts static (3). Grants you a shield (18) when you counter the first attack.

EX Space will empower your attacks and enable them to deal extra damage while applying static. This is not that good unless you attack mobile characters and snare them. EX E is quite good and can be used to escape enemy when they are near a wall. This ability is very good as it can be used in duels to disengage.

Lastly, R is a strong melee attack which deals damage and gives you shield based on static, and is perfect for sustaining. The Ultimate makes you jump and crash down on enemies dealing AoE damage with bonus damage on targets with static.

Freya Strats

Your job as Freya is to deal as much damage as you can. Pressure enemies as much as you can using your mobility and dodge attacks with space and E. Try to be in the middle of fights as you have a lot of shields which can help you survive and take the focus away from your team.

You can also duel almost any character in the game and have a lot of CC so try to make enemies split apart and then use your kit to wreak havoc on the enemy team one by one by one. Try to apply static as much as you can as it will allow you to deal extra damage to your enemies. However, watch out for their counters as they can be quite detrimental to Freya.

Chase enemies as much as you can and until you run out of cooldowns. Try to counter one of their abilities to simultaneously bring them close, do some damage and apply static. Your E range is quite large so use it whenever you see an opportunity.

Be vary of slows and orb control, your character relies on her speed and mobility to deal out damage in quick succession

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