Battlerite Pearl Guide

In this Battlerite Pearl Guide, we will guide you on how to play with Pearl. Battlerite is a team arena brawler in which you choose a hero and use its unique abilities to defeat your enemies along with your team.

There are different heroes in the game each featuring a unique fighting style and abilities. In this Pearl Guide, we will share some tips and guide you how you can create the perfect build using Pearl.

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Battlerite Pearl Guide

Pearl is a relatively strong hero coupled with silence, counter, decent mobility a shield and a bubble that slows projectiles. She can control the oceans and every creature within it. She can use that water to do volatile attacks, rejuvenating streams and use it as defense by making protective bubbles.

With Pearl, your counter is Gush used with Q. Left mouse button is Splash damage, Ocean Tide with Riptide for space and Tasty Fish for E.

She is basically a support character that comes with a kit of utilities that can be used for defense and offense. Pearl has to keep its allies alive along with putting pressure on the enemy team using well timed shots. She is amazing at securing the rune and she can defens her team using the bubble barrier. She shines in the 1v1 and 1v2 category.

She is fit to be called one of the best if not the BEST soloQ supports as she is independent and I able to outtrade almost every character in the game.

Pearl is what you can use as offensive support. Other supports can be better at healing, but she would the best overall package.


This part will include all the abilities present in her kit along with tips on how to use them.

M1 / Volatile Water
This is your “auto attack”. This can be called your main attacking source a it is able to launch a projectile which can deal 15 damage. In case your staff is fully charged then you would be able to deal 22 damage and silences.

Using your silence to its fullest is the best thing about this champion and you should try to make most use of it. If the opponent team can just rest the fight then your attack will be rendered useless.

EX-M1 / Charge Staff
This utility is used to charge your weapon. Landing your ultimate or using EX-M1 would be equally beneficial depending upon the situation. If you use charged attacks, then your M! cooldown is completed immediately so you can use it immediately afterwards. Against certain comps it would be much harder to use your ultimate so this is where you can use this ability to your advantage.

M2 / Healing Wave
It takes 0.45s to heal 21 health of the nearest ally and for each ally nearby it charges faster. If you use selfcast, that would get you the most value out of yourM2. If you have to heal 14 HP of your target then you can do so using M2 and then heal yourself for 7 HP and you won’t have to use up two heal charges.

This recharges your staff as well as giving you the ability to dive in to a pool of water and getting to the target location. IF you are playing against certain characters then it would not be a god idea to dive for example if playing versus Lucie because their ultimates are capable of damaging you for that.

Q / Tidal Wave
The next melee or projectile attack is countered by making a tidal wave that causes 15 damage and knocks back nearby enemies and heals 12 of your health. You will heal yourself if you use this while missing health.

E / Bubble Barrier
Enemies and their projectiles are slowed down at the target location this bubble is set. It’s great to keep your enemy away from you and your dive would not be wasted because of this. It is also great to control the map or to control the orb or zone people out. It can even be used to block ultimates, major skills and projectiles.

EX-E / Unstable Bubble
Same effect as the former one but it explodes and deals 26 damage and knocks back enemies. You can use these to instantly kill the rune. The best way is to use this while the enemy is incapped so by silencing them you get max profit. Get your silence ready and place EXE on your enemy and then silence them so they are not able to escape.

R / Bubble Shield
All negative effects are removed as this is the shield target ally. It can take up to 26 damage and absorb it. Always remember when to use it and when to not casue it can really affect the outcome of your battle.

F / Jaws
Causes 20 area damage by summoning Jaws from the depths and they are removed from the battle field until thrown back by Jaws.  Don’t use your ultimate along with it

Gush allows you to get a charged staff when you counter. This is useful against ranged characters and melee attacks, which feature some sort of poke or charge. It also silences your enemies so it is good when you need little extra CC along with damage.

Equipping Splash Damage adds the splash to your left mouse attack. It enhances damage and silences them. This is useful when you want to collect orbs and if the enemies are grouped up as you can damage and silence them both at the same time.

Ocean Tide is good for space as it gives extra damage and gives advanced mobility. Riptide also provides protection against melee fighters. With Ocean Tide, when you dive into your bubble, your dive will be recharged. It also charges your staff allowing you to use more charges.

It is also useful for getting away from your enemies. Place a bubble on a faraway place and jump in it to evade the enemies and get out of a sticky situation. With Tasty Fish equipped, when you place your bubble barrier down, it spawns a fish inside it which when picked up will heal 8 health and also increased your damage by 20% while also gives you extra healing. With this equipped, using your counter also spawns a bubble, which slows down projectiles, fired at you.

Pearl is a damage control character with healing capabilities. Healing takes a lot of recharging time so you cannot really use it repeatedly. Better to save it for extreme situations. You can use your silence to interrupt damage before it has been dealt.

When playing with Pearl, you need to make sure that you are good with silences and are also able to chain them together. You should also use your bubble barrier and silence in conjunction with each other because it allows absorbing enemy projectiles and moving enemies around.

It also helps in spacing as you can move around sticky melee characters and make ranged characters miss their targets. You can use your bubble to move enemies inside your ultimate. Dive can be used to move Pearl instantly to an area, which currently is marked by your mouse.

It has a one second cast time, which allows you to easily move around the area as you wish. Pearl is invulnerable during this time and it also allows you to dodge attacks which otherwise are not possible to dodge.

More aggressive tactics can be used by placing the bubble near your enemies and then jumping in then, consuming the tasty fish and dealing more damage to your enemies.

Your counter deals 15 damage and heals 12 health back while giving you a charged staff while knocking enemies back. Healing wave heals 21 HP over four seconds using three projectiles and it also recharges faster if you are near an ally. This is a strong healing ability and can be used many times.

Left mouse EX-charges your staff so it is helpful when you have no other means to charge your staff. It also increases your damage. Bubble barrier shields you for 2.5 seconds with 426 damage. It works just like a normal shield. Your ultimate is hard to hit so make sure that you time it right and practice a bit with it.

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