Battlerite EX Abilities Guide – How to Use, Managing Energy, Ultimate Ability vs. EX Abilities

EX Abilities can be quite difficult for new players to figure out and many simply fail to grasp how important they can be when playing the game. This Battlerite EX Abilities Guide will tell you what the EX Abilities are, how you can use them, and how they differ from one another in terms of their priority.

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Battlerite EX Abilities Guide

Our Battlerite EX Abilities Guide details everything you need to know about EX Abilities in Battlerite.

Battlerite EX Abilities

Energy is the basis of all abilities in the game except skillshots. Abilities grant you energy gain for enemies that you hit. Your energy bar is divided into 4 parts, each of which makes up 25 percent of it. EX Abilities are alternative versions of your abilities which cost energy to cast. You can hold down ‘Shift’ to see your EX Abilities.

The majority of EX Abilities cost a single chunk to cast them, a few having more than that. The abilities share the same cooldown as their non-EX versions. You can cast them by holding ‘Shift’ and the normal ability hotkey. You can also use the direct hotkeys which are 1 to 4 by default. Now let’s take a look at why the abilities are imperative to your victory.

Battlerite EX Abilities Guide – Why EX Abilities are Important!

EX Abilities add depth to the gameplay and increase the learning curve slightly. The EX System adds two extra abilities and a way to spend your energy. You need to learn how to effectively use them if you want to climb up the ladder of the game. You can first get yourself comfortable with the Core Abilities and then move on to the EX ones.

The abilities add an element of micromanaging to the game as you have to worry about something other than the cooldowns. EXs are less powerful than your ultimates but also less risky. An EX has less risk but also less reward. Unlike the Ultimate(s), they only cost a few chunks of energy rather than the entire meter which makes them a good way of taking small risks to outplay your opponent.

Battlerite EX Abilities Guide – How are EX Abilities Different

As you will probably have guessed by now, not all of the EX Abilities are the same even if they cost the same amount of energy. Champions like Lucie absolutely need the EX Abilities since their ultimate is very situational. The Roll is a very good ability which will be more useful than the Ultimate in most situations.

The Croak, however, has a very powerful Ultimate which as well as some very good EX Abilities. This means that you need to find a balance between the Ultimate and the EX, depending on the situation that you find yourself in. Varesh, on the other hand, has EXs which are useless and an extremely good Ultimate, which means that you should be focusing on saving your energy for the ultimate rather than the abilities.

That is all we have for our Battlerite EX Abilities Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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