Battlerite Combat Guide

In this Battlerite Combat Guide, we will guide you on some of the advanced mechanics of the game, which the tutorial does not cover in Battlerite. Therefore, it is vital that you are aware of all the basic and advanced mechanics of the game so that you can use them effectively during matches.

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Battlerite Combat

This Battlerite Combat Guide details everything that you need to know about advanced mechanics of the game.

Advanced Mechanics and Techniques


Starting with health, you get two types of health in the game. Recovery health and real health. When you are hit, your recovery health is reduced.

As you continue to take damage, your recovery health finishes and then your real life starts deteriorating until it becomes 0 and you die. Your health will have a black line, which shows the limit of your recovery health.

When the health drops below this line, your recovery health is finished and your real health comes gets affected. You can replenish the recovery health by picking up health orbs and energy runes spread around the map. Real health can be recovered by using health abilities, health orbs, and energy runes.


Self Cast

Self Cast allows you to instantly cast an ability on your own self without pressing any other button or moving the button. Simply press the Self Cast button and the button assigned to the ability that you want to cast on yourself. This is very useful when you are on a support role and want to apply an area of effect ability on yourself. This also works when you want to heal yourself.

EX Modifier

You can use EX modifiers to power up your abilities using some of the energy. Depending on the ability, that you want to power up, EX modifier may need 25% or 50% energy. As with other abilities, you must use the EX modifier strategically rather than just for the sake of using them.

You should also be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your hero. Use the EX Modifier to power up the weaker abilities as the stronger abilities will already be strong.

To apply the EX Modifier, simply the button assigned to it and then press the button of the ability you want to power up.

Ex Modifier will apply an additional or different effect to the ability making it more powerful. Each ability will get a different modifier so make sure you know what you will get after spending your hard-earned energy.


Flickshot is an essential support mechanic and it works very well for ranged champions. This allows you to change your direction quickly after you have aimed for an ability in the wrong direction.

This gives you a chance to make sure that your ability lands on the spot where you intended it to however it can also be used to trick your enemies by faking a shot in the wrong direction and then later correcting it.

Invincibility Frames

Invincibility frames (iFrames) are used to become invincible for a short period. It cannot be even hit with different abilities during this time. This requires a bit of practice to initiate these iFrames at the exact time when the enemy tries to hit you with an ability.

You can jump, dash, teleport and use ultimate abilities to start an iFrame moment. Time it right and you will become invincible for even the most hard-hitting skillshot. You can easily tell when you are in an iFrame when the overlay showing health bar, nameplate etc. disappear during an ability.


Always use your mount when you are out of combat for fast movement. This greatly increases your movement speed and it can be cast again.

You can also use mount to dodge attacks. When you are low on health, you can mount and quickly collect health orbs scattered around.

It also helps you explore the map. However remember that if you are attacked during a mount, you will be dismounted instantly but the game gives you 3s snare which gives you a chance to land a shot on the enemy before they do.


You can cancel your ability before it is cast once you have initiated it. You can interrupt it anytime before the cast timer bar is complete.

This is a great mechanic to trick enemies and also if the enemy is out of your line of sight or range. This helps saving cooldown and energy. Nearly every ability can be interrupted before the casting is complete by pressing the C key.

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