Battlerite Beginners Guide

Battlerite is a complicated game with a lot of mechanics which require an in-depth understanding of the game. This Battlerite Beginners Guide will guide you of the basics so that new players of the game can quickly understand all of the basics of the game which will then allow them to build upon it to further understand all if the intricacies that embody the game.

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Battlerite Beginners Guide

Choose a Role
It is best if you try and stay focused on improving one role at the start of the game. Battlerite has three roles known as range, support and melee. Try to pick the one that suits you best and get a feel for it so that you can understand it at a deeper level rather than not being good with any of the roles.

It is ok if you jump from champion to champion at the start but try to find the right one as soon as you can, the one whose kit you find good for yourself and then try to practice with it to be good.

You will probably underperform if you try different champions so try to be confident with a single character before you move on to the next one.

Adapt to your Enemy
As you know, you cannot see who your enemies are before the start of the game. So you need to be aware of what your enemies can do and how they can use their combos so that you can counter them when the game starts.

Try to use talents as a way to counter enemies. Pick the talents to render certain abilities of the enemy useless. An example of this will be using torrent against fast champions.

As your selected champion, target opponents most easily killed by you. As a ranged DPS, you are more likely to be able to simply pick support heroes of the enemy team causing the opponent team to break.

Utilize your class and predict your enemy’s next move by understanding their skill sets as if it was your own; and beat them by taking out critical points holding their team together

Use your Surroundings
Since the game is purely about fighting and has no such things as minions or objectives. Try to make sure you do not overextend and stick together to utilize the arena and destroy your enemies.

Try to utilize the health and energy orbs that are found in the game as they can be the difference between a victory and a defeat.

Try to make sure that you communicate with your team to see who needs the orbs the most at the time and who can use them for the team.

EX Abilities
These abilities are a better version of the abilities of your current champion, but they need a certain amount of energy to be used. These modified abilities are simply game-changers.

Combine these with your team’s attacks, and the results can be devastating for the enemy.

Utilizing the Orbs
Orbs are ways to give you your health and energy back. Gaining enough of these can simply allow you to outmatch your opponent using your EX abilities more often. Your strategies should be planned around these orbs, as these can very easily change the tide of the game.

The Middle Orb is what everybody is competing over, it spawns every 20 seconds with 60HP. It gives you 10 recovery HP and 15 energy. Your entire team benefits from this orb.

The orb has a timer that will rotate it around a platform where it spawns and every 4 seconds it will reach a new checkpoint. Play around this orb to push your enemy away from it and keep the area secured in order to maintain the upper hand.

Death Orbs are dropped once one of your ally dies; the orb gives you energy equivalent to how much your teammate had before they died. This gives avenging your friends a whole new meaning.

Certain mini orbs will spawn around the map next to the wall every 20 seconds or so. There will be 4 health and 4 energy orbs on each map. Position yourself according to these orbs, and utilize them during battle; in any case, you will find these accessible very easily.

Team Play is the Key
This will really only work if you have co-ordinating team-mates. Initiate your attacks on the enemy team with co-ordination.

Pick the targets that you want to focus by talking to your team-mates and start taking them out systematically. Communication definitely distinguishes your gameplay and allows for satisfying victories.

Save your Ultimate
You may be tempted to use your Ultimate many times during the course of the fight but it is best to remember that there will be certain situations in which victory and defeat will hang upon.

Try to save your Ultimate for those situations and try to plan ahead to see where you will be requiring your Ultimate the most.

Also, remember that you should only use your ultimate when you have a clear shot and can hit the enemy with it so as to ensure that you do not waste it.

Battlerite General Tips and Tricks

  • Remember that you can press C to cancel your abilities and make them go for a short cooldown.
  • Press Z on your mount to gain some speed.
  • Avoid playing Iva, Varesh, Jumong and Ruh Kaan as they are difficult and need some time getting used to.
  • Beware of the counters, try to predict the counters and avoid hitting them.
  • Try to save your mobility abilities to get out of a tight situation rather than using them to just gain some ground.

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