Battlefield 2042 Allegedly Has Only 50,000 Players, Hazard Zone Has 400

Battlefield 2042 has been taking a devastating blow to its player-count on PC but a new claim makes it even worse for the game in general.

In a new video published earlier today, well-known Battlefield insider Tom Henderson noted that Battlefield 2042 has around 50,000 players in total across all platforms. That covers both previous- and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles in addition to PC.

Battlefield 2042 was declared to be dead on Steam when its player-count dropped below 7,000 concurrent players a couple of weeks back. The game also dropped off the most-played Steam games list around the same time. Suffice to say, the game has not been faring well on consoles either.

Henderson also noted that Hazard Zone has less than 400 players across all platforms, which ties in a prior claim where he stated that developer DICE stopped tracking player statistics in Hazard Zone within the first week of its launch because the number of players was so low.


Battlefield 2042 was released a couple of months back just before the holiday season but its dwindling player-count has allegedly forced publisher Electronic Arts to consider a free-to-play option. While still a rumor, Battlefield Portal is said to have a better chance of becoming free to play, not Hazard Zone as many players would assume due to its battle royale nature.

Last week, DICE announced a series of updates hitting Battlefield 2042. The updates will introduce some much-needed stability and performance improvements, fixes to bugs and glitches, and more. The in-game scoreboard is also being refreshed.

DICE however has no updates to give on matters relating to matchmaking and voice communications, the latter of which has been crucial for the franchise due to its scale and strategic nature. Randomly matched players have found it difficult to enjoy Hazard Zone for example, a mode that was actually designed for players to communicate and work together. That may be a big reason why Hazard Zone has no players so early in its launch.

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