DICE Reveals Refreshed Battlefield 2042 Scorecard

Battlefield 2042 will be refreshing its existing scoreboard with a brand new user interface through a series of upcoming updates.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, developer DICE announced that update 3.2 will be going live tomorrow with a batch of general fixes and improvements. Following that will be update 3.3 in mid or late February to introduce a refreshed scoreboard for Battlefield 2042 alongside other changes. The redesign focuses on stacking more information on players without clutter.

That will not be the end of it though. DICE has stated that it will continue to take feedback on the new scoreboard once it goes live. If there is a need for any further improvements or changes, more updates will follow down the road.

Coming to performance, DICE assured that its teams are analyzing all available data to make further optimizations. These changes will be bundled with every update from tomorrow onwards to ensure that Battlefield 2042 runs smooth and stable on every piece of hardware.

As for issues concerning matchmaking and voice communications, DICE has no updates to provide at the moment except that both are on its radar.

Battlefield 2042 has been having a hard time since release. The game has been losing players each week with its peak player-count nosediving as players return to older Battlefield games instead. The Steam player-base has already labelled the game dead, which says much when knowing that DICE allegedly stopped tracking Hazard Zone within seven days of its launch due to low activity.

DICE previously assured that with the holidays over, its developers have started work on new updates and will be making announcements soon. As the community continues to grow its toxic levels, Battlefield 2042 has apparently started its journey of redemption, at least through its next few updates.

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