Batman Arkham Origins Sequel Possibly In The Works At Warner Bros. Montréal

We are yet to see another game based on Batman on any other DC character since Arkham Knight. We might not be getting a new Batman game from Rocksteady but, we are getting a Batman Arkham Origins Sequel from Warner Bros. Montréal.

This is according to senior game designer Osama Dorias at Warner Bros. Montréal. In the latest episode of Human Of Gaming, Dorias confirmed that the studio is working on an open-world DC Game.

He added that the game is a “major DC property” and this project is the very reason why he joined Warner Bros. Montréal. However, it is unknown if it will be multiplayer or single-player.

Given the open-world nature of the game, it is a possibility that the game will feature multiple DC characters. However, there is also a possibility for a Batman Arkham Origins Sequel from the studio. Also, Warner Bros. Montréal is the studio behind Batman Arkham Origins. But, until Warner Bros. officially announces the game, we can only speculate.

This fall in line with a previous rumor that Warner Bros. Montréal is developing a cooperative Batman title. So this major open-world DC game could be multiplayer game set in Batman universe.

Speaking of Batman games, Bethesda announced Doom Eternal at QuakeCon and many were asking why the game isn’t titled Doom 2. Well, according to id Software, the reason behind it is Batman.

This is according to producer Marty Stratton who noted that the reason behind it the game being Doom Eternal is Doom 2016.  “You hear us say it all the time, we call it Doom 2016, and the internet has called it Doom 2016”.

Furthermore, Rocksteady is the studio behind the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series. However, following Batman: Arkham Knight we are still waiting for another Batman game.

Turns out, there is a rumor for that too making rounds on the internet. According to the report, Rocksteady Studios is working on a Batman title for 2019 release.

According to the report, the game is titled DC’s Arkham Universe and Court of Owls will be the main antagonist.

The game will feature a full singleplayer campaign that will be playable in co-op. Furthermore, the game will also feature multiplayer for select modes.

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