Batman: Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Mission Walkthrough

Trapped in Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter is one of the Most Wanted villains that you must apprehend in Batman: Arkham Origins. You will automatically unlock his side mission after returning to the Burnley District from the sewers. This will be right after you start the “Access the Gotham Merchants Bank” main mission.

Taking down the Mad Hatter is optional, but completing his Most Wanted mission is necessary for a 100 percent completion playthrough.

How to find the Mad Hatter in Batman: Arkham Origins

The Mad Hatter will contact you himself right after you exit the sewers. You will realize that he has abducted an innocent woman named Alice like he always does. This will start the optional side mission and mark his location on your map.

Unsurprisingly, the Mad Hatter is operating from a Hat Shop in the center of The Bowery district. You can follow your waypoint to reach the shop, but getting inside will be tricky. There are several guards patrolling the roofs and streets outside the Hat Shop. Clear the area and then enter the shop to meet the Mad Hatter.

Once inside the shop, use your Batclaw on the crate to let you run up and jump into the shaft. Keep going and you will reach the room with the Mad Hatter, but he will not be alone. Take down his goons, which should be easy enough, and approach the Mad Hatter. However, he will put you in a trance where you will find yourself in Wonderland.

How to escape Wonderland

Wonderland is a nightmarish sequence that you must escape somehow. For that though, you must solve two door puzzles that block you from reaching the Mad Hatter.


Your first challenge in Wonderland will be the bridge with the electric panels. There is a large door with a large keyhole at the end of the bridge that you need to unlock, but where is the key? The solution to this puzzle is the three lanterns on each side of the large door.

Stand on the electric panel at the end of the bridge once its electricity disappears. Then throw your Batarangs at the lanterns to destroy them. The electric panel is going to come online soon, so we advise you to quick-fire three Batarangs before retreating and destroying the remaining three on your second attempt.

This will lower the drawbridge and lead you to your second challenge, another door puzzle. You just need to follow the goon in the bunny suit. Take the door which has the bunny on top: right, middle, and left. Do this three times and you will enter the next room with waves of enemies.

Following two puzzles, you can finally exercise your fists on your way to meeting the Mad Hatter in Arkham Origins. We recommend using your Shock Gloves and taking out the goons with the knives first.

Once you deal with the three waves of enemies, you can move into the next area. Like the bridge with the lanterns, there are some more electric panels here on the floor. Make sure to avoid them, especially if you are playing on hard difficulty. They do a lot of damage.

When you reach the last electric panel, wait for it to discharge before using your Explosive Gel on the wall. Then quickly jump back and detonate the gel to bring you closer to the Mad Hatter.

Cross the river using your Batclaw and grab the ledge when you see it. Move yourself to the right to reach another, smaller ledge and follow it into a narrow tunnel.

Take the ladder and slide down the rope to smash through the large picture of the Mad Hatter. Start running as soon as you land because the bridge will start to fall. Reach the exit at the end and you will enter a tower with numerous cogs and wheels.

Look above to see an interactive location where you can use your Grappling Gun to extend the rope. Then jump onto it using your Batclaw. You will be able to spot a machine or device on a smaller ledge below that controls the cogs. Destroy it and then climb up further, using the same grapple and hook technique. This will lead you to the outside of the cog machine.

When you finally exit the location, take the ladder. You now need to wait until the pendulum passes and then jump across. Walk over the rope and do it again.

Climb the ledge and then open the door. Grapple and climb onto the mechanism on the top right of the room and wait for it to come down. Look straight up and use your hook once again to climb out of the ceiling. You just need to walk through some pipes and climb a ladder to escape Wonderland.

Beat the Mad Hatter and save Alice

Once you are back in the real world, the Mad Hatter will be right in front of you. He will be holding Alice as a hostage. This is a unique boss fight in Batman: Arkham Origins in the sense that you can beat the Mad Hatter with a single attack.

Following the Mad Hatter cutscene, you will unlock the Reverse Batarang. Use it to take down the Mad Hatter and save Alice. This will also complete the Hatter’s Most Wanted mission.

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