Batman: Arkham Origins Firefly Boss Fight Guide

Stop him before he destroys the Gotham Pioneer's Bridge.

Firefly, known for his love of torching huge parts of Gotham City, is another villain contracted by Black Mask to kill the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Similar to the other boss fights in the game, you cannot just rush into Firefly. He will be flying around Gotham Pioneer’s Bridge with his flamethrower and grenades. You need to find a way to bring him down before being able to give a beatdown.

How to find Firefly in Arkham Origins

Firefly is part of the campaign, so you are eventually going to face him by progressing through the main storyline of Batman: Arkham Origins.

Following his meeting with Black Mask, Bane, and Electrocutioner in the Royal Hotel, Firefly will head out to wire the whole Gotham Pioneer’s Bridge to explode with four bombs. He will plan to bait you (Batman) into a handicapped fight, so you need to even out the odds by saving the hostages first.

The boss fight with Firefly will start once you have found and disarmed all four bombs.

How to beat Firefly in Batman: Arkham Origins

Firefly will be using his flamethrower during the first phase. Keep a close eye on the red lines above his head. They indicate that Firefly is charging up an attack. When this happens, you need to evade or dodge-roll to one side.


The flames do a lot of damage, especially if you are playing on hard difficulty. A quick tip here is to always be in constant motion to escape the fireburst. You can also take cover behind the silver van.

When Firefly stops attacking, quick-fire Glue Grenades at him. You can manually aim as well but with Firefly flying around, it will be difficult to hit him with all of your attacks.

Land enough Glue Grenades and Firefly will be immobilized for a few seconds. When this happens, quick-fire Batarangs at him to do damage. We recommend unlocking the Batarang upgrade for Firefly just for this reason.

When you have done enough damage to Firefly, you will be shown a prompt to pull him down from the air using your Batclaw. Batman will do an automatic attack at the end of this sequence. You do not have to do a beatdown yourself.

Repeat this same combo (Glue Grenades > Batarangs > Batclaw) another time and Firefly will lose around half of his health bar. This will start the second phase of his boss fight in which Firefly incinerates the bridge. You will have to find your way back to the top of the bridge to initiate the third phase.

Phase 2

When the camera shifts back to you, hook the grapple point on your left and run along the girder. Be quick about it because Firefly will be chasing you with his flamethrower.

Get back on top of the bridge and quickly jump behind the van to take cover. Firefly will be bombarding the area with his flamethrower. After his first attack is done, go right and then dodge-roll upward (or to Batman’s left) to evade the next fire attack.

Jump on the blue car, across the gap, and then slide under the track to start phase three of the Firefly boss fight in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Jump onto the blue car to re-engage Firefly in Arkham Origins.

Phase 3

The third phase of the fight is similar to the first one except that Firefly will now also be lobbing fire grenades. You have to now evade them as well.

However, the boss fight strategy remains the same for Firefly. You have to take him down using the same series of actions: Glue Grenades > Batarangs > Batclaw. That alongside a lot of dodge-rolling and evading.

When you have completely depleted his health bar, Firefly will throw more grenades at you. Dodge them and then stand in the middle of the arena to grapple him with your Batclaw. This, however, is not the end of the boss fight.

You will not be able to pull Firefly with your Batclaw for a beatdown. Firefly will instead take you for a ride across the Gotham Pioneer’s Bridge, pulling you behind him.

Pay close attention though. There will be two instances where Firefly tries to smash you into the terrain. Use your counter-attack button here to evade the obstacles. Finally, press the prompt to take down Firefly once and for all to end this boss fight.

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