Batman: Arkham Origins Bane Boss Fight Guide

Bane has a new TN-1 serum compound to test on you.

The juiced-up supervillain Bane serves as a secondary antagonist and one of the final bosses in the main storyline of Batman: Arkham Origins. He is a ruthless foe who will not bow down to your caped theatrics, at least not that easily.

Thanks to his steroid serum Venom, Bane possesses superhuman strength, durability, and even agility despite his size. You must always try to avoid a direct confrontation with the hulking luchador, but when pushed against the wall, you will have to find some way of setting him up and pulling his Venom tubes.

How to find Bane in Batman: Arkham Origins

You will get to fight Bane two times in the latter story sections of Batman: Arkham Origins. Your first encounter will be after gaining access to the Gotham City Royale Hotel. You will have to defeat Copperhead before though.

You will then confront Bane again after gaining access to Blackgate Prison in pursuit of the Joker who was disguised as Black Mask the whole time.

How to beat Bane in Batman: Arkham Origins

Bane can be a tricky opponent to beat since most of his attacks can not be countered. He will either be charging you head-on or leaping into the air before smashing the ground to do splash damage in an area. Getting caught in either of these two attacks will deplete a lot of your health bar, especially on hard difficulty.

You also have to be wary about getting too close to him. If you try to attack Bane without setting him up, he will do a grappling attack that does even more damage in Batman: Arkham Origins. The most effective strategy in this boss fight is to simply dodge and get out of his way until you can stun him for a beatdown.

The first encounter

There are a few things to keep in mind here. Firstly, you can counter Bane’s punches but not his charges. If the lightning bolt (counter) icons on his head are blue, you can counter. If they are red, get out of the way.

Bane will take a couple of seconds to wind up his charge attack. Make sure to evade once he starts charging, not during his wind-up animation because Bane will follow your last position.

The first phase of the boss fight, though, is easy to beat. You just need to evade to let Bane charge into the terrain. Then follow up with an ultra (triple) cape stun to perform a beatdown. Countering his punches also does good damage.


You do not need to stun Bane three times. You only need to land your third cape attack.

Phase Two
Following one or two beatdowns, Bane will inject Venom into his veins to strengthen himself. This cutscene will start the second phase of the boss fight. His health bar will also turn to green to reflect the venom.

Bane will now start throwing stronger punches that cannot be countered in Batman: Arkham Origins. You need to dodge all of his attacks and if he manages to grab you, keep tapping the button prompt on the screen to escape and avoid damage.

You need to do an ultra cape stun once again but Bane will not let you do it so easily in the second phase of the fight. You need to be patient and wait for the right moment. One such moment is right after you escape his grapple.

Phase Three
Once his health drops down to a third, Bane will throw you out of the window onto the terrace for the final phase of the fight. This also marks a save point, so you will continue the boss fight from the terrace section if you die.

You will be fighting both Bane and his henchmen on the terrace. He will be performing back-to-back charge attacks that you must absolutely dodge.

Chances are that if you get hit once by his charge attack, you will get hit by the follow-up attack as well. Hence, always keep Bane in the center of your screen. You need to know where he is charging from while fighting his thugs.

You also need to watch out for his leap attacks. These might be a bit difficult to predict because of their small wind-up animation. All you will see is Bane flexing his injected arms before he leaps into the air.

To defeat Bane in the third and final phase, you need to do yet another ultra cape stun. The best strategy here is to keep dodging and countering until Bane does a leap attack. He will be vulnerable for a few seconds after he lands. Quickly get in for a triple cape stun and do a beatdown.


Shock Gloves help weaken Bane, so charge them using his henchmen.

As for his henchmen, you can lure Bane to charge into his thugs. You can also use the thugs to charge up your Shock Gloves. If you are finding the boss fight too difficult, use your Glue Grenades to stick the henchmen while you focus on Bane who will always do three charges in a row.

The second encounter

You will eventually get your chance to settle things with Bane once and for all inside Blackgate Prison where the Joker has taken Commissioner Gordon hostage.

Your second and last encounter with Bane will consist of two phases. The first one will be identical to the terrace fight you did previously. So once again, make sure to dodge and get out of the way until you can pull an ultra cape stun on him for a beatdown.

Bane will do three charge attacks in a row before doing a leap smash. This is where you can move in for a cape stun. If you are surrounded by his henchmen, make sure to lure Bane into doing his leap attack into a group of enemies. This will knock them all out, allowing you to finish some of them to clear the arena.


Bane can interrupt your cape attacks if you start them too late.

Once Bane loses one-third of his health bar, your Shock Gloves will remain active for the duration of the first phase. The rest of the boss fight will continue as before. Dodge Bane and his thugs until you can do an ultra stun followed by a beatdown.

Phase Two
After you have seemingly killed Bane, a small cutscene will start where you attempt to revive him. The good news is that Bane will return to us. The bad news is that he will inject himself with the highly unstable TN-1 compound to become an abomination. This will start the second phase of the boss fight.


TN-1 Bane is completely immune to all of your attacks.

Do not make the mistake of confronting Bane directly. None of your attacks will work on him. The only thing you need to do once the second phase begins is to hide from him. If he does spot you, run away to lose him.

You can throw Smoke Pellets to blind him or a Glue Grenade to temporarily stop him. Make sure to keep using your Detective Vision to know the position of Bane. You do not want him suddenly behind you.

The only way to damage the TN-1 Bane is to perform a silent takedown and lead him into one of the electrified doors. This will stun him, after which you can do a beatdown.

The best strategy here is to lure Bane near an electrified door. You need to either hide under the floor grating or use the vents to sneak up behind him for a silent takedown. However, if he spots you, or if you are hiding too long in the same spot, Bane will grab you for a good amount of damage.

Also, note that your Detective Vision will be jammed midway through the fight. When this happens you may either choose to clear the interference through your Disruptor or fight using your normal senses.

You need to do three silent takedowns on Bane to beat him in Batman: Arkham Origins. You will then need to only deal with the Joker.

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