Batman: Arkham Origins Cyrus Pinkney Plaque Locations

You get to solve a murder mystery from the 1800s.

Cyrus Pinkney’s Plaques are more collectibles for you to find across Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Origins, especially if you are looking to do a 100 percent completion. This is a part of a side mission in which you need to solve the mystery surrounding Cyrus who was a close associate of the Wayne family back in the mid-1800s.

Cyrus lived as a visionary architect who designed most of the iconic landmarks and buildings of Gotham City. There was, however, more going on in his life until his mysterious death which is also one of the longest-running close cases of Gotham City.

Cyrus made sure to hide journal pages inside his plaques during his lifetime. They contain his secret, so finding them will let you solve the mystery behind Cyrus’ death.

How to find all Cyrus Pinkney Plaques in Batman: Arkham Origins

There are a total of eight Cyrus Pinkney Plaques that you will find on the sides of landmarks and monuments just like the Anarky Tags. They look like bronze metal plates with an embossed image of Cyrus alongside an honorary message.

Cyrus Pinkney's Plaques need to be scanned in Detective Mode in Batman: Arkham Origins.

You need to scan each Cyrus Pinkney Plaque using your Detective Mode. They can be hard to find due to how small they are and how easily they blend into the environment. Hence, we recommend searching an area in your Detective Mode because you will then be able to see the plaques with a blue glow.

Pinkney Plaque 1 – Old Gotham Cathedral, Park Row

The first Pinkney Plaque is located atop the Old Gotham Cathedral in the southeast corner of Park Row. Make your way to the church and then grapple to its roof using the walkway. The plaque is on the wall at the back of the church right under an Extortion File Data Pack.

Pinkney Plaque 2 – Solomon Wayne Courthouse, Park Row

Head northwest from the Old Gotham Cathedral to come across the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Make your way to the west side of the abandoned courthouse to find a large horse statue. The second Cyrus Pinkney Plaque is in the base, behind the statue in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Pinkney Plaque 3 – Gotham Merchant’s Bank, The Bowery

The next plaque is on top of Jezebel Mall. You need to make your way to the roof of Gotham Merchant’s Bank in the center of The Bowery.

Then head to the Pioneer’s Bell statue on the northern end of the building. You will find the plaque on the ground just below the bell.

Pinkney Plaque 4 – Gotham Rail, Amusement Mile

The best way to find this Pinkney Plaque location in Batman: Arkham Origins is to head over to the middle of the Amusement Mile district.

Find the “Gotham City Casinos” neon sign and climb to its rooftop. From your vantage point, you will see a three-story building with several pillars. There will be an open gate to its right side. Glide straight into it to find the plaque on the wall to your right.

You can also get to the plaque from the other side of this building by watching out for the “Dixon Docks” sign, but the front entrance is easier to spot.

Pinkney Plaque 5 – Jezebel Theater, The Bowery

This is one of the easiest Pinkney Plaque to find in Batman: Arkham Origins. Simply head over to the Jezebel Theater in the northern part of The Bowery. The plaque is on the left of the main entrance.

Pinkney Plaque 6 – Gotham Pioneer’s Bridge

Yet another easy plaque to find. Make your way to the Gotham Pioneer’s Bridge from the north side and then use the bridge lines to launch yourself in the air. Glide towards the central pillar which has two large golden statues on both ends. Reach this landing and look to the left to find the Pinkney Plaque on the wall.

Pinkney Plaque 7 – School of the Arts, Coventry

Starting from the location shown in the map image above, glide below the road bridge with the “Blackgate Prison” sign. Below that road lies the Cyrus Pinkney School of the Arts, and you will find its plaque on the wall next to a dumpster.

Pinkney Plaque 8 – Cyrus’ Crypt, Burnley

The last of Cyrus Pinkney’s Plaques will show up on your map after you have scanned all the previous plaques. You need to follow the waypoint to reach Cryus’ crypt. It is located behind the GCR Comms Tower on the east side of the Burnley district.

Glide over the icy waters behind the tower and enter the crypt beyond. The final plaque will be on the front of the sarcophagus. Do note that even if you find the crypt before, it will not unlock until you have found seven of the eight plaques.

What happens when you get all the plaques?

Scanning each plaque will give you around 15,000 experience points, so finding all of them is definitely worthwhile to quickly level up in the game.

Secondly, you will get to solve the long-running case of Cyrus Pinkney. The hidden journals will reveal a partnership between Cyrus and Henry Cobblepot, an ancestor to Oswald Cobblepot—the Penguin.

Henry agreed to fund Cyrus after Solomon’s finances ran dry in return for his support to pass a munitions factory. Cyrus, however, betrayed Henry afterward and blocked the bill, which forced Henry to assassinate Cyrus for his betrayal.

Cryus, surprisingly, survived the assassination but made sure to offer the same courtesy to Henry, a decision which he always regretted.

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