Batman: Arkham Knight Bomb Rioter Locations

Brains that are ready to go boom!

The bomb rioters are secret collectibles and part of the many Riddler’s Challenges in Batman: Arkham Knight. In his notion of delivering justice, the Riddler has planted bombs in the heads of some of the looters in Gotham City.

The targets are not even aware that they are rigged to blow. You need to find a way to locate all of the bomb rioters and then defuse their explosive implants to save them.

This is an optional mission that you need to complete to capture the Riddler. Thankfully, you do not have a running timer such as in the AR Challenges. You can go after the rioters whenever you want.

How to save/defuse the Bomb Rioters

The swarm of looters with a bomb rioter will always be near a green Riddler pressure plate, most often above ground level. Stand over it to start the activity and then throw a Remote Controlled Batarang at the rioters. The Batarang will automatically scan the rioters for bombs as it flies past them and mark the target in red.


The bomb will explode if you draw a lot of attention, so either be discreet or take him down quickly. Do not jump in for a brawl. You will never be able to beat them all up in time.

The next step is disarming the bomb. You need to discreetly use an EMP (electrical) attack to save a bomb rioter in Batman: Arkham Knight. This can be done in several ways. The first one involves piloting your Remote Controlled Batarang into an electrical arc in the environment which will give it an electrical charge. Then guide it into the target to electrocute and save him.

The Remote Controlled Batarang, however, can be a difficult gadget to control for some players. You can also use a Remote Electrical Charge Gun from a distance, but the easiest way to save the bomb rioters is by driving into them in the Batmobile using its Battle Mode. You will automatically electrocute all of the rioters that come in contact with the Batmobile, including the one with the bomb.


You can get the Remote Electrical Charge (REC) Gun from the Evidence Locker of GCPD at the start of the game.

Where to find all Bomb Rioters in Batman: Arkham Knight?

There are a total of six Bomb Rioters split evenly between the Bleake and Miagani Islands. They will be marked on your map with a green brawler icon.

However, revealing all of their locations will require you to interrogate some of Riddler’s goons and progress through the main storyline. That will take time, so we have marked every Bomb Rioter on both islands for you below.

Bleake Island

Location #1
Coordinates: 1921, 2184

The pressure plate for the first bomb rioter on Bleake Island can be found on top of a small bridge that connects Chinatown. The location, as shown in the map image above, is directly east of Gotham Bank.

The rioters, including the victim, will be on the street below you. Once you have identified the target, use the electrical arc on the eastern corner of the bridge to charge your Remote Controlled Batarang.

Location #2
Coordinates: 1650, 2218

Make your way to the northwestern corner of Bleake Island to find the last pressure plate. It will be on a rooftop, right below the Commissioner Gordon billboard above the bridge.

The bomb rioter will be on the street below you in Batman: Arkham Knight. Use your Remote Controlled Batarang to identify the target and then EMP him to save him. The electrical charge will be on the side of the building next to the rioter.

Location #3
Coordinates: 2030, 2378

The final bomb rioter can be found on the streets in the eastern corner of Bleake Island as marked in the image above. The pressure plate to begin the side mission will be placed on the building rooftop north of the Clock Tower.

Use the Remote Controlled Batarang to locate the bomb rioter vandalizing the Gotham Herald jewelry shop. Once the target is highlighted, fly another Remote Controlled Batarang through the electric arc suspended on the bridge above you and hit the rioter to mark an end to the side mission

Miagani Island

Location #1
Coordinates: 3103,1896

The first location for Riddler’s Bomb Rioter can be found in the western corner of Miagani Island east of the Pinkney Orphanage building. Climb on top of the small bridge to spot the pressure platform as shown in the map image above. Stand on top of it and the Riddler will appear on the TV right in front of Batman.

After the video ends, throw a Remote Controlled Batarang at the riot to spot the rioter with the bomb highlighted in red. Once you’ve found the bomb carrier, throw another RCB and fly it through the electric arc on the south side of the building to carry a charge. Fly the Batarang right at the carrier and disable the first Rioter Bomb in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Location #2
Coordinates: 2907, 2511

The pressure plate for the second bomb rioter can be found on the building near the northern entrance of the Ferris Mall with the huge parking lot. Throw one of the Remote Controlled Batarangs at the group of rioters to spot the bomb carrier.

Once he’s spotted, throw another RCB and fly it through the electrocuted sign of the Ferris Mall in front of you to charge the Batarang. Fly the charged Batarang at the rioter to mark the second part of the activity complete.

Location #3
Coordinates: 3539, 2673

The last location for the Rioter Bomb in Miagani Island can be found in the southern area of the map on the north-western side of the Wayne Tower. The pressure platform will be placed next to the railing of the building facing the Grand Avenue Station

The process will be the same, listen to what Riddler has to say and throw the first Remote Controlled Batarang to spot the carrier. Once the riot Bomber is spotted, throw another Remote Controlled Batarang at the electric arc on the western building’s construction site to charge it. Once it’s charged, point it at the carrier to electrocute him and disable the bomb.

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