Batman Arkham Knight Armored and Dangerous Most Wanted Mission Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Armored and Dangerous most wanted mission guide to help you destroy all APCs with Batmobile.

Armored and Dangerous is the first Most Wanted side mission you will unlock in Batman: Arkham Knight. The mission becomes available after you receive the first upgrade for the Batmobile.

In this mission, you will need to find and neutralize all militia APCs. There are a total of 9 APCs, and you will receive an Upgrade Point for destroying every one of them.

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The APCs are in random locations, but it is important to remember that there will only be 3 of them on each island.

When the mission is selected, the APCs will usually appear near the Batmobile’s location, provided that you haven’t already destroyed all three on the island you are on.

Each APC you encounter will have an incrementally increasing set of variables such as speed, rocket fire rate, number of escorts, and the type of rocket they have.


Once you have engaged an APC, you will need to take it out. You will get some information of each APC on your HUD. On the top right corner of the HUD, you will see the APC’s health, and below it is the number of remaining escorts.

Another bar will be visible just above the radar, which is the APC signal. This signal basically indicates how close/far the APC is from you. If the signal starts decreasing, that means the APC is too far away from you.

If it depletes fully, it means the APC is lost and will need to be found again. Having the Batmobile Ram charge upgrade will be very useful for this mission, as it will allow you to use your afterburners and ram into the APCs, taking very large chunks of their health.

Several of the APCs will release powerful rockets, especially from 5th APC onwards as they will have double-rocket pods.

You should always focus on trying to take out the main APC, but taking out the escort SUVs is also a fantastic way to grind some XP. However, try to keep your focus on the main APC and take it out with your weapons and ramming.

Taking out all 9 will get you 9 healthy WayneTech points.

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