Batman: Arkham City Identity Theft Locations

Stop Hush from stealing everyone's faces, including yours.

Identity Theft is a side mission that introduces you to a new kind of serial killer in Batman: Arkham City. Someone out there is murdering people to steal their identities by slicing off their faces. He is, literally, stealing faces in Gotham City and covering their heads with bandages to sign his work.

If you still have not figured it out, the identity thief is Thomas Elliot, better known as Hush. He is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who carries a great disdain for the Wayne family.

You need to find and stop him to end his killing spree. Investigate the crime scenes he left behind and connect the dots to find where the Identity Thief is hiding.

How to start the Identity Theft side mission

You can start the Identity Theft mission after disabling Penguin’s communications disruptors in the main storyline. Head out of the subway station and your map will be updated to show the location of an “unidentified murder victim” in an alley in the east.


Identity Theft plays almost similar to Shot in the Dark in which you have to analyze crime scenes to track down Deadshot.

This will be your first Identity Theft murder victim in Batman: Arkham City, but the locations of the other victims will not be revealed until you complete a particular part of the story campaign. We have nonetheless marked their locations below and explained how to analyze each crime scene.

Victim #1 location

You have to use your Evidence Scanner to scan the body. Start with the bandaged head and then move on to the blood stains on the ground.

Batman will then recalibrate his scanner to track the blood trail. Follow it in your Detective Vision to reach a political prisoner in the southeast corner of the district. He will claim that the real killer is none other than Bruce Wayne.

Victim #2 location

Some players report that the second Identity Theft victim location will only trigger after you have completed the first part of the Museum story mission. Others state that you have to complete a few more missions afterward.

Either way, you can continue visiting the location marked on the map image above to see if the victim has turned up or not. You will find him in an alley southeast of the Solomon Wayne Courthouse and directly west of the Park Row Church/Medical Center.

Using your Evidence Scanner once again, scan the tool on the ground for fingerprints before scanning the head. The fingerprints belong to Bruce Wayne. Someone out there is really trying hard to frame you.

Victim #3 location

We recommend finishing the Wonder City missions to make the third victim location appear in Batman: Arkham City. You will find the body in an alley southeast of the Ace Chemicals Building in Park Row, right next to the Restricted Area.


There is a reported bug where the third victim either does not appear or glitches out. If Batman does not make a remark after you approach the body, reload your game to fix the bug.

Scan the bleach spots on the ground and then the head. Then follow the bleach trail in your Detective Mode to an inmate with a bottle of bleach. Interrogate him and he will confess that he was instructed by Bruce Wayne to get rid of the body. He will also give you a new location where you can find the real Identity Thief in Batman: Arkham City.

Confront the Identity Thief at his hideout

It is finally time to put an end to the series of Identity Thefts in Batman: Arkham City. Check your updated map to set a waypoint for an apartment east of the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, which the Identity Thief is using as his hideout.

Head on inside to find and listen to an audio journal on the table. It will confirm that the Identity Thief is Dr. Thomas Elliot. You will then come face to face with Hush who will reveal his face to be that of Bruce Wayne. He apparently took “the perfect skin grafts” from all of his victims to make him look like Bruce Wayne.

Once Hush leaves, hack the control panel with your Cryptographic Sequencer to get out of the apartment. Have a talk with Oracle and head out back into the night.

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