Batman: Arkham City Deadshot Boss Fight Guide

A boss fight that lasts for a single takedown.

Deadshot is an incredibly easy boss to beat in Batman: Arkham City. His side mission, in fact, has more challenges in comparison.

Once you solve a series of crime scenes as part of the Shot in the Dark mission, you will discover that Deadshot is eliminating a list of targets.

After managing to track down his stash locations, you will uncover his next victim. Thankfully, you will be able to save him in time, which will start your face-off against Deadshot.

How to beat Deadshot in Batman: Arkham City

This may as well be the easiest and shortest boss fight in the entire Batman: Arkham franchise. When the boss fight begins, you will be hiding behind cover and Deadshot will be searching for using his laser sight.

Did You Know

The Deadshot boss fight in Batman: Arkham Origins is far more enjoyable in comparison.

You need to move from cover to cover without being seen. If Deadshot catches you in his laser, you will die and the boss fight will reload. Stay behind cover and wait for Deadshot to look the other way. As soon as his laser is pointed in the opposite direction, change positions to move a little bit closer.


You have to make your way into the vent below Deadshot without being seen. When you finally reach the vent, position yourself below Deadshot for a takedown to finish the boss fight.

The mechanics remain the same even if you are playing on hard difficulty. The only difference is that Deadshot will be moving his laser sight a bit faster. You only need to be patient here.

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