Batman: Arkham City Shot In The Dark Walkthrough

Solve all the crime scenes to find Deadshot before he kills any more people.

Shot in the Dark is one of the early side missions that you can take on in Batman: Arkham City. This is a two-part mission in which you need to solve a series of crime scenes that eventually lead you to the location of Deadshot.

The crime scenes themselves are pretty easy to solve. All you have to do is use your Evidence Scanner to gather clues and use them as breadcrumbs to find the next victim’s location. You have to do this three times to reveal the hideout of Deadshot.

How to start Shot in the Dark in Batman: Arkham City

You can start Shot in the Dark as soon as you leave the Steel Mill for the first time in your story campaign. Your map will be updated with a new S.O.S. Broadcast waypoint in the Amusement Mile district, near the bridge that leads into the Industrict district.

Make your way to the small rooftop to find a political prisoner. Speak to him until he is killed by an unidentified sniper, which you will soon know is Deadshot. This will be your first crime scene that begins the Shot in the Dark mission in Batman: Arkham City.

Enable your Evidence Scanner and scan the bullet fragments embedded into the small chimney. Follow the bullet’s trajectory to find where the shot came from. This will take you to a fenced rooftop area in the northern parts of the Industrial district. Use your Evidence Scanner again to find a bullet casing on the ground. Wait for the scan to finish and Batman will know for sure that the sniper he is looking for is Deadshot.

Deadshot Victim #2

The second crime scene will not appear until you advance the main storyline and explore Arkham City. There is no way to say how much of the campaign you need to complete or how much area you need to explore.


You need to just keep playing the game until you hear a gunshot. Your map will then be updated to highlight a large area from where the shot originated.

The exact location of the second victim is the middle of the bridge (the destroyed highway) in the northern part of Arkham City, as shown in the map image above.


There is a small chance that you face a bug where the victim 2 crime scene is not working.

Scan the bullet in the wall with your Evidence Scanner like before and follow the bullet’s trajectory southeast to the roof of Gotham Casino. You will find a tripod here that Deadshot used to kill the second inmate. Scan it for more clues.

If the second victim does not appear at the location, your Shot in the Dark mission is bugged. You can fix it by gliding around the Amusement district until Oracle contacts Batman about the gunshot. If that does not work, restart your game.

Deadshot Victim #3

Some players managed to trigger the third crime scene by simply exploring the Park Row district in Batman: Arkham City. Others had to beat the main story campaign.

Either way, you need to keep playing until you hear another gunshot to advance the Shot in the Dark mission. You will find the third victim next to a destroyed car in an alley, near the western border of Park Row. There will be a group of inmates surrounding the body, so you can spot them as well while gliding over the area.

When the area is clear, scan the bullet in the lower part of the metal fence with your Evidence Scanner. Then follow the bullet trail east to find a steel shutter that ricocheted the shot. Scan the bullet fragments here as well to reach the top of a building where Deadshot was lying in the snow.


Completing the third crime scene unlocks the Forensic Expert achievement.

Scan the area and wait for Oracle to finish revealing a pattern. You will now have three locations marked on your map where you can find more evidence about where Deadshot is hiding. You can go to each stash for the extra experience points, but the actual location is the Amusement Mile substation. This is located north of the GCPD building as shown in the map image below.

Head straight to the building north of the GCPD to save time.

Clear the area and use your Detective Vision to find the Maintenance Hatch on the roof. You will get hold of Deadshot’s PDA. Hack it using your Cryptographic Sequencer to reveal the location of Deadshot’s next targets. They include Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Jack Ryder. Naturally, you only have to save the third target.

Get to Jack Ryder before Deadshot does

The moment your map gets updated, you will have either 2 or 3 minutes to reach Jack Ryder depending on which difficulty settings you are playing. Jack is located in a small alleyway in the Bowery district.

Use your Grapple Gun to launch yourself into the air as much as possible to cover more ground and maintain high speed. You only need to reach the location on your map to trigger a cutscene where Batman will save Jack Ryder from becoming the fourth victim of Deadshot.

This will complete Shot in the Dark in Batman: Arkham City, leaving you with only one final objective—beating Deadshot in a boss fight. This is going to be easier than you think. Just stay behind cover and move closer whenever Deadshot looks away. Use the vent near him to take down Deadshot from below.

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