Batman: Arkham City Amusement Mile Riddle Solutions

Some of these riddles are not amusing at all.

The Amusement Mile district contains another nine riddles to solve in Batman: Arkham City. These are part of the Riddler Challenge which is going to take you a lot of time to complete. In fact, these challenges are so cumbersome that you will only want to complete them for a 100 percent completion playthrough.

Similar to the riddles in the previous game, you will mostly have to do an environment scan to answer the given clue. Sometimes though, you will face a question mark puzzle where you have to align the dot with the rest of the symbol to complete the ? in your scan.

How to solve all Amusement Mile riddles in Batman: Arkham City

Riddle #1 – Question Mark: This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?
Requirement: Remote Electric Charge.

Head to the location marked on the map to reach a rooftop building with a billboard. Stand behind the billboard and use your scanner to find a green question mark highlighted. Since it’s a question mark-related puzzle you’ll be required to complete the ‘?’ symbol by aligning with the dot.

The dot however will be hidden from Batman. To reveal the dot, equip your electronic Charge and shoot at the window right in front of the billboard. This will cause the window to go down and reveal the dot. Align the dot by standing underneath the billboard and solve the first riddle.

Riddle #2: Look out! Can you see where the madness began?

Head to the Northeast portion of the Amusement Mile District and climb on any one of the buildings that have a clear view of Arkham Island across the sea. Simply zoom in and scan the Island to solve this Riddler challenge in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddle #3: If she is the ROOT of evil, how could anyone be expected to CONTAIN her?

This is one of the easier riddles in Batman Arkham City. Simply make your way to the Poison Ivy’s building in the Amusement Mile which is infested with plants.

Stand on top of the building and look down at the base of the building to locate a hazardous container stuck in the roots. Pop a scan of the container to complete the riddle.

Riddle #4: Which acrobat family gambled with their lives, and has now been left to fly solo?

The riddle requires you to scan a poster of the flying Grayson located in a small section underneath the broken bridge in Amusement Mile District.

The section can be found in the southern part of the district. The poster can be found on the left wall of the broken bridge. This is also the same location where you save Vicki Vale in Batman: Arkham City.

Once you’ve located the poster, zoom in and pop a scan to mark the riddle solved.

Riddle #5: Would an invitation to party like the gods be a bolt out of the blue?

There is a large building in the south with a massive neon sign that says “Gotham City Olympus”. There will also be a statue of Zeus wielding a lightning bolt. You have to scan the whole thing to solve this riddle.

Riddle #6: Park in his spot and you may just get a ticket.

Yet another easy Riddler Challenge to complete in the game. Head to the GCPD Building in the eastern corner of the district and check its parking lot. There will be a reserved section for James Gordon. Scan it to solve the riddle.

This is the same location where you find one of the Catwoman Trophies.

Riddle #7: Always a shining example of justice? Not if you ask me.

After solving riddle 6 head to the West rooftop of the GCPD building to solve this riddle in Batman Arkham City. Face the west of the building and scan the Bat Signal on the lower section of the roof.

Riddle #8: If you’re afraid, don’t be scared to crow about it.

Head to the lower section of the broken bridge located in the South of the Amusement Mile District to find a stash of hay laid on a collapsed piece of road. This area is also near the Gotham North Docks.

Simply approach the hay and scan Scarecrow’s mask to solve the riddle.

Riddle #9: This place has taken a TURN for the worse. Is it a little BEAR for your tastes

Make your way to the western end of the district and scan the Krank Co. Toys neon sign to mark the last amusement Mile riddle solved.

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