How To Find Suspicious Sounds In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, Suspicious Sounds are coming from a crack in the wall in Moonrise Tower, but do you know whose sound it is?

You might hear Suspicious Sounds in the background while exploring Shadow Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3. Turns out, it is coming from a crack in the wall somewhere in the area. Read below if you are just as curious about the source of the BG3 Suspicious Sounds in Moonrise Tower and the consequence of interacting with it.

Where to find the Source of the Suspicious Sounds in Moonrise Tower

To find the Source of the Suspicious Sounds in Baldur’s Gate 3, travel to the Moonrise Tower. After entering the Tower, you must enter the room next to the main hall. You can reach this by walking straight inside from the entrance.

Inside the room, you will find out that the entrance is blocked by the gooey outgrowth that looks like the mucus of some creature. Now that the main access is blocked, you must find another way.

For that, head back to the main hall and find some wooden boxes stacked on each other. Close to these boxes, you will find the ladder leading to the rafter’s top.

Upon getting there, you need to find and interact with the other part of the mucus outgrowth. Here, you must pass the DC20 Perspective Check to get across to the other side.

Once the path blocked by the mucus is open, use the Misty Step Spell to jump ahead to the stone ledge. From there, travel south, and you will find a Cracked Wall you need to interact with. This cracked wall is the Source of the Suspicious Sounds in BG3.


Consequences of Interacting with the Suspicious Sounds

Once you have found the BG3 Source of the Suspicious Sounds, you will then get the option to interact with it. After interacting, you will get three options listed below:

  • “[Arcana] Determine what it is.”
  • “Reach in”
  • “Leave.”

Select the “Reach in” option to learn more about this Suspicious Sound. This will enable your character’s arm to reach inside the crack in the wall. During the cutscene, you will know more about this sound.

Now that you know about the Suspicious Sounds in BG3, you must extract your hand from the wall. For that, you need the help of DC20 Dexterity or Strength check. During that, you will find the following dialogue option:

  • “[Strength] Test your arm out of the tentacle’s grip.”
  • “[Dexterity] Wriggle your hand free.”
  • “[Sleight of Hand] Go imp and ride it out.”
  • “Do Nothing”

You need to select the “Do Nothing” option from the available dialogue option. Doing so, you will be teleported to the Absolute in Baldur’s Gate 3, and he will tell you about himself during the conversation.

BG3 Absolute will then want you to come to the location called Illithid Oubliette. During that, you will find the following dialogue options:

  • “[Strength] Heave against the tentacle with all your might.”
  • “[Dexterity] Search for some leverage to slide your arm out.”
  • “[Melee Attack] Forget Subtelty – Claw at whatever you can reach.”
  • “[Wisdom] Focus your thoughts to an edge – and cut free.”
  • “Submit. Become”

Select “Submit. Become” from the available options to teleport yourself to another location with Absolute. After getting there, you will find out that this area houses all the tadpoles in BG3. These tadpoles are the Source of the Suspicious Sounds in BG3.

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