How To Get Out Of Prison In Baldur’s Gate 3

How to break out of any prison in Baldur's Gate 3 with ease.

You can be sent to prison for killing, stealing, and looting valuable items in BG3. However, there are many unique ways that you can use to get out of Jail. Once you set yourself free from any prison, you can retrieve your belongings and make an easy jailbreak.

There are a ton of ways that you can exploit to escape your jail cell. You can start by looking at six different jail cells and how you can break each one of these by following the methods explained below. Keep in mind that you can use all these methods to get out of any jail or prison in BG3.

Escaping from the Jail at Druid Grove in BG3

The first jail that you might have to break is the one at Druid Grove. This barely qualifies as a jail since it has no guards posted outside and lacks a roof as well. This means that you can use several unique ways to escape this jail quickly.

As mentioned earlier, this jail doesn’t have a roof, so you can create an object to elevate the height factor. You can do this by using spells like the Shaping of the Ice (spell) to create large ice cubes. After this, you can stack these cubes on each other and create a platform high enough for you to climb.

You can also use the gaping holes in your cell wall and jump through them to get out of jail. In addition to that, you can look around your jail cell and check the back door. Most of the time, this back door is made of flimsy wood.

You can break it easily with some punches, allowing you to walk out free. You can even turn your character into an animal, such as a Badger, and dig your way out of your jail cell in Baldur’s Gate 3.

If your jail cell walls aren’t that high enough, then flying over the walls using a spell will also fulfill the purpose. Similarly, you can also unlock the prison door by casting the Knock spell. Lastly, you can use spells like Misty Stepping to phase through your prison door.

Escaping from the Jail at the Goblin’s Camp

If you choose to side with the Tieflings, then the Goblins will find a reason to lock you in their Prison cell in BG3. This prison is basically a step up in security as it has a solid roof and guards stationed outside.

Escaping from this jail is also not a challenging task. You can use spells such as the Minor Illusion (spell) on the guards stationed outside your cell. This way, you will be able to trick that particular guard into unlocking your cell door.

Once he comes inside to check your illusion, you can sneak behind them and escape the jail. If you are not successful in using that escape plan, then you can shrink your character in size. You can do this by using the Reduced (spell) in BG3. Then, you can jump through the bars present in your prison door to escape the jail.

Apart from that, you can check your jail cell, and in many cases, you will find a corpse blocking a hole. Pull it out and then crawl down that hole to escape your prison cell. You can also cast Dimension Door (spell) to teleport yourself outside your prison door.

Next, you can also try to die and resurrect your character using a scroll once the rest of your party members get to the other side of your jail cell.

The guard present outside your cell door can also open your cell door when you cast the spell command: Approach. You can also use the cantrip called Mage Hand to get the prison door key from the guards present in that specific area.

Escaping from the Jail at the Last Light Inn in BG3

If you find yourself locked in a jail cell at the Last Light Inn, then you can try to plan your escape. If you look outside your jail door, you will notice a table with some chairs. Your jail cell key is present on that table, so you can use a particular spell called Thorn Whip.

This way, you will be able to pull the key from that table towards your character and unlock the prison door yourself in BG3.

Since you don’t have any weapons, you can also use the Acid Damage spell on your prison cell door. It should be able to melt your cell door and allow you to escape. Similarly, you can shapeshift into a small creature, such as a Frog. Then, you can squeeze through your cell door in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In some cases, you can use the items present in your surroundings to your benefit as well. If you see any boxes present in your cell, you can stack them high enough to jump to the other side of the jail cell.

Lastly, if your character is a monk, then you can use the spell Shadow Step to phase out to the other side.

Escaping from the Jail at the Moonrise Towers

There are also Jail cells present at the Moonrise Towers, and these can pose quite a challenge for your character. However, you can exploit some of the unique significant flaws of these jail cells to escape them.

You need to look around your cell, and in many cases, you will spot a big hole. It will be present at the corner of your cell so you can proceed to jump down in it to escape the jail. On the other hand, if you are unable to find any gaping hole, then you can use the spell Mage Hand to operate the lever to unlock your cell door in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can agitate the prison guards and allow them to attack you continuously to kill you. Then use one of your party members and visit Withers at Camp. Use him to revive you, and this way, you will have invertedly escaped your jail cell.

If your character is a Druid, then you need to turn into a cat. Once you assume that form, you can quickly jump out through your prison door and get out of jail.

Escaping from the prison at the Wyrm Rock Fortress in BG3

You can get locked at the Baldur’s Gates Wyrm Rock Fortress for stealing and killing other characters. In one of these prison cells, you will be able to discover a unique chatting skill. You can talk to it, pass its riddles, and ask this skull to teleport your character outside.

Furthermore, the Arcane Gate Spell can also be used to set up a portal between two places. Use it to portal your way out of your prison cell. Similarly, you can also distract the guards by using the Cat’s Meow ability when the guards unlock your cell door and come in to investigate us that moment to escape the jail.

You can also use the Monk’s spell  Shadow Strike to teleport from one location to a target. This time, set the target outside your jail cell door to reach the other side.

Escaping from the Jail at the Heapside Prison

The Heapside Prison consists of old prison cells located in Baldur’s Gates Lower City area. If you find yourself locked in one of these prisons, you can transform into a cat and squeeze through the pipe, which will lead to sewers and allow you an easy escape.

Apart from this way, you can move towards the corner of your cell. Sometimes, these areas are bugged, which will allow you to fast-travel out of your Jail cell to reach another area in Baldur’s Gate 3.

If you have run out of tricks to escape your cell and, by chance, your character is a bard, then you can perform some music to force the guard stationed outside to unlock your prison door and move in. Then, you can walk out of your prison cell, and this will conclude the many ways you can get out of jail in BG3.

How to retrieve your equipment after you escape Prison

Once you have managed to escape your jail cell by following any of the methods explained above, you will need to find your belongings. When you are imprisoned, your armor and weapons are stripped from your character, and these will then be placed in two chests.

After escaping your jail cell, you can find these two chests containing all of your items near your prison cell area in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Similarly, if you were caught stealing a legendary item, then this item would also be present as evidence in one of these chests. This way, you will be able to obtain that particular item with relative ease and get out of that prison area without fighting any guards or passing any checks.

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