Baldur’s Gate 3 Get Help From Healer Nettie Quest Guide 

One of the first quests in Baldur's Gate 3 will have you search for Healer Nettie. You'll learn she has a way to remove your Mindflayer parasite, and that warrants a visit.

In Act 1, your first task will be finding the cure in Baldur’s Gate 3. To that end, you will learn of a person called Healer Nettie. She’s a druid who lives in the Emerald Grove. Intel suggests that she may know how to remove the Mindflayer parasite from your head.

Since you have very few options besides her, finding her becomes important. She is found deep inside the Emerald Grove. To get there, you will first need to find the Grove, find her inside it, and then talk to her.  

Get Help From Healer Nettie quest location in BG3 

Nettie location in BG3

You need to head to the Druids’ Chamber in the Emerald Grove. Follow the way North from the crashed Illithid Nautiloid, and you will reach the entrance to the Emerald Grove. If this is your first time getting there, you must fight off some Goblins. Once they are taken care of, head inside and then proceed on the path forward.

Take a right at the end of the pathway and then go down the stairs. After the cutscene ends, take another right and pass through the stone door. Nettie’s Room will be on the right, where you will see her reviving a bird.

Get Help From Healer Nettie Walkthrough 

Upon looking for a cure for the Mind Flayer Parasite, everyone in Druid Grove points to Nettie, saying that she will cure your parasite. Nettie is a Druid healer who resides in Druid’s Chambers in Emerald Grove.  

There are a few objectives that you have to complete in the course of Getting Help From Healer Nettie Quest.  


Find Nettie 

As your first objective, you need to find the Healer Druid (Nettie) in the Druid’s Chambers in Baldur’s Gate 3. To enter Emerald’s Grove, go to Sacred Pool, north of Emerald’s Grove Invision waypoint, or west of Risen Road and The Hollow.  

Enter through the Stone Door in Sacred Pool to reach Emerald’s Grove. Go to the northern corner and enter the Druid’s Chamber, where you see Nettie healing a bird.  

Tell her that you need a cure for a Mind Flayer tadpole in your head. Upon learning of such a deadly parasite, you will ask her to follow her.  

Follow Nettie 

Now, you follow Nettie, who will take you to an Enclave Library behind a stone wall. In the library, approach Nettie to talk to her about the cure. 

Talking to Nettie 

She will tell you about the body of another Drow who had the same parasite as you. She will then offer you a cure (a plant). Do not accept, or she will poison you. Instead, ask about the plant she is holding.  

She will show hesitation as you ask about the plant. You must talk your way out so she does not poison you. Be straight and honest with her by telling her how you got the parasite from the Mind Flayer Ship. Seeing that you are a good soul and deserve a chance, she will give you a vial of Wyvern Poison so you can take the poison if you feel any symptoms.  

Now, you must swear you will take it if you feel any symptoms. If you keep talking to her, she will give you more information about removing the parasite and ask you to save refugees and Druid Halsin.  

If you cannot convince her, she will poison you, and you must find the antidote. For the antidote, you need to kill her and loot her body, which you do not want to happen. Sometimes, she will try to attack, so you need to kill her as a last resort. 

Get Help From Healer Nettie Rewards in Baldur’s Gate 3 

There are no rewards if you have convinced her not to give you the poison. The only notable items are the Vial of Wyvern Poison and an Elixir of Silvanus she gives you. 

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