How To Defeat Gremishkas In Baldur’s Gate 3

Gremishkas are odd little creatures in Baldur's Gate 3 that react negatively to magic. They have an allergy to it due to which a random effect may go off if a spell is cast near them.

Gremishkas are little panther-like creatures that tend to react adversely to magic in Baldur’s Gate 3. They were a failed creation of some novice spell casters. As a result, they now have an allergy to magic. You will encounter these spiteful magic eaters in Act 2 after gaining access to Baldur’s Gate 3 Rosymorn Monastery.

You will see things go haywire as you use your spells on them. A Wild Magic effect will go off when a spell or a cantrip is cast near them, which can be beneficial and harmful.

Gremishkas Location in BG3 

When your party progresses to Act 2 and chooses the Mountain Pass route instead of the Underdark one, you will come across Rosymorn Monastery at (X: 55, Y: 42) coordinates, situated on top of Creche Y’llek.  

As you reach the Mountain Pass, keep heading northeast from the Trielta Crags Waypoint. This route will eventually lead you to the Monastery. The Gremishkas room will be accessible when you climb the knotted roots (some vines) near the Ancient Sigil Circle and then walk alongside the cliff area. The Gremishka room will be right behind the wooden door on the other side and can be explored after breaking it. 

baldur's gate 3 gremishkas location

Gremishkas Fight Guide in Baldur’s Gate 3 

These tiny monstrosities may have low hit points, but their innate magic allergy may complicate things. Fortunately, there is a way to take them out. You have to approach this matter with the right strategy.

Use Spells from a safe distance 

A Wild Magic effect will trigger when a caster uses a spell within 30 feet of these creatures. This random reaction can be any of the following. 

  • They may regain a few hit points 
  • They may deal some force damage to the creatures within 30 feet of range until and unless they pass a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. 
  • They may explode and die on the spot, creating a swarm of Gremishkas from a single body. This will drastically increase them in numbers. 

So, it is best to use only those spells having considerable range, such as Magic Missile. Even healing spells will trigger their magic allergy, so try not to heal via spells when you are near them. 

Physical Attacks are your best bet 

Even if you cannot use spells around them, you can still damage them conventionally. Physical attacks can still damage them easily. You should use a character with high physical damage potential. A character belonging to the Fighter class, Ranger Class, Rogue Class, or Barbarian Class will be best here. They have high physical damage, so they can easily remove these creatures.

Fight Strategy 

Your strategy can involve any set of defensive and offensive moves, and it will work nicely if no spells are used in it. 

A better thing to do would be to corner these creatures by eliminating their escape paths, which they use to hit and run their targets. You can finish them off in bulk quantities when cornered by applying physical attacks. 

Gremishkas can also turn themselves invisible on will, making the fight even tougher for you in Baldur’s Gate 3. To counter this move, you can use Volo’s Ersatz Eye Amulet to see them. Similarly, you can lob bombs at them to damage in an AOE since your spells are out of the picture.

Ensure your party is at least level 4 before taking on Gremishkas. Despite being low-health creatures, they have the advantage in numbers. So they can overwhelm your party should you get swarmed.

Gremishkas Fight Rewards in BG3 

After killing the Gremishka creatures, you can loot Gremishka Tail from their body, which can be used to make Wizardsbane Oil. 

If your weapon is covered in Wizardsbane Oil and makes a successful hit, the target creature will get a Concentration Disadvantage. Moreover, their spell-based attack rolls will be penalized for the next two turns.   

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