Should Gale Use Netherese Orb In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Letting Gale use his Netherese Orb can completely change the ending.

Gale in BG3 has a Netherese Orb inside him, which can literally decide the ending you will get. During Act 2, Elminster Aumar reveals this secret of Gale. This orb is given to Gale so he can detonate it when required to kill or completely wipe out the threat of the absolute.

This is why both times you go near the Elder Heart, he expresses his desire for the sacrifice. Let’s go through the consequences of letting Gale use the Netherese Orb in Baldur’s Gate 3 so you can make a better choice.

What happens if you let Gale use Netherese Orb?

The chance of using this ability occurs twice, once in both the second and third act. At the end of Act 2, you can use the Orb to kill the three Chosen and Elder Brain. The situation is highly intriguing to use the Netherese Orb as it can wipe all the enemies along with the Elder Brain, and no fight will happen.

Some part of this may be true, but unfortunately, the narrator reveals that the threat persists. If you choose to use this, the game will end, and you’ll get the secret ending just after Act 2. The blast does take down the Elder Brain, but all the tadpoles are freed from its magic.

Thousands of these tadpoles turned illithids swim away safely and can later cause a takeover of mind flayers. Thus, they remain a threat to the world. In short, this is surely not a good option, especially if you want to reach the end and finish the threat, completing your role as a good guy and savior.

Should you use the Netherese Orb in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3?

If you decide not to use the Netherese orb in Act 2, you can use it later in BG3 during the final battle. This is the place where you’ll get to use this ability again. Just before the final battle, Gale brings up the possibility of using himself as a sacrifice.

If you agree, he will move forward alone and wipe out everyone. In this case, your team can be saved as they stay away. The only difference this will bring is that Gale’s ending will not be shown, and none of the scenes or trophies for Gale’s quest will be obtained.

This is a better way to use his amazing, limitless blast power than abruptly completing the game in Act 2. Although it may be a bad option for people who played with Gale as a major character, this can save the long final battle and end Baldur’s Gate 3.

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