How To Save The Distressed Patient In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, you'll come across the Distressed Patient when exploring the Shadow-Cursed Lands, at the House of Healing. He's seen better days, but the question remains, can you save him?

During Act 2 of BG3, you will encounter a lot of despicable sceneries. The House of Healing will be among the top. Despite its name, the location is nothing short of a large torture cell. When you visit the house of healing, you will encounter a depraved, undead doctor, Malus Thorm. He will be operating on a Distressed Patient in Baldur’s Gate 3.  

The patient has seen better days and will get tortured when you arrive. Thankfully, Thorm turns his attention towards you and your party and lets the poor man be. You will deal with the doctor and his nurses next and take them out of the picture. But the question remains: Can you do something for the Distressed Patient? Can you save the poor man?

Distressed Patient location in Baldur’s Gate 3 

baldur's gate 3 distressed patient

The distressed patient is found in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. He will be located inside the House of Healing in Shadow Cursed Lands. You arrive here after you pass through the Underdark area. Refer to the map to find where to find the House of Healing exactly.  

Enter through the double doors and then go deep into the building, where you will find an operation theatre. Malus Thorm and his nurses will ” operate” on the distressed patient. You now need to take them out before doing anything. The boss fight is tough if you approach it conventionally. But if you pass a few conversation rolls, you can make Malus and his nurses kill themselves.

Can you save the Distressed Patient in BG3

Well, unfortunately, you cannot save the patient. He will have very little chance of survival when you get to him. He will be missing a few body parts and has lost a lot of blood. 

No matter what you try to do, the distressed patient does not survive. You can try speaking with the dead after he has passed on. But he lets out indecipherable grunts, the lack of a tongue being the cause. 


No key is found in the house of horror or anywhere else to unshackle him. You cannot lockpick them, but you can use a spell known as ‘knock’. This will cause the patient to fly a few steps off the table and fall dead. You cannot use a scroll of Revivify on him as it will not work.

In the curious case of the Distressed Patient, death is a merciful ending. Who knows what horrific means of torture he was put through? With his current condition, it will be more merciful to let the poor man perish and enter the afterlife, where he can finally be at peace.

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