How To Avoid Killing Buthir In Baldur’s Gate 3

Buthir and Grukkoh are an interesting couple you meet in Baldur's Gate 3 but avoid killing them is a difficulty job, until now.

While exploring nature in the game, you will stumble across something extremely unnatural. A bugbear, Buthir, and an ogress, Grukkoh, are busy in an unholy union in Baldur’s Gate 3. If the curiosity got the better of you like us and you interrupted their me time, Buthir would get furious. He will attack you regardless of the options. But we know a few ways that can prevent you from killing love birds for no reason at all.

How to not kill Buthir and Grukkoh in Baldur’s Gate 3

Buthir and Grukkoh can be found lovemaking in a Barn on the northern edge of Blighted Village. You will hear some strange noises upon coming near the barn, and Shadowheart will try to stop you from opening the door.  

If you lockpick the door, Buthir will attack you as you have disturbed their private moment, and this will start a fight. However, we have found some ways that you can use to avoid killing them.

Don’t enter The Barn: Well, this is an obvious one. If you never go to the barn, then you will never find yourself in this awkward situation. This will spare both you and the couple from the agony. Or just listen to Shadowheart and move away, leaving nature to take its course. 

Diffuse the situation with a conversation: The conversation that begins before the fight can allow you to diffuse the situation and convince them you don’t mean anyone harm. Based on your class, you might also get contextual dialogue options that are funny and can help calm them down if you pass a skill check. For my Bard character, selecting the “Do carry on. There’s Bookshops in Baldur’s Gate that’d pay well for this kind of smut” allowed me to pass a DC 15 skill check and avoid killing them. 

For Berserker Barbarian, use the Intimidation skill check (DC15) with “I am laughing at your puny rutting.” This will make them both run away in shame, ensuring no fight takes place. 

Running Away from Fight: If the fight has started and you want to avoid it, just run away from the barn. To run, you have to distract and slow them by using spells like Web or Minor Illusion. You can also Blind spell on both Buthir and Grukkoh and then get away. After about 27m, you should be able to retreat and end the conflict. 

You will get no rewards or loot if you avoid killing them both. But your conscience will be clear as you didn’t kill two lovers. However, if the anger gets the better of you and you kill Buthir in BG3, you can loot 3 gold and 1x bone from his body in addition to 50 experience points.

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