Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes ‘The Fiend of Fleet Street Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes guide to solve The Fiend of Fleet Street.

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigative side-quests in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that require you to carry out classic murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect.

Note: All clues should be investigated with Eagle Vision. Be warned, this guide is full of SPOILERS.

The Fiend of Fleet Street

The rewards for successfully solving this Dreadful Crime are:

£: 2000 (Max)
XP: 1000 (Max)
Cape: Hunter’s Mantle

Head to The White Hare and meet Artie and Henry Raymond outside the shop. You’ll have to solve the case of the missing Detective Murphy. You’re going to start off by talking to a Suspect in Fleet Street.

  • Frederick Abberline – Abberline is at the gated entrance to Fleet Street a block away from The White Hare. Talk to him about Detective Murphy. After that, ask him about the Missing People that he mentions.

Asking about the Missing People results in new Investigation Zones. You now have access to the Flower Shop, Bakery, and Leather Shop.

Head to the Flower Shop first. This area has 3 Clues.

  • Leather Bag – Head through the gates behind Abberline and then northeast to find the flower shop. There’s a leather bag next to a cast here. Inspect it to find the green image on the back.
  • Woman’s Jacket – Head up the small stairs near the barrels to find a jacket decorated with diamond-shaped holes. Inspect it.
  • Manure – South of the jacket is a sack of manure near a stack of crates. This seems to have small bits of bone mixed in, of which one seems to be a human knuckle.

Making these observations will allow you to speak properly to 2 Suspects.

  • Joanna – The lady standing next to the sack of manure is Joanna. Talk to her about Detective Murphy and Missing People.
  • Stephen Bean – Bean is located near the sidewalk to the east. Talk to him about Murphy, Missing People, and the Manure.
  • Head back to Joanna and talk to her about George to find more information about him.

After this, head to the Bakery to find 2 Clues.

  • Bills – There are some bills north of the same block on the ground near a table of baked goods. Inspect these bills for some information.
  • Crate of Meat – Before talking to the suspect, find a crate of meat near the building and playing boys.

After this, talk to the Suspect. This is Mrs. Moffat. Talk to her about Murphy, Missing People, and the Meat.

From here, head to the Butcher, west of Mrs. Moffat’s bakery. There is a single Suspect here, Tines. Talk to John Tines about Murphy, Meat, and George.

Once you’re done talking to Tines, head to the Leather Shop. Here, you have 2 Clues to find.

  • Leatherworking Tools – The leather shop is northeast of the other shops, just one block away. Inside, head upstairs and find the leatherworking tools.
  • Leather Scrap – Also on the second floor is a leather scrap that has a diamond shaped hole in it.

Once you’re done investigating these clues, talk to the Suspect, the leatherworker Tobias Jeffers. Talk to him about Murphy, Missing People, and George.

Now, head to the Barber Shop. Here, you’ll find 2 Clues.

  • Razors – There are some razors on the shelf in the corner of the back porch of this barber shop.
  • Blood – You’ll also come across some blood on the ground near the stairs. Someone stepped on the blood and left a trail.

Before taking the trail, talk to the barber, Feeney Sodd (clever Sweeney Todd reference). Talk to him about Murphy, Missing People, the Blood, and George.

Once you’ve talked to Feeney Sodd, follow the blood trail to a new Investigation Zone, George’s House.

Once you reach George’s House, you’ll have 3 Clues to investigate.

  • Ledger – Find the ledger on a desk on the second floor, next to a window. This will give you some valuable insight into this curious case.
  • Diary – Head to the third floor to find George’s dead body. Ignore it for now, and instead look for the diary to gain some valuable information.
  • George’s Body – Inspect George’s body. His chest has a diamond-shaped puncture wound.

The final clue is pretty much the decider. You now have a character to Accuse.

Head to the Leather Shop and speak to Tobias Jeffers. Accuse him of the murders to complete this mystery. You’ll discover a pretty sick and morbid tale.

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