Assassin’s Creed Rogue Weapons Unlock Guide – How To

List of Assassin's Creed Rogue Weapons and how you can unlock them in the game!

The main weapons in Assassin’s Creed Rogue come in two types; melee and ranged. Both weapon classes have their own stats and uses.

While stats do play a part in the game’s combat, a player should not feel hindered by them, which is why the combat system is flexible so players can opt to use a weaker weapon if they are comfortable with it or like its visual style.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Weapons Unlock

There is a large variety of weapons in the game, and each has a different method of acquisition. Some can be simply purchased while others require completion of specific missions or challenges.

The guide below should help you in choosing your ideal weapon and guide you on how to acquire it.

Melee Weapons

These are divided into three stats: speed, combo, and damage. The higher the number of all three stats in a weapon, the easier it is for Shay to kill enemies with it.

Speed and Combo are the most useful stats since most players will opt to kill enemies through counters or breaking defense, which means they don’t have to worry about the damage a weapon deals

Combo determines the number of strikes before they can move in for a kill move while Speed allows for quicker attacks.

  • French Cutlass – this is the default weapon that Shay uses from the start.
  • Pirate Scimitars – can be purchased from any shop for 1,200.
  • Colonial American Cutlasses – available at shops for 3,000.
  • British Cutlasses – available for 5,000.
  • Privateer Cutlasses – cost 6,500 to purchase.
  • Scottish Broadsword – available at shops for 8,000.
  • Hanger Sword – available at shops for 12,500.
  • Cuttoe Sword – a high damaging sword available for 10,000.
  • English Infantry Hanger Sword – available for 13,000.
  • Officer’s Short Sword – costs 14,000 to purchase.
  • Bastard Sword – costs 18,000 and completion of “Armour and Sword” mission.
  • Governor’s Sword – a reward item after completing all Renovations.
  • Hunting Sabre – acquired upon completion of all hunting quests.
  • Viking Sword – available after completing the Viking Sword quest.
  • Admiral’s Lion Sword – available after completing the Gothenburg fleet mission.
  • Spanish Sword – rewarded upon completion of the Gibraltar fleet mission.
  • Altair’s Sword – reward after completing all fleet missions.
  • Katana – available as a Uplay exclusive reward, redeemable for 30 points.


Pistols are divided into three stats; damage, stun, and range. The range is the least effective stat since all it does is provide “sniping” opportunities while taking away the mobility while aiming.

Damage and stun are the most important since they can help weaken the stronger opponents before players engage in a sword fight.

  • Common Flintlock Pistol – this is the default weapon Shay has from the start.
  • Pirate Flintlock Pistol – costs 800 to purchase.
  • Standard Wheelock Pistol – available at shops for 5,000.
  • Belgian Engraved Pistol – available for 7,000.
  • Queen Anne’s Pistol – can be purchased for 8,000.
  • Admiral’s Lion Pistol – acquired as a reward after completing the Barbados fleet mission.
  • Indian Flintlock Pistol – received after completing the Yanaon fleet mission.
  • Scottish Flintlock Pistol – acquired as a reward after completing all Forts, Gang Headquarters, and Settlement activities.
  • English Percussion Flintlock Pistol – acquired after completing all Abstergo Tablets and going to River Valley.
  • Edward’s Pistol – available as a reward through Uplay for 40 points.

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