Assassin’s Creed Rogue Outfits Unlock Guide, Craftable Outfits, Armor

An Assassin is nothing without a cool-looking set of armor and the more outfits you have, more variety you get in shaping the look of your Assassin.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Outfits

While most of the outfits in Assassin’s Creed: Rogue don’t have any impact on gameplay besides changing the look of Shay, there are a few special ones, which provide some passive bonuses.

However, they are late game outfits so it will be a while before players can use them. Once players have proceeded far enough into the game, they can switch outfits in the Captain’s Quarters of their ship, The Morrigan.

Assassin Outfit
This outfit can’t be purchased or crafted instead it’s unlocked by progressing through the story.

Interim Outfit
This outfit is automatically available as players go through the game story.

Explorer Outfit
This outfit becomes available by progressing through the campaign.

Raider Outfit
Can be purchased for 5,000 in game.

Tracker Outfit
Can only be purchased in game for 8,000 in game.

Sharpshooter Outfit:
Available for 10,000£ in game.

Captain Outfit
Costs 12,000£ to purchase.

Dark Assassin Outfit
Can be purchased for 15,000.

Versailles Outfit
This outfit is automatically unlocked once players finish the game campaign.

Native Armor
This is unlocked after completing all the Native Pillars quests in game. Using this armor reduces damage taken from enemy melee attacks.

Templar 11th Century Armor:
This armor is unlocked when players complete all the Templar Maps quests. The armor provides increased protection against ranged attacks.

Templar Enforcer
Unlocked after completing all Assassin Intercept missions and grants players the ability to spot enemy Stalkers from a longer distance.

Viking Armor
This armor is unlocked by completing the Viking Sword quest.

Templar Master
Unlocked once players complete all Legendary battles but has no impact on gameplay.

Admiral Outfit
Has no impact on gameplay and is available for use after completing the Malacca fleet mission.

Hunter Outfit
This is a craftable armor which increases Shay’s stealth against animals. Requires Gray Wolf Pelt x2 and Arctic Wolf Pelt x3 for crafting.

Whaler Outfit
A craftable armor that requires Shark Skin x2 and Killer Whale Skin x2 for creation and grants increased harpoon damage.

Frontiersman Outfit
Craftable armor but has no gameplay benefits. Requires 2x Black Wolf Pelt and 4x Black Bear Pelt for crafting.

Arctic Explorer
Requires 3x Polar Bear Pelt and 3x Narwhal Tusk but doesn’t provide any gameplay bonuses.

Assassin Killer Outfit
Cannot be crafted or purchased from shops instead needs to be unlocked through Uplay Rewards for 20 points. Makes Shay immune to the effects of gas or smoke.

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