Assassin’s Creed Rogue Fleet Missions Guide

Fleet Missions become available after Sequence 03 in AC Rogue. You can send out ships to do missions and get rewards.

Just like in Black Flag, players get to control their very own fleet of ships in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. The Fleet missions are unlocked after Sequence 03, and players can send their fleet on missions using the Captain’s Cabin on the Morrigan. When a ship is sent on fleet missions in AC Rogue, a timer starts until it returns.

Whether it was successful or failed depends on its capabilities. While the timer runs, players can exit the Fleet screen and go about their usual missions or exploration. Smaller ships take less time to complete a mission, while the larger ones can be used to tackle high-risk missions, but they are slow.

The Fleet Missions screen is also randomized every time the player opens it in AC Rogue. So, if the currently available trade routes are difficult, players can exit and re-open the screen for an easier mission.

Fleet Mission Rewards

1- Louisiana – 720

One of the first Fleet Missions in AC Rogue in which we need to take control of Louisiana. So, send a ship and retrieve all the troops for future rearrangement. After most of the Louisiana is under control, pick more troops and drop anchor in Louisiana.
Reward= Aveline Figurehead

2- Florida – 371

Get the control of Florida into British hands by sending troops. After that, more troops were assigned to stop the Spanish government from taking over control again.
Reward: Spanish Conquistador Helmet

3- Savannah – 319

Send in a troop to Savannah to retrieve the document of our interest from a British governor. Spanish government are continuously raiding on British forces. Check for updated reports from the Savannah’s governor by sending an envoy.
Reward: Savannah Collectible

4- Barbados Mission 

In this mission, we are assigned with the task to smuggle some Templar agents into Barbador for strength of their control, and they need our services again after completion of the task.
Reward: Spanish Conquistador Helmet

5- Cap–Français – 618

We need to deliver arms into Cap Francais in exchange for any medical supply they can send to help British forces gain strength in Haiti. Cap Francais is always in need of arms so we can trade them for meds.
Reward: Engraving of François Mackandal

6- Le Havre – 1473

In this mission we need to send a ship to Le Havre to fetch some spies so they can get the information about the nature of Francs’ attack on Britain.
Reward: Ruinous Reinette

7- Brest – 1426

There is a trouble. So we need to get some troops to the coast of Brest. They will serve the war efforts. After the working of initial gambit, we need to bring more troops.
Reward: Admiral Lion Wheel

8- Havana – 510

A friendly commander in Spain have some documents of our interests. Send an envoy to Havana to get it. After the task is completed, send another task to the governor to pay out respect and show ourselves more loyalty to maintain our relations with the governor.
Reward: Cuban Salvage

9- Carrickfergus – 1298

After avoiding conflicts in Ireland, the Loyalists’ forces needed our help. So, deliver arms to them. After developing a supply chain with Irish loyalists, we can send more arms to them.
Reward: Irish Flag

10- Lagos – 1392

There will be a change in battles off the coast of Lagos with some veteran sailors. Send troops to tip the change in benefits of the British government. They always need sailors to support the British patrols so send them more troops.
Reward: Statue of São Gonçalo

11- Gibraltar – 1514

We have to send spies to Spain as Britain’s occupation of Gibraltar depends upon Spain’s respect, so we need to know their plans. Gibraltar has been a good infiltration for the spies in Spain, Portugal, and North Africa so send a ship to bring more.
Rewards: Spanish Sword

12- Belem – 1383

The city of Belem being a port city serves as a solid tactical point for our interest. Send troops and arms to our allies.
Rewards: Dead End

13- Rio de Janeiro – 2013

In this mission, we need to send troops to Rio de Janeiro to infiltrate and exert our influence there as it is a city full of opportunities.
Rewards: British Lion Sails

14- Cartagena – 1668

A friendly governor in Cartagena needs to deliver a document to us that is important according to him so send an envoy there to take it.
Reward: Mediterranean Defense

15- Buenos Aires – 2725

In this mission, we need to deliver medical supplies to Buenos Aires so we can gain influence and trust there by helping their population. They will notice this act.
Reward: Relic of Pedro de Mendoza

16- Goree Island – 1626

In the battle of West Atlantic, there is a need for more reinforcements. So we need to deliver troops and arms by traveling off the coast of Senegal. This will help in tipping the scales.
Rewards: A Door of No Return

17- Saint-Louis – 1538

A company man in charge of Saint-Louis can be swayed to our cause. So we need to send an envoy to pay him a cordial visit to make our presence there.
Reward: African Mask

18- Luanda – 2421

Being under the control of Portugal, Luanda has been unable to allay the effects of a famine on its population so we need to help them by sending food barrels as this will help us In our future dealings with the governor.
Reward: Golden African Wheel

19- Copenhagen – 1726

There is a disease not unlike the Black Plague striking Copenhagen. Ship supplies and meds to Denmark to avoid a conflict in Europe.
Rewards: 18th-Century Mariner’s Compass

20- Gothenburg – 1489

One of our cousins is a member of the Swedish royal family. Send an envoy to visit that cousin of ours as friendship with someone close to the throne will be beneficial.
Rewards: Admiral Lion Sword and Dagger

21- Stockholm – 1517

The Russian government has lost its influence in the Baltic. But is still helpful in keeping the Russian bear in check. Deliver some spies to Gothenburg to get information about Russia’s plans.
Reward: the Swedish Levant Company

22- Sardinia – 2356

Sardinia is coveted by the French so we need to send our envoys to convince those in power to lend a sympathetic ear to our cause.
Reward: British Lion Figurehead

23- Malta – 1278

We need to send some troops to Malta to bolster our allies’ defenses as the Knights Hospitalier never recovered from last century’s plague.
Reward: The Hospitaller’s Plea

24- Crete – 1074

The islands of Crete have been used as a Templar base for operations. We need to send our spies there so they can go to nearby kingdoms from there.
Reward: Dancing Cretan Bull Mosaic

25- Isle de France – 3749

Isle de France is being used as an important trading port in the Indian Ocean. Help Britain extend their influence thereby sending troops on fleet missions and delivering medical supplies in AC Rogue.
Reward: Gilded French Sails

26- Mozambique – 3719

The colonists of Mozambique expect threats from the Mazrui and Omani as the Portuguese abandon it. Send arms there to keep their trading ports under the influence of Templars.
Reward: the Omani Arabs

27- Mombasa – 4229

In this mission, we need to send our best envoy to meet the current sultan as the Omani leaders of Mombasa are influential. We need to extend our friendship with them. We have to trade with them instead of war.
Reward: Portrait of Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi (Sultan of Oman)

28- Calcutta – 4646

One of our agents in Calcutta in East Indian Company have a document for us. We need to send a ship to get it.
Reward: the Kingdom of Mysore

29- Yanaon – 3399

The Yanaon is in English hands and it should remain so. Send spies there so they can get every threat incoming.
Reward: India Flintlock Pistols

30- Puducherry – 4438

We need to send a crate of arms to Puducherry as the war provides us with unexpected opportunities to sow discord among the local population.
Reward: Mysorean Rocket

31- Malacca – 1942

The colony of Malacca is not important for anyone but we believe that it will be a part of Britain’s greater empire. Send a ship with arm crates so we can do planning for their downfall.
Reward: Admiral Outfit

32- Java – 3767

In Java, there has been unopposed operation of The Dutch East India Company for too long. We need to send ships there to reduce their profits and influence.
Reward: Javanese Gong

33- Manila – 4333

The Spanish have a very strong hold on Manila and the Philippines so it is the perfect time to help Britain in taking over. Send a ship with troop to help them.
Reward: the Manila Galleons

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