Assassin’s Creed Origins Gladiator Arenas Guide

Assassin's Creed Origins Gladiator Arenas unlock when Bayek goes to Krokodilopolis and complete specific side quests.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Gladiator Arenas unlock when Bayek goes to Krokodilopolis and complete specific side quests. You get access to first two arenas and face different bosses, there are 7 bosses in total.

In this AC Origins guide, we will explain all there is to know about Gladiator Arenas.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Gladiator Arenas

Each arena boss is unlocked by completing three events. You can choose to do these in any order but you must complete all three to unlock the boss.

During each event, you will face three waves of enemies with five soldiers per wave. Once the boss is unlocked Bayek must defeat him to unlock the next set of events. Repeat the process to unlock the next boss.

There are only two bosses at Krokodilpolis but more will be available once you unlock the second arena at Cyrene.

There is only one rule here, fight to the death! You can not use your own weapons as Bayek will be handed a new weapon for each event; sometimes a shield. Shield should be used more during battle so that you remain on guard and have the ability to parry and deflect. Put evasion to good use and study the rival’s combo.

Each weapon handles differently so it best that you get to grips with as many different weapons as possible before unlocking the arenas. Be watchful of traps on the ground. In Seleucid, use oil jars that litter the arena.

Krokodilopolis Arena

Complete the side quest called Champions to get access to the first two areas. There are two bosses in the arena, the Brothers, and the Slaver.

Our suggested level for The Brothers is 29.

During Brothers I, you will first have three waves of soldiers amid spike traps. You will have a regular sword and a shield at your disposal.

Brothers II is slightly more difficult as some brutes get involved. Spiked pillars, ground spikes, sire trap, and a lion are thrown in to spice things up. Once again a regular sword and shield are at your disposal.

Brothers III allows you to use a regular sword and shield. It is the hardest battle that involves soldiers, brutes, and elite soldiers (suggested level 34). Spiked pillars, moving spiked pillars and ground spikes are used.

Krokodilopolis – The Brothers

Enemy Level 28

You will face two brothers who are strong and aggressive.

Reward: Leviathan Legendary Heavy Blade

You are facing two enemies and both are using different kinds of weapons. Onc is using a long scythe while the other is using a pair of chains. Viridovix swings his scythe around, Diovicos tries to land a strike or goes in for a melee combo.

Dodge to the side and strike with light attacks. He will back up and bang his chest which means he is ready to jump on you. Sidestep and hit him again.

Meanwhile, Diovicos tries to grab you when he gets close in an attempt to slam you to the ground. Try to isolate the brothers and attack them individually.

Krokodilopolis Boss Fight and Events – The Slaver

Defeat the brothers to unlock this boss fight but you will have to go through three new events to reach the Slaver. We suggest level 30 and Elite level 35 for this section of the arena.

Slaver I puts you up against soldiers, brutes, and archers with spike traps littered. You will use a Heavy Blade and Shield. However, the battle is relatively easy but watch out for spiked pillars, moving pillars, and ground spikes.

Slaver II puts you up against soldiers, brutes, archers, and spike traps. You will use the same weapons again.

Finally, you will unlock the boss fight where a giant with a massive weapon is your foe. Watch out for spikes, learn his attack pattern, remain patient, save your stamina, use your shield, and use a mix of quick and heavy attacks. Keep in mind that he will try to stab you while you’re laying on the ground. Be ready to evade the attack.

Cyrene Arena

The owner of the previous arena is going to send Bayek to Cyrene. This arena will unlock once you defeat the bosses at the previous arena. There are five bosses available in this location. Suggested level is 34, Elite level is 38 for this arena.

The Hammer is the first boss you will face and during Hammer I, you will face soldiers, brutes, and archers. Ground spikes are involved while you wield a regular sword and shield.

Hammer II raises the bar will more soldiers and brutes but at this point, it is nothing you can’t handle.

Hammer III does more of the same with added spikes and traps.

Cyrene Arena Boss Fight – The Hammer

The man wields two-handed hammer, he is slow but brutal and is able to do a lot of damage. Once again you need to study his attack patterns and adapt accordingly. Use the white pillars around you to take a second to recover and gather yourself.

He swings his hammer around on the ground and follows that up with a couple of slams. Stay at a distance and then go in for a combo after the second ground pound. Sidestep his attacks and move in for quick attacks. He may end up swinging his hammer twice to knock you down.

You need to look for opportunities to attack.

Cyrene Arena Boss Fight – The Axes

After going through three phases to reach The Axes, you will come across The Axes. Our suggested level is 35 and Elite level should be 39.

This is a tough boss that likes to fight with two Axes, hence, the name Axes. His jump attacks and devastating combos can wreak havoc and there is not much available for you to hide behind.

He can also use his Axes to defend himself. He can grab you and attack with three headbutts before throwing you on the ground.

Try to avoid his jump attacks, this will give you an opening. Wait for the second jump following the first, and attack his side.

Cyrene Arena Boss Fight – The Hoplite

The Hoplite wields a spear and shield; he comes at you once you have taken down all three waves of enemies which is fairly easy to do at this point.

He has impressive reach so staying out of his way is best for Bayek. Keep your shield up and be ready to evade his attacks. If he holds the spear up high Bayek needs to be ready for a quick attack.

If he rears back, look for a long stab or a circular attack. He can switch from a spear to a sword which allows him to change his attacks drastically.

Use your shield to block his attacks but evading is the best options. Attack him from the sides and chip away at his HP.

Cyrene Arena Boss Fight – The Seleucid

Once again you need to go through a handful of waves before you can reach this boss. You will face soldiers, elite soldiers, predators, and archers with the added danger of fire traps, moving fire pillars, fire traps, archer stand, and more. You can utilize your long spear and shield during the first two waves while Warrior Bow will be handy in the final wave.

We suggest level 36 and elite level 40 for this boss fight.

The Seleucid uses a long pike and combines it with jump attacks. He also uses the pike as a pole to perform a kick which goes into a swing attack.

Keep your distance to avoid the swing attack after the kick. He can run after Bayek as well to try and harpoon you but you can easily sidestep this.

When he swings the pike stand clear of the two swings. He can combine run attack with a swing of the pike or perform a jump-stab maneuver.

Seek opportunities to attack after avoiding his attacks but at half helath he will set his pike ablaze. Avoid his attacks by sidestepping and study his patterns as it changes a few times.

Cyrene Arena Boss Fight – Duelist

Again you need to go through three waves for Duelist I, II and III. For this one you bet at level 38 and you will get a sword and a shield with a poison pit and snakes to fight with. In almost each wave you will get 37 level soldiers, 36 level archers and 35 level super soldiers.

For the boss fight you must be at level 38 and you will be only given a regular sword and a shield. There are no traps in the arena as well.

So at half health the boss will poison you which will just stop your health regen. You need to keep steady and moving in the arena and keep a distance from the boss.

Do not rely on shield too much as it will not be as effective here, dodge her throws and prone strikes. When she kneels she will do a jumping strike so immediately pull back to avoid.

After all these fights you will be champion Gladiator with high level loot and will enjoy all the victory spoils.

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