Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Weapons Locations Guide

With the help of our AC Odyssey Legendary Weapons Locations Guide, you will be able to find all the weapons in the game alongside some tips.

Legendary Weapons are the highest-ranked weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, with unique shapes and incomparable strength. These Legendary Weapons are so strong that some NPCs worship them in cults. You will have to hunt down Cultists to drop these weapons. If you are looking for these weapons in the game, this AC Odyssey Legendary Weapons Guide is the right place for you.

Legendary Swords

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes more swords available to the players with different grades of weapons. Amongst these, Legendary Swords are the strongest in the game and have unmatched speed and damage. These include (but are not limited to):

Nikolaos’ Sword

Location: Complete “The Wolf Hunt” story quest. You either kill the wolf or spare him, he drops the sword.

Ability/Perks: The weapon will get +20% extra damage on your Sparta Kick ability.

Prometheus Sika

Location: You can get the sword from a mercenary with the title “The Spark” in their name. In some instances. This will happen randomly and doesn’t have a set spawn point. It is one of the best legendary DPS weapons in AC Odyssey and can be upgraded from the Blacksmith for more damage.

Ability/Perks: This weapon allows you to get +15% extra fire damage and build-up.

Pandora’s Kopis

Location: Pandora owns this powerful sword, and you need to take this by slaying the Nemean Lion and returning its pelt to the daughters of Artemis. The Nemean Lion can be found in Argolis, towards the Sinkholes of Herakles.

Ability/Perks: This sword increases your tamed beast’s damage by +100% and health by +50%.

Xiphos of Peleus

Location: This sword can be found either in one of the chests in Artemisia Fort of Highlands of Asklepiades or at Sporades Island on Kos.

Ability/Perks: This sword allows you to get +20% damage when using the Rush Assassination ability.

Xiphos of Dionysos

Location: This sword can be obtained only after defeating Pausanias during the quest line in the main story

Ability/Perks: This sword gives around +20% damage when the Hero Strike ability is used.

Gorgoneion Xiphos

Location: You can get the sword after defeating The Hydra (cultist).

Ability/Perks: When the attacks from this sword are merged with melee attacks, it stuns the enemies.

Sword of Damokles

Location: This is one of the legendary weapons you’ll have to wait to get in AC Odyssey. This sword can be found by slaying the cultist Deimos, the eagle bearer’s sibling. Depending on how you played and what ending you got, you can convince them to surrender and make amends. In either case, you’ll get the sword. You have to finish the main story.

Ability/Perks: This sword will give you +10% adrenaline gain every time the weapon is equipped.

Harpe of Perseus

Location: You can get this sword by killing Medusa in the Petrified Temple (Lesbos).

Ability/Perks: This sword gives a -25% cooldown duration.


Location: You can get this sword from the Pegasos gear pack, which can be purchased for 1500 Helix from the Ubisoft store. This is one of the legendary weapons you can get at any time in AC Odyssey. But you’ll have to buy it.

Ability/Perks: This sword allows you to get +25% damage per damage and +3% adrenalin per hit.

Drinker of Light

Location: This sword can be purchased from the store for 250 Helix.

Ability/Perks: This sword allows you to get +12% poison damage, +11% assassin damage, and +50% elemental build-up.

Legendary Heavy Blunts

Heavy Blunts are weapons that boast massive damage per hit, but these are not the preferred weapons with their excruciatingly slow attack speed. Here is a list of Legendary Heavy Blunts that will steal your attention.

Hammer of Jason

Location: This unique heavy blunt is a weapon of mass destruction and can be found in a chest in the Palace of Agamemnon at Argolis.

Ability/Perks: The hammer will give you +20% damage with the Shield Breaker ability.

Mallet of Everlasting Flame

Location: Get hold of this weapon by killing a mercenary called “The Smoldering.” This is one of the best legendary weapons that lets you do extra damage to your enemies in AC Odyssey.

Ability/Perks: The weapon adds fire damage to its attacks.

Typhon’s Mace

Location: Kill the mercenary Exekias the Legend, to get your hands on Typhon’s Mace. This mercenary will spawn randomly. You can speed up the process by taking out cult soldiers in an area and raising your bounty. Once you cross a certain threshold, they will hire a mercenary to take you out.

Ability/Perks: The mace gives over +20% damage to charged heavy attacks ability.

Herakles’ Mace

Location: Now, this is another mace but with a higher damage rate than the Hammar of Jason. You can get Herakles’ Mace from the Temple of Demeter and Kore in Arkadia.

Ability/Perks: This mace gives over +40% damage with bows when you are above a target.

Hammer of Horns

Location: Get this weapon from the store for 250 Helix.

Ability/Perks: This dagger increases warrior boost and elemental damage but has -30% elemental resistance, so it is not suitable to fight against enemies with fire arrows or attacks.

The Greek Hello

Location: Purchase the dagger from the store for 250 Helix.

Ability/Perks: This dagger increases CRIT and damage ability but reduces health to -15% when you equip it.

Swift Slayer

Location: Get this heavy blunt from the store for 250 Helix.

Ability/Perks: Though this blunt will increase the warrior’s abilities but will reduce elemental resistance to 30%.

Legendary Spears

Spears are piercing weapons able to thrust and plunge into enemies. This section lists some of the legendary spears that have unique perks that add up to strengthen the player.

Griffin’s Scythe

Location: This scythe is light as a feather and as fast as Griffin’s talons. Get it from the random drop from Mercenaries. Look out for a mercenary with “The Patricidal” in their name. usually they will have this

Ability/Perks: Gives over +20% damage with Spread Shot ability.

Poseidon’s Trident

Location: This is the most powerful trident in the entire game that can be found in one of the loot crates in Poseidon’s Temple, the south of Chios.

Ability/Perks: This trident gives you the ability to breathe underwater.

Falx of Olympos

Location: This legendary spear can be found in one of the chests in the Palace of Amphitrite, north of Anaphi.

Ability/Perks: Get +100% damage, but health will be capped at 25%.

Athena’s Spear

Location: Get the legendary spear of the goddess of war, Athena, by completing “The Final Battle” or “Nemesis” quest.

Ability/Perks: Get +25% damage and health in conquest battles.

Hermes’ Kerukeion

Location: Complete the “Let my Patients Go” side quest to get Hermes’ Kerukeion.

Ability/Perks: Hermes’ Kerukeion gives +15% extra poison damage and build-up with every attack.

The Staff of Hermes Trismegistus

Location: Get your hands on this legendary immortal staff after completing the Atlantis quest “Ancient Revelation.”

Ability/Perks: It gives you a low chance of gaining 30% health when hit.

Hades Bident

Location: Get your hands on the signature weapon of Hades, the strongest spear in the game, from a chest in west of Messenia’s coast at Mount Ithome Fort.

Ability/Perks: Secure +20% damage for Ring of Chaos.

Achilles Spear

Location: Achilles spear can be found in a chest at Olynthos Fortress in Makedonia.

Ability/Perks: This spear gives +20% damage on multi-shot bow ability.

Legendary Bows

You can have a thrilling weapon in your arsenal with improved bows and customized arrows. This section contains all the Legendary Bows in the game.

Artemis’ Bow

Location: Get the powerful bow of Artemis by slaying the Kalydonian Boar and return the pelt to the Daughters of Artemis, Daphnae.

Ability/Perks: Though the abilities cannot be stated in the beginning but it is recommended to upgrade the bow throughout the game as it is one of the strongest weapons.

Achilles’ Bow

Location: Get this deadly bow from random drops from mercenaries. Look out for the mercenary “The Marksman” as they usually have this.

Ability/Perks: Launches deadly attacks when shot from heights and has high DPS.

Eros’ Bow

Location: Also known as the Cupid bow, this weapon can be obtained from a chest in Andania Mine in Messenia.

Ability/Perks: Anyone who is a target of this arrow will fall in love with the next person they see. But this does not work in the Odyssey.

Herakles’ Bow

Location: This is one of the strongest bows in the game and can be found in a chest at Koinyra Fortress on Thasos Island of Hephaistos Island.

Ability/Perks: This bow has unparalleled DPS and speed.

Fanged Bow

Location: Get this bow from the Cave of Mount Zas, in the Naxos region.

Ability/Perks: Shoots poisonous arrows.

Hades’ Bow

Location: To get your hands on this bow, slay the mercenary “Ashen Wake.”

Ability/Perks: Shoots fire arrows.

Paris’ Bow

Location: Kill the cultist Kleon the Everyman to get your hands on this legendary bow.

Ability/Perks: Gives +20% damage with ghost arrows of Artemis ability.

Vine Bow

Location: This bow can be purchased from the store for 250 Helix.

Ability/Perks: This bow gives +9% damage when shot at a distant target, +11% hunter damage, and -15% on armor.

Legendary Staves

Staves have been introduced in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and they have some great tricks hidden in the gameplay. Simple attacks with staff are precise and fast, while heavy attacks can be used to hit enemies from afar. The best staff in the game are listed below.

Rod of Asklepios

Location: This legendary staff can be acquired after killing the cultist “Lokaste the Seer.”

Ability/Perks: Get a unique attack modifier with coverts CRIT chance into damage.

Olympian Torch

Location: It can be purchased from the store for 250 Helix.

Ability/Perks: This staff gives over +12% fire damage, +11% warrior damage, and +50% elemental build-up.

Legendary Heavy Blade

Heavy-bladed weapons hit faster than heavy-blunt weapons and offer a good balance between speed and strength without sacrificing size. They are good at killing a crowd of enemies with their heavy and charged attacks.

Elysian Axe

Location: This is the most powerful axe in the game, which can be found by slaying the cultist “Polemion the Wise.”

Ability/Perks: This axe gives +20% damage while using the Rain of Destruction ability.

Minotaur’s Labrys

Location: Get your hands on Minotaur’s Labrys by killing the Minotaur at Knossos Palace in Messara.

Ability/Perks: Decreases the cost of adrenaline by -1 for the Overpower ability.

Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon

Location: Slay the Cyclops in the Forgotten Isle in Phokis to get this weapon.

Ability/Perks: It increases damage by 25% on elites and bosses.

Best Legendary Weapons

Let’s list some of the best legendary weapons, their attributes, and their use.

WeaponEffectWhy use it?
The Fanged BowPoisons all the arrows in your arsenal as used in the bowShoots lethal arrows
Hades BowKeep your distance while shooting the enemies, making them suffer in endless fire.Shoots fire arrows
Dagger of KronusUseful for close-quarter battlesIncreases attacks from behind
Mallet of Everlasting FlameConverts all regular attacks into flame damageInflicts Fire Damage
Hammer of JasonIdeal for eliminating shield-based enemiesTakes away enemy defenses and targets them
Arachne’s StingerConverts all regular attacks into lethal damageInflicts poison damage
Minotaur’s LabrysThis heavy blade has a deadly grab attack and heavy melee damageAdrenaline cost decreased with increased critical hit
Polyphemus Cyclops BludgeonThis is one of the most powerful weapons that can take down elite and bosses.Major DPS boost
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