Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quests Walkthrough

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quests Guide will show you how to complete all of the Side Missions that are in the game in a step-by-step manner.

Side Quests are a part of any RPG and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is no different. These missions can be a great way to get away from the main story if you are bored. Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quests Walkthrough Guide will guide you through all of the optional quests in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quests

Kephallonia Islands Side Quests

Hungry Gods
This quest is begun at the Coast of Koliadai. Your first objective of this quest is to investigate the Drogarati Cave.

The quest giver is right outside of this cave so once you have received this quest; there is not a long way for you to go in order to get to the objective marker. Go inside the cave and then head to the large room which has an altar along with a bronze statue.

There are a total of 2 different clues for you to find in this room. The first one can be found on the left side of the statue’s foot.

The other one can be found if you look behind the statue and investigate the crack on the wall. Once you notice the crack, you can slip through it and proceed deeper into the cave.

You will find some enemies here which are not that difficult to beat, so you should be able to clear them all without facing any major difficulties.

However, it is still best if you do not try to make noise and have all of their attention focused on you. Try to use the stealthier method of carefully walking up to them one by one and then assassinating them.

Once you have killed all of the bandits in the area, make sure that you loot all of them as they have the treasure that you require.

Once you have all of the treasure that you need, you can start moving back to the beginning of the cave. Get to the worshipper at the start of the cave and talk to him in order to complete this quest.

Lumbering Along
After completing the ‘Debt Collector’ main quest and speaking to bowmaker, Drucilla. You will need to the location where she was ambushed. This is in the West of Sami in Coast of Kolidai.

Inspecting the area for clues, you will be led to the lumber shipyard where you will need to eliminate some soldiers. Open the chest to collect Kephallonian lumber. Return to Drucilla to collect some XP for your trouble.

A Small Odyssey
After completing the ‘Debt Collector’ main quest, speak with Odessa in Odysseus’s Palace in the south of Ithaka.

Your goal would be to get rid of any enemy soldiers in the area and safely escort Odessa back to her boat beyond the ruins in the western coast. You can have her as an Adrestia crewmember and ‘A Family Ordeal’ mission unlocks.

You may also be rewarded XP and Drachmae depending on how well you performed this sub-quest.

A Ship Came Sailing
In southern Kleptous Bay, Pronnoi Peninsula, you will find an Athenian, Davos. Speaking to him you, you get an idea of what you are going to be doing. Nearby, a military camp has two leaders and multiple enemies.

There, in the docks region is a cave holding Davos’ brother, Orneos. First, clear out the soldiers to safely support Oneos in getting back to Davos for the reward of Drachmae and XP along with what you might have looted from the chests in the area.

Shark the Vagrant
After speaking with Markos at Markos’ Vineyard, talk with the two vegetable merchants in Central Cursed Valley of Pali. The task is a dangerous one because it involves sharks.

Dive into the water in the Ancient Ruins of Kranioi and there you will find a temple south of Islet of Zeus. Kill the shark and grab the Prokris’ necklace from the chest. Hand it back to the merchants to earn XP and Drachmae as rewards.

Merciful Gods
After completing the above quest, speak with the worshiper again and head to Sami in Coast of Koliadai to investigate a woman’s house and interact with the baskets. You earn medium XP as the reward.

In The Footsteps of Gods
Carrying the same requirement of having met Markos at Markos’ Vineyard, speak with a priestess in Sami in Coast of Koliadai.

She will direct you towards the Melissani Cave north of Sami where you will need to find a special item, the Spear of Kephalos.

Keep continuing south in the cave and get rid of the soldiers to find the spear in a chest. Handing it back to the priestess, you get the spear itself and with it some XP and Drachmae.

A Ship Came Sailing
You can find this quest at the Kephallonia Islands. When you meet Davos, you are overlooking the Kleptous bay where your target is. Call Ikaros and narrow your search.

Either move past the enemies using arrows or assassinations depending on what you think will be best for the situation. Once you are near Orneos, free him from his cage.

Now, you need to escort Orneos to safety. Remember that he will start running as soon as he is freed so you need to make sure that you have defeated the enemies that lie on his path or he will die.

Once you have freed Orneos and escorted him back, talk to Davos to end the quest.

The Fight with Talos
If you have successfully saved Phoibe from all the perils in ‘Debt Collector’ main quest, you will soon come across a deadly and menacing mercenary, Talos the Stone-Fist.

You cannot pay off this bounty, so you will need to face him head-on; he carries gear of level 5. You earn XP and access to the Arena via the ‘They Just Want Cruelty’ quest.

Lumbering Along
This is another quest that can be started at the Coast of Koliadai. Talk to Drucilla in Sami and this quest will then begin.

It is best if you do this quest after you have finished; Debt Collector’ as you will already be very close to the starting location of this quest. Follow the waypoint until you are at the ambush site.

Here, you need to find 3 different clues. There are footprints on the road southwest of the cart, the body beside the tree to the west side of the cart, and the cart itself.

At this point, you need to kill the bandits. They are quite close to your location so go ahead and tag all of them before taking them out using the method of your choice.

Once they have been killed, follow the waypoint to the tent that houses a chest and open it to get the quest item that is required. Once you have that, simply make your way back to Drucilla to complete this quest.

The Blood Fever
This quest is quite different from the rest as it presents upon you a moral dilemma. In order to start this quest, you need to go and talk to your little friend Phoibe in Markos’ Vineyard.

This quest becomes available to you during the Eye for an Eye quest. You will be told of a fallen village of Kausos. Follow the quest markers to get to the village, and there you face the option to kill the villagers or to let them go.

If you spare the villagers, you will need to kill the priest and his guards.

After that, you will have the option to take their money which will leave them in the area to die or to not take their money. Whichever one you choose, these people will get to Kephallonia and it will be ravaged with the plague.

If you decide to kill these people, then all of the innocent family including the kids will die. However, it does seem to stop the plague.

Whether the plague will come to Kephallonia through some other means is yet to be seen but if you want to be on the safe side and have the heart to do it, then killing the villagers is probably the safest option.

Mercenary Work
Upon reaching Sami in Coast of Koliadai, read the message board and you will notice a request from Illos for two wolf furs.

You can find a pack of wolves to the west in the Mount Ainos area, hunt them down and loot the corpses to get two furs in total. Hand them back to Illos to complete the quest for Drachmae and a little XP.

Shark the Vagrant
Start this quest at Kephallonia Islands. The necklace is at an underwater temple towards the south side of Ancient Ruins of Kranioi. Call Ikarus to get the exact location.

Also, tag any sharks so that you can kill them before you venture in. Loot the chest and bring the contents back to the Vegetable merchants to get your reward and complete the quest.

A Small Odyssey
This quest is given to you at the Kephallonia Islands. Once you have freed the prisoner that is being held behind Odysseus’ palace, you can attempt this quest.

At the start, Odessa runs through a break in the wall and stops near the palace. Here, you can take out any enemies that are in the palace. Make sure that you take out all enemies using any means necessary before you get to the prisoner.

Once all of the bandits have been eliminated, there is not much left to do in the quest. All you need to do is to follow Odessa around as she talks about the palace and once the both of you are near the edge of the water, this quest will be complete.

Megaris Side Quests

Record Sunshine

You can get this side quest by getting the item sitting on top of the leader’s house.

Travel to the left from Mount Geraneia to reach a lake. Here, you’ll find a couple of vases in the middle. Jump in and solve the puzzle in the center of the ruins to complete this side quest.

Happy Hour

You can get this side quest by getting the item inside a cave, which is close to the battlefield.

All you need to do is head to the Pillar of Dionysos (north from the cave) and eliminate a couple of followers. Then, grab the item sitting adjacent to the offerings to complete this side quest.

A Family Ordeal
This quest is given to you by Odessa at her father’s estate. Find 3 herbs near the Persian trireme which is found towards the southeast side of Megara. Next, use whichever method you find most convenient to get the mixture from the vendor in Megara.

Get all of these items to Odessa and then defend her against the ambush. Swipe a letter from one of the corpses once the fight ends before talking to Odessa to complete the quest.

The True Story
This quest is once again given to you by Odessa. You need to investigate the Leader House in Megara. Kill the soldiers that come in your way and investigate the leader. If the leader is weak then you can kill him too.

There are a total of 4 items to find the 2 upper rooms which you need to get to Odessa. You can also romance her at this point to recruit her as an epic lieutenant on your crew.

Phokis Side Quests

Pressed for Time

The item you need for this side quest is by the tent in Prometheus and the Birth of Humankind.

You then have get an item which is present near a big oil pitcher by the leader’s house.

A Specific General

The item is inside the temple in Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.

You need to find the statue which has both the sword and spear.

Cave Crusader
Before completing ‘A Debt to Pay’ main quest, you will be required to loot another treasure chest to receive a letter.

This one is located in the Korykian Cave situated in Grand Mount Parnassos in Phokis. Follow the instructions on the letter and complete the 20 challenges related to exploring caves.

Return to the NPC in Kirrha as in the above quest, to receive XP and Drachmae.

A Pirate’s Life
This quest is found at the Isle of Thisvi. First, you need to find and then save the brother of the Carpenter from the Pirates.

There is a Tekton on the waters and he is the one who wants you to save his brother from the Pirates that have destroyed his ship. He lets you know that he will become a part of your crew if you are able to save him.

Get to your ship and follow the quest marker to the Pirate Island. Here, kill all of the pirates using either your assassination techniques or your arrows.

Remember that you must avoid alerting the enemies as there is no escape route for you and if you are caught, chances are that all but the most skilled of players would end up dying.

Once all of the enemies have been killed, open the cage of the prisoner and carry him to safety. After that, you can talk to the Carpenter to make him join your crew.

Remember that even if you fail to rescue his brother, the Carpenter will still join your crew provided you tell him about the events in a gentle manner.

Age is Just a Number
This quest is found at the Grand Mount Parnassos. Auxesia of Phokis is looking to create an elixir for her aging husband which could give him certain ‘capabilities’.

For this elixir, you need to find and hunt both bears and deer. These are found to the northwest of your starting point. They should be scattered right around the road and you will be able to kill them easily.

However, if you fail to find them, head to the Bear Grotto to kill them over there. Once you have done everything that was asked of you, you could head back to Auxesia and give her what she wants.

There might even be a surprise waiting for you if you play your cards right!

You can find this quest in Pilgrim’s Landing. Head to the coast near the Hill of the Sacred War. The place where you want to end up is somewhat east of the Bulis Military Camp.

Here, call Ikaros and then get the exact location of all of the chests as well as the Sharks that are around them. Dive right beside the shipwreck to find the remains of Gyke which will be floating in the water.

Swim to his body and interact with it. Soon, you will be able to take his bracelet which is the main quest item. After that, you need to get to waypoints which house treasures.

There are a total of 4 treasures which are evenly split across water and land. Kill all of the pirates that are in your way using whichever method you find works best.

Once you have all of the treasures, take them back to Gelon and she will join your crew as a Lieutenant.

Helping a Healer
Start this quest in the Sacred Lands of Appolo. There are Mandrake Herbs that are required by Lykaon towards the east side of Chora of Delphi.

They are right near the river and you need to go down the river until you have found all 5 of the different herbs.

There are many wolves in this area so you need to watch out for them too. Remember that the herbs do not have any waypoints on them and are not revealed through your abilities.

Once you have found all 5 of the herbs that had been requested by Lykaon. He will create a medication which he will then need to take to his patients.

He will enlist your help to do it. There are a total of 3 different patients and they are quite close to one another, so this part of the quest should not take that much of your time.

Once you are done with this part of the quest, he will ask for one more favor. He needs to deliver the medicine to his mother Praxithea. If you agree to do this, you will receive another quest known as ‘Sins of the Past’ which will begin immediately.

Photiosis Pre-Tirement
Get this quest at the Grand Mount Parnassos. Towards the west side of town, you can find an entrance to the Korykian Cave. Go inside and take care of all of the bandits one by one until only the priest is left. After that, kill the priest and loot his body.

After that, you need to find the Saphires on a person in Desphina as the note suggests that someone in there bought it. Head back to the entrance and use the zip line to get close to you waypoint before getting off.

Use Ikaros to find out where the Sapphires are hidden and then enter it as sneakily as possible to take those jewels from right under their noses. Once you have all the Sapphires, return to Photios to complete the quest.

Sins of the Past
You should know your objective after you have completed Helping a Helper quest. You need to follow Lykaon to Praxithea’s house. Search her home for the 3 clues.

One of them is the bracelet near the door, the other one is a farmer on the road and the other one is a brazier with a note attached to it. Get to Lykaon and tell him what you have learned, this will end this quest and begin a new quest known as ‘The Unkindest Cut’.

The Unkindest Cut
Your objective in this quest is to find and free Praxithea. She is in a farmhouse near you. Get near it and then call Ikaros to tag all of the enemies that are present in this area.

Kill all of them one by one using the bow or assassinations. Then, free Praxithea and escort her to safety. Since you have already killed all of the enemies, this should be easy.

Talk to her when she stops and then, decide to either kill her or let her go. If you let her go, you will be able to romance Lykaon.

Lokris Side Quests

Family Values
Having discovered Red Lake Bay, head to Opous within the bay and speak with Supideo who will be kept a prisoner. Talk to the blacksmith, Kosta as directed by Supideo.

Complete his task of gathering five Aphrodite flowers. Use the eagle, Ikaros to help you scan the areas for these flowers.

Hand them back to Kosta and then deliver the sword he gives you to Opous to receive the Family Sword, XP, and Drachmae as rewards.

After completing the above quest, speak with Supideo in the cage at Opous, Red Lake Bay again. Proceed to the bandit camp northwest of Red Lake.

Head inside the cave and carry out things stealthily in order to confront the bandit leader and take him down.

Loot the corpse and return the valuables, including the shield and dagger, back to Supideo. Your rewards include Blindfold for head armor, XP and Drachmae.

Abantis Islands (Eubea and Skiros) Side Quests

Once a Slave
In Karystos Dock in Mount Ochi, Euboea, speak to the slave owner after you have completed ‘A Debt to Pay’ main quest. He will task you with retrieving the long last heirloom vase that is of significant value to the family.

The vase will be located in a chest in the Cooper Mines north of Karystos. Fight off some bad guys here, grab the vase, and return it to the slave owner for Slave’s Sword, some XP, and Drachmae.

The Taxman Cometh

This side quest starts at the Dirfi Foothills. You have to have a chat with an intoxicated woman standing on top of the building there. She’ll inform you that her husband has gone missing; and you’ll have to find him.

Head towards the east until you come across a wrecked cart. Talk to the peasant there and he’ll tell you that he’s looking for the Dystos Stronghold. Travel to this site and free the man by breaking the cage.

The man will then tell you about some hidden loot. This side quest will be completed after you grab the valuable loot from the bush.

Death and Taxes

This side quests also starts at the Dirfi Foothills. You have to retrieve some tax documents from a magazine, which is pretty close to you. Take care of the enemies there stealthily and grab the documents. Return back to Agapios and hand them over to complete this side quest.

Sharp Tongue

This side quest can be started be talking to Agapios again after you finish the previous side quest.

This is a multi-layered side quest, which needs you to finish several smaller side quests to have it be completed.

Blood and Water

Part of the ‘Sharp Tongue’ side quest.

Travel to the ruins and chat with the lady who was once a slave. She’ll tell you about a ship containing a dagger which has sunk near you.

Use a boat to swim far into the sea and then reveal the remains using the eagle. Swim down to the chest and grab the dagger. Give it to the woman to complete this side quest.

Dagger in the Heart

Part of the ‘Sharp Tongue’ side quest.

Make your way to the theatre and have a chat with the couple. You have to now kill a man inside the temple nearby. After you do so, go back to the couple and they’ll now be surrounded by bandits. If you talk to the bandits, you’ll have to choose who you want to save. The couple will die if you attack the bandits.

After making your choice, eliminate the rogues to complete this side quest.

Wasn’t born the Kingfisher

Part of the ‘Sharp Tongue’ side quest.

Defend the farmer from the bandits and then talk to him to complete this side quest.

The Kingfisher and the Robin

Part of the ‘Sharp Tongue’ side quest.

Make your way to Skiros through the sea. Defeat the enemies at the docks and head to the Achilles Temple. Here, you’ll come across two brothers and you’ll have a talk with Agapios.

You can allow him to attempt to rescue his brother, but it will end up in a man dying. You will have to now defeat the Kingfisher. After doing so, interact with the manager to finish this series of side quests.

Attika Side Quests

Creating Opportunity

This side quest starts in the middle of Athens Metroplois, where you’ll find Demosthenes. Talk to him and he’ll request you to help him out with defeating the Spartans. Kill the Spartan Polemarchs – who are in the Spartan strongholds – and get three Spartan seals to complete this side quest.

A friend in need…

You can start this quest by talking to Heitor at the abandoned farmlands.

You have to find and bring Heitor’s sword to him. The sword is present at Fort Phyle. There will be some enemy soldiers here for you to fight, but you can attempt to just grab the sword and run.

Heitor’s Gonna Hate

This quest can be started by talking to Heitor again after finishing the quest above.

Heitor will now ask you to bring a mercenary to him. This mercenary is present in the eastern section of the Rhamnous Military Camp. Eliminate the guards there and break him free from the cage.

After he’s free, bring him back to Heitor using his boat. You’ll have to now choose between letting Heitor kill him or convincing Heitor to let him live. The quest will be completed either way.

For the People

This quest can be started by interacting with Kleon after you complete the Welcome to Athens quest.

Kleon will request you to destroy the Spartan assault. You have to smash the supplies inside the Spartan war camps and kill the Polemarchs.

Light the supplies on fire and try to kill the Polemarchs stealthily to make this quest easier for yourself. After you do that, talk to Kleon again to complete this quest.

He, who stops

After you finish the quest above, you can start this one by talking to Kleon again.

You have to ‘save’ a messenger of Kleon. Head to the Mt. Pentelikos Marble Quarry and sneak past the enemies there. Interact with the corpse of a hanged man to finish this quest.

The Liberator

This quest starts right after you finish the quest above.

Even though you couldn’t save the messenger, you can still save a soul: the Captain. The Captain is inside a cage below your position. You have to take him outside the camp and talk to him. He’ll ask you to then take him to his ship.

Carry him to the marked location and free his crew mates while killing the six Spartan soldiers. After doing that, you have to now actually get to the ship. Get on your ship and reach the sunken enemy vessel. Once you do so, go back to the Captain and then to Kleon to complete this quest.

Citizenship Test
This quest is given to you by Alkibiades near the Temple of Hephaistos in Greater Athens. Get to the Agora of Athens and sneak in when the guards go to the right side of the building.

Forge the name of Sophane on the list and return to complete the quest.

Witness Him
Alkibiades give you this quest and tells you to talk to the witness at the Agora. When at the witness, choose any one of the 3 options and return to Alkibiades to get your reward.

Free Speech
Aristophanes gives you this quest at the Akropolis Sanctuary in Greater Athens. Find Hermippos at the villa and interact with the mask, notes and money to get clues. Once you have the clues, return to Aristophanes.

On a High Horse
Sokrates give you a quest at the Northeast Port of Piraeus in Attika. You need to speak to the horse thief to the south. He will run when you get to him and you need to catch him. After that, return to Sokrates to complete the quest.

A Life’s Worth
This quest is given to you by Phaidon in Lavrio, Attika. Talk to the slave and then his master above him. Find the woman that you need to kill in Kephallonia Island or at her father’s estate towards the east side of the Valley of King Lelex in Megaris.

Tell the master whether or not you have killed the woman. Refusing to kill the woman or lying will get you into a fight with the master. The slave master is a member of the cult, so killing him may be beneficial.

Place in the Kosmos
After you have completed ‘I, Diona’ quest, you will unlock this quest which consists of three smaller quests itself.

These are spread across the Kythera Island and they include ‘All Bonds Will Break’, ‘Pick Your Poison’, and ‘The Handmaiden’s Story’. Completion of all three will unlock ‘By the Fates’ main story mission. All these three quests proceed as following:

Atoll Order
In Skandeia Harbor, speak with Glaukos again and he directs you to the south side of Skandeia Bay in Chytra Atoll to eliminate a high-ranking captain. He is near the abandoned ship camp and there will be some tough soldiers to deal with as well.

Either knock the captain out to be recruited for your team or eliminate him, either way, the quest is completed or you earn XP and Drachmae.

In A Rush
After you’ve completed all four of the above-mentioned quests, head back to Diona in Kythera Town in order to complete another quest, ‘In A Rush’.

Korinthia Side Quests

Handle of Care

Start this quest by talking to Alikibiade after finishing the main quest.

Head to the Akrokorinth Fort and kill all the enemies here. Enter the building and give the man a package. Go back to Alikibiade to complete this quest and earn yourself the Alikibiade Axe.

Argolis Side Quests

Death Comes for Us All
After completing ’Ashes to Ashes’ main quest, head to Northwest Battlegrounds of Argos and speak to the woman at the bridge.

Resolve the issue with her husband to the south and get back to her to receive Breastplate of Worshipers armor for the torso and a lot of XP.

Enough is Enough

Start this quest by talking to Preist. You’ll have to kill some snakes. Go inside the main hall of the sanctuary and you’ll find a tiny dark room. Light up this room by tossing a torch in there and kill all the snakes using your bow. Talk to Preist again after doing so to complete this quest.

Written in Stone

Start this quest by talking to Timoxenos. You have to walk around the neighborhood with him as he tells you his story. He’ll eventually come to a stop under an olive tree. Talk to him again here and then kill all the enemies to complete this quest.

Naxos Side Quests

The Writing’s On the Wall
While you are going through the ‘A Mother’s Prayers’ story mission, a street vendor, Agellos can be found in Naxos, Ariadne’s Fate. Talk to him and identify three places with graffiti, all are nearby so just look for where the people have crowded up.

Return to Agellos for the next piece of objective, to find Lichas, the artist who has been hiding in a cave. The cave itself situated east of Routsouna Waterfall.

After avoiding the bear inside, hug the left wall and move through a small passage to find the artist. Your reward for completing the quest is the Bow of Muses, XP, Drachmae and a contract for trading goods.

Pirate Islands (Seriphos, Lestris and Keos) Side Quests

Lost and Found
This is also another one of those quests that form a part of the ‘Island of Misfortune’ main quest. Located in Lestris Island, south of Keos is Captain Gotarzes who will soon be killed at the hand of his own men.

Eliminate the rebellious soldiers and escort the captain back to the docks until you reach Xenia to receive your reward: Captain’s Chest, XP and many Drachmae.

Making Friends
In Eastern Chora, Cradle of Myths on Seriphos Island, there is a young girl by the name, Khloe who needs help with some jewelry items that you need to gather for her.

The pearls can be found at the bed of Polydektes Lagoon north of the Seriphos Island. For the shiny tones, search through the mine west of Temple of Athena.

Return these to the little girl to earn a trading item,’Goo-Werry’ and XP if you give her a positive impression or account of your experience. Otherwise, better just go home with XP.

Heart of Stone
Help Kallikleia win a grand beauty contest by some unfair means. Head to Psaros Pyrgos in Cradle of Myths on Seriphos Island to begin the quest. Then proceed to collect the magical potions that will make her look more beautiful than what she is.

The ingredients are special mushrooms which can be gathered from Customs Warehouse in the southern region of Chora, and a cask of wine from Pirate Bay on the western coast of Seriphos.

Hand these to the witch at the Temple of Athena who will work her magic. When it is time for the ceremony, go to Aetios’ House and choose to be either on the witch’s team or on Kallikleia’s.

Going with the former will earn you less XP and Drachmae, but either way, you get the Witch’s staff which is a rare weapon.

Recruitment Drive
During the main story quest ‘Help Perikles’, make your way to Koressia in Pirate’s Revenge on Keos Island to speak with Xenia’s steward.

The quest is triggered thereafter and forms a part of the many quests under the main story mission ‘Island of Misfortune’.

After choosing The Colors of Keos for the ship you will be manning, proceed to complete the objective of destroying 2 Spartan ships with red banners, 2 Athenian ships with blue banners and 2 bandit ships with no particular banners.

The rewards include The Colors of Keos itself, Pirate’s Blade for a weapon, a high number of Drachmae and some XP to go along with it.

Red in the Wreckage
This is one of those quests that form part of the main story mission ‘Island of Misfortune’. Head to Koressia in Pirate’s Revenge on the island of Keos and help some pirates retrieve a precious material, Miltos.

The six of these are located at the Wailing Cavern southeast of Lestris Island. Open up the chests and search the shores to get the miltos. You earn these as trading materials along with Pirate Boots for armor, XP, and Drachmae.

We are not Thieves
Also forming part of the mission ‘Island of Misfortune’, in Koressia, help Obelia by finding the ancient Minoan map for her. It can be found over at Leader House in Poiessa Village east of Keos Island, on a rooftop.

Speak with Obelia’s contact on the beach in the village after getting the map. You earn rare weapon, ‘Plunder Mace’, some XP and many Drachmae.

We are Treasure Hunters
After completing the previous quest, this is the subsequent quest which also falls under the main ‘Island of Misfortune’ quest. Obelia in Poiessa Village informs you of an artifact in the Submerged Minoan Palace.

Head here and avoiding any sharks, loot the chests to get the artifact. Immediately, you will be greeted with the arrival of Obelia and her ship.

If you want to go home with nothing, just choose to hand her the artifact. Otherwise, fight her for it and kill her to keep the legendary trading material for yourself as well as take home some XP.

Birds of a Feather
Accept this quest from Xenia once you are Level 28 or higher and are done with Chapter #6.

Head on towards the Keos Island and once you have received the quest, you will see that you need to use only 1 of the maps to get to the right place.

Only look at the Feather Spots and then get to the area of the one which has the treasure to the south of an island.

Loot the vases and then talk to the NPC near them. From here, track nearby quest to find the waypoints to the area where the treasure is and take care of all enemies to loot them and get the Feather Collectible.

Sacred Vows
You should have a Level of 28 or higher for this quest. You also need to complete Birds of a Feather before you attempt this quest.

Accept the quest from Xenia on Keos Island and then head on towards the southern coast of Attika Region.

Here, there are 5 areas that you need to investigate. Gather the hints and get to the 2 guys standing on the cliffs. From here, jump into the water and you can find the bracelet at the bottom of the ocean. Return to Xenia to get the next quest.

She Who Controls the Seas
Get this quest from Xenia and then go to Makedonia (Triple Peninsula of Chalkidike).

Go inside the underwater cavern and then follow the glowing jellyfish. Swim up when you are stuck to get to the other side behind the obstacle. There are a few enemies and a big chest for you to find at the end of the cavern.

Throw the Dice
Start by talking to the merchant in the Argolis Harbor. Destroy his goods to get the location of the map. Then head to the location and steal the maps. You can kill the enemies but it is easy to sneak past them too.

There is only one map per item so you do not need to know which map is accurate. Find Pan’s Flute in Attika inside the Cave of Pan. Appolo’s Lyre is at the temple in Euboea and you can take 2 of these items to Xenia to get the final quest.

Start by going to Olouros Fortress. You can get in without alerting any enemies and find the coffer in the right side of the fortress towards the east.

It is found in a house and has a blue glow on it. Loot the coffer and then take it back to Xenia. This will finish this questline and you will get the A Pirate’s Life for Me Trophy/Achievement for yourself.

Obsidian Islands (Melos and Hydrea) Side Quests

Sparring with Roxana
This quest is given to you by Roxana at the Hydrea Apple Farm in Eros Grove, Hydrea Island. This is one of the 3 training sessions that you have with Roxana and you need to fight with her in this one.

After you are done, you can follow her to the next quest location.

Archery Practice
Continuing on from the last quest, you need to kill 8 wolves near the shipwreck. Take the wolves from afar one by one to complete this quest.

Foot Race
The final training session has you racing Roxana all the way to Lover’s Leap. All you need to do is to cut the corners and get there first. Once you are there, you can romance her and then recruit her at a later time in the story to your crew.

Call to Arms
After completing the above quest and lowering the national resources to a low enough state, you can speak with Herodianos in the Spartan camp in Mykonos Island and thus, you can start working on crippling the empires in Mykonos and Delos too.

Setting the army’s supplies ablaze, loot their chests, kill the important leaders, cause havoc and chaos all around, and put the soldiers at a disadvantage.

Once the rebellion is strong enough and the nation’s power is three times a week, engage in a battle to eliminate the captain, the Polemarch and Diokles. Your reward will be high amounts of Drachmae along with some XP.

Silver Islands (Mykonos and Delos) Side Quests

The Sokratic Method
This quest is given to you by Sokrates at the Sanctuary of Appolo in Delos Island. You need to find the rebel towards the west coast of the Birthplace of Apollo. He is tied up next to the water and there are a total of 6 guards around him.

You can sneak around them or kill them one by one. What you need to do is to untie the rebel and sneak off the property.

Once you are there, talk to him and decide whether or not you want to let him live. After that, return to Sokrates to complete this quest.

Hades, Meet Podarkes
With rebellion on the rise thanks to the previous missions, head to the Mykonos City Leader House. There your objective would be to eliminate the leader, Podarkes, who will be in a tavern but can be lured outside.

The reward for completion will be high amounts of Drachmae and some XP.

‘‘M’’ for Murder
Talking to the beggar in the streets of Mykonos City, follow his directions and investigate the house nearby and towards the north of the beggar’s location.

Following up on the clues, you will be led to Mykonos Leader House where Podarkes may or may not be depending on whether you acquired this quest or the above one.

Anyhow, collect the wooden doll from the room to the northwest of the leader house. Then make your way to Porphyria Cave and choose whether to talk to Kira about her father alone, or expose it to everyone.

Only XP is awarded either way, but your relationship with Kira on the latter option may not flourish as much.

Goddess of the Hunt

Talk to Kyra in the temple to start this quest. You have to accompany her on a hunt. Once you reach the hunting spot, all you need to do is to kill three Ibexes and then go to the beach to complete this quest.

The Thaletas Way

After you finish the quest above, talk to Thaletas to start this one. You have to break 3 Athenian ships to finish this quest. Sail out to the sea and do so, and then talk to Thaletas again to complete this quest.

Paint the Sand Red

After you finish the quest above, talk to Thaletas again to start this one. You have to kill two targets in three different locations. Then, you have to free a person on a farm.

Southern Sporades (Samos and Kos) Side Quests

A Business Opportunity
You can trigger the start of this quest in two ways: either from the message board in southern Sporades or by interacting with Markos at Artemisia Fort. Markos or the Con of Kos can be freed once the guards around are cleared.

Escort him back to Aion Vineyard via the Sphongos Cave to complete the quest and earn Ancient Helmet along with a little XP.

Old Friends, Old Problems
This quest is given to you by Markos. Once you have freed him, he asks you to deliver a bottle of wine to Cerberus’s home nearby in Astpalia City. 6 guards will attack you.

At that time, you can either fight or run away. Return to Markos to complete this quest.

Farm in Flames
Markos gives you his quest at the Aion Vineyard in Kos Island. He wants you to destroy the grain silos at the Kos Herb Fields. You need to throw a torch at the wooden hatch at the bottom of all of the silos in order to set them on fire.

If you have already somehow burned down the silos, the quest is completed as soon as you accept it.

Markos’s Fate
Complete this quest when you protect Markos at the Aion Vineyard from the guards. Kill all of the guards and once they are all dead, return to Markos.

Messara Side Quests

Civil Unrest
After discovering Little Egypt, travel to Kydonia and acquire this quest from a textile merchant there. Now follow the three waypoints on your map and you will need to solve disputes among the three groups.

The first one is a crowd of people near the shop. Choosing to end the dispute diplomatically raises bounty while choosing the violent path leads to a tough fight.

The soldiers over at the docks will not understand the power of words, so swords and daggers it is.

Then the last one is a group of soldiers picking up on a local merchant east of the town. Either deal with the soldiers by eliminating them or aid them instead, in breaking the merchant’s pots. There is a final objective still left though.

You need to return to the textile merchant and read a note next to him. You will now be directed to eliminate Captain Diokles in southeast Kydonia. Do so and you can loot the captain’s body for Bandit Lord Helmet, XP and Drachmae.

Fang for your Back
After coming across Mino’s Legacy in chapter 3 of the game, speak with a local vendor over at Gortyn in Mino’s Legacy who will trade a rare bow for some fangs. If you already have these, you are in luck.

Otherwise, go about your business of hunting down lions, lynx or sharks, loot their fangs, and return it to the vendor. The rare bow, in question, is Ares’ Bow of Slaughter. You are also rewarded Drachmae and XP.

Say that Again!
In Little Egypt, interact with the blacksmith over at Darktyls Depleted Mine to go on a hunt for some obsidian glass. If you are lucky, you may have the resource already.

Otherwise, the two locations for the resource are chests in Sunken Ruins (western coast of Messara) and the ones at the Temple of Britomartis (northwest of Kydonia).

As a reward for bringing him the obsidian glass, you receive Sword of Avaris, XP, and Drachmae.

The Lost Arkalochori Axe
The requirement for triggering this quest is to have discovered Octopus Bay during episode 3 of the game. After doing so, head to Heraklion in that region and speak with a priestess.

You will be tasked to retrieve the Arkalochori Axe that seems to have been stolen by thieves who are now residing in Arkalochori Cave situated in eastern Heraklion.

After clearing out the bandits, grab the ax near the chest and return it to the priestess to receive either the ax itself as the reward or in place of it, XP and Drachmae.

Catch and Release

Talk to the woman and she’ll ask you to find her husband. You don’t actually have to bring her husband back to her. You just need to go to the fishing spot and eliminate all the enemies there, then talk to the woman again to complete this quest.

Flowers for the Dead
After you have discovered Mino’s Legacy area during episode 3 of the game, move to the west of Knossos Palace within this area you will find an old man high up on a cliff.

Although your task is a bit vague i.e. collecting red flowers from the tallest peak in Messara, what he’s actually referring to is the Mount Ida in Zeus’ Playground. Be sure to ask for some money for your troubles so you earn both XP and Drachmae.

Myths and Minotaurs

If you look at the items lying on the ground all around the map, this quest will be started. This isn’t much of a quest itself, it’s more of an introduction to a series of quests.

When it starts, a man will tell you a story and then take you to the entrance of the labyrinth. This will end this quest and unlock the series of quests after it.

Minotaurs and People

This quest will be started once you complete the quest above. This quest has three mini-quests in it:

  • Recollections
  • Full Circle
  • Blood in the Water

Recollections: Talk to the collector in Gortyn city. Go to the Daidalos Fort. From the southern corner tower, go west to the locate the armory. Kill the Polemarchs and then loot the armor that is on display on the pedestal on the upper level.

Full Circle Meet Ardor’s caretaker and decide whether to kill him. At Phaistos Village, scan the Phaistos theatre. Kill the cult guards and save the actual caretaker. Follow him out of the area and talk to him to complete the quest.

Blood in the Water:  Go to Fisherman’s Beachhead in Octopus Bay. Here talk to civilians to find out the location of Swordfish. He can be found at Fisherman’s Beacon, northwest of Heraklion.

Once there, walk to the east dock. Dive into the water, turn around and enter the cave. There will be sharks in the water, so either kill them or prepare to avoid their attacks. Kill Swordfish to end the quest.

He Waits

This quest is started right after you complete the quest above. Go down to Knossos Palace and insert the Phaistos Disk into the slot in order to open the door. Dive into the water and into the labyrinth. The maze will lead to the Minotaur boss fight but there are three hidden chests if you follow all the paths.

The biggest strength of the Minotaur, aside from his raw damage, is his rach. He has a very large axe which can hit you from quite far away. Keep an eye out for when he’s about to swing his axe.

When he does so, make some distance from him. After he performs his attack, he’ll stand still for a moment, allowing you to get some easy damage in. Try to keep yourself behind him or to his sides; never stand right in front of him.

Blocks will be there which can be used to slow the beast down. When it bursts through, it is a great time to attack. Defeating the beast will get you the prize of the Minotaur. Return to Ardors and decide whether you want to keep the ring or hand it over. Killing the Minotaur will reward you with a weapon called ‘Minotaur’s Labrys’.

Bare it All
Upon discovering Zeus’ Playground, head to Mount Ida in the area, speak with a naked archer and free him after fighting off the wolves that surround the place. You are now tipped off to some riches.

To get them, make your way to Cave of Rhea and clear the cultists here while saving the captive. Upon looting their bodies, you find the precious heirloom amulet and other goodies from the chests at the bottom of the water body.

It’s Complicated
After discovering Zeus’ Playground during chapter 3 of the game, make your way to the southwest of Mount Ida and collect a note off of a dead body.

Firstly, you will need to head to a smuggler who will be roaming around a hut near the road to Little Egypt, northwest of Phaistos. Defeat the guards and speak with the smuggler after which move to Kydonia in the eastern region of Little Egypt.

Here, locate a building with a green cloth or flag hanging from it. Clear the soldiers around it and then head inside to see how it proceeds. You are rewarded Thesus’ Belt as well as some XP and Drachmae.

Gortyn Out of Hand
Speak with Pteolemaios in Gortyn Code in Mino’s Legacy and you will be directed to take down a messenger over at the Leader House in north Gortyn. You can find the herald roaming around the house at night.

Eliminate him and then proceed to deliver a killing blow to the leader of Messara who will be residing in Daidalos Fort in one of the buildings to the north, at night.

In the process, weaken the enemy’s supplies by setting the war equipment on fire and looting their chests. Return to Pteolemaios to receive the head armor, Theseus’ Helmet along with some XP and Drachmae.

Revenge Served Cold
In Gortyn, Mino’s Legacy, speak with a civilian who tasks you with eliminating 10 Followers of Ares, 10 in total. They can be found in the ruins area or in caves of the Zeus’ Playground region.

After completing the task, you receive the reward, Belt of Ares for waist along with XP and Drachmae.

Pephka Side Quests

Minotour de Force

Start this quest by talking to the man at the quest’s location. He’ll give you three challenges. You have to locate the son of the farmer; find the treasure from the cave underwater and then kill the enemy in the arena.

What Lies Below the Surface

After completing the quest above, talk to the man to start this one. Talk to the warriors and make your way to the Minotaur’s cave. Talk to the Minotaur and then kill the enemies there. Help the Minotaur exit the cave to complete this quest.

No More Bull

After completing the quest above, talk to the Minotaur to start this one. For this quest, you have save a woman. Use your eagle to track her down to the cave in Zakros. Enter the cave and save the woman to complete this quest.

Bravely Ran Away
When you acquire this quest from Morys, a construction worker over at Lato in Minotaur Hills, head to the nearby Leader House and search the second level of the building.

Here, you will be able to loot a chest to receive the Armor of Eustathios that was requested of you.

Next, make your way to Fort Lato in the central region of Minotaur Hills and climb your way to the upper area to loot the chest and collect the Minotaur-Slaying Axe.

Return to Morys to earn Drachmae and XP, and keep the rare weapon and armor for yourself.

The Grand Minotaur
After discovering the Minotaur Hills, head to Lato Harbor and speak with Arsenios who will guide you through a tour of Lato.

At the end of the tour, you either can pay him 3,000 Drachmae for his service or do not give a crap about him by picking up a fight with his two guards.

Upon defeating the guards, you earn Drachmae, and either way, you will earn XP for just completing the quest.

Kythera Side Quests

Purple Pain
After completing episode 3, speak with a man at the Murex Dyeing Facility in Aphrodite’s Watch. He will be located near the water body. The quest will revolve around investigating the murder of the man’s son.

After investigating the blood trail, the weapon in question, and the bracelet, you can pin the murder either on one of the Kythera’s leader at the Shrine of Aphrodite or Leader House or on an old man that you need to chase against to catch.

Either way, return to the father after killing one of them and you will be awarded XP and Drachmae.

Takes Drachmae to Make Drachmae
At the end of episode 3, make your way to the Pilgrimage Site in Aphrodite’s Watch and speak with a vendor who will sell you a treasure map for 1k Drachmae. The location of the treasure is somewhere east of Pilgrim Hill in Diakofti Island.

When you find the treasure chest by one of the trees, you will need to fight off the bandits. After doing so, you come to the realization that the chest is actually empty with no riches. Head back to the vendor and accuse him of his con to earn XP.

Idiot Hunt
After you have completed the entirety of episode 3 and are on a high enough level (around 36), speak with the woman over at Skandeia Harbor in Skandeia Bay.

She will task you with returning her husband to her safely. He can be found inside the Hunter’s Cave. Beware of the lynx here, so get rid of it first. Then proceed inside and carry the husband on your back all the way to his wife.

For bringing him alive, you receive an epic Death-Mark bow and some XP.

A God among Men
Scan the Murex Fort and find Empedokles. Free him and sneak out of the fort. Talk to Empedokles, follow him to his statue and them talk to him once more.

Left To Dye
Use Ikaros to find the person on the Purple cloak. Kill this person and take the Olympos Key from him. Return the key to Empedokles.

Stairway to Olympos
In the cave of the Forgotten Isle talk to Empedokles. Use the Olympos key to open the door and reach the Cyclops. Aim for the eye in order to defeat this enemy and loot him to get your rewards.

I, Diona

Start off this quest by talking to Diona. You’ll have to do three sub-quests to finish this one:

  • The Handmaiden’s Story
  • All Bonds Will Break
  • Pick Your Poison

The Handmaiden’s Story: The quest is triggered when you speak with Eritha, the high priestess residing in Temple of Aphrodite in Aphrodite’s Watch. She will ask you to find a traitor and inquire about a handmaiden at Olive Farm in Pilgrim Hill.

After defeating the enemies near the dead body of the handmaiden, collect the note off her body and return it to the priestess to earn Priestess Gloves along with some XP and Drachmae.

All Bonds Will Break: In Skandeia Harbor in Skandeia Bay, speak with Glaukos and you will get your objective: freeing three prisoners from a well-guarded port in Customs Warehouse, Skandeia bay.

The first prisoner can be found inside the warehouse, the second near the water body and the third in the center of the camp. For freeing all three, you receive a rare, Kythera bow along with XP and Drachmae.

Pick your Poison: In one of the treasure chests in the Mycenaean Ruins in the Kythera Town of Pilgrim Hill, you will find a bag of poisons. It is located under a small hut. Return to Diona with this bag to receive XP and Drachmae.

Lesbos Island

Revenge of the Wolf
Help a concerned wife at Mytilene, Customs Warehouse in Lover’s Bay on Lesbos Island by finding out the fate of her husband who went on the Wolf Hunt.

Heading to Lost Shrine of Poseidon, you can investigate the area for some blood trails and the husband’s equipment. Eventually, you will be led to the White Wolf Cave to the south.

Inside the cave, you will find the husband. Now, the better option would be to eliminate the giant wolf for maximum rewards, otherwise, you can leave her husband as prey for the predator.

Choosing the former gets you, Wolfslayer’s Helmet as well as higher amounts of XP and Drachmae from the woman, as opposed to a little XP and Drachmae and no armor to go with it.

Shroud of the Bear
In Mytilene on Lover’s Bay, Lesbos Island, you may find a merchant who requests six bear skins. These can be found in the Hunted Forest of Artemis on Chios Island.

Although bringing them down is a little tough but so is the quest having a recommended player level of 50. Return to the vendor with the furs to receive Crafted Bear Fur Armor along with XP and Drachmae as rewards.

Qamra, Medicine Woman
In Vineyard Canon on Lesbos Island, to combat an illness, you are requested by a nurse and a farmer to acquire some medical tools and medicine. The toolbox is in a shack southwest of Vrisa Fort in Ancient Pearl.

For the medicine, head to the middle floor of Mytilene’s Leader House and grab it from a table. For returning these items to the nurse, you receive Medicinal Sash for waist and a lot of XP and Drachmae.

The Elixir
After completing ‘A Debt to Pay’ story mission, speak with the scholarly woman at the Temple of Kybele, southwest of Vineyard Canyon on Lesbos Island, after you have cleared away the wolves around.

Get her a cone snail bile from Shark Bay east of the canyon, a bear dung mushroom from Mushroom Cave in the north of Ancient Pearl, and finally hellebore on top of Mantamados Peak in the canyon.

Getting all these three require fighting off or avoiding dangerous predators. Returning these ingredients to the scholar, you realize how things will go sour quickly.

Defeat whatever crazy monster she results in and get the Elixir Knife after you have defeated her.

Waiting for Galarnos
In the same area as the above quest in Petrified Valley, you will find a concerned man looking for his artist friend, Galarnos. He is located in Stormfall Bay in Petrified Valley.

Soon, you will be led into a cave once you investigate the blood trails on the bay. Proceed through the cave killing the enemy cultists and freeing Galarnos in the process.

Escort him out of the cave safely to earn a rare weapon, ‘Archer’s Mace’, Drachmae and XP.

Son of a Fisherman
Head to Eresos in Petrified Valley on Lesbos Island and help a fisherman find his son back. You need to make your way to Fisherman’s Bay in Ancient Pearl after acquiring the quest.

First, get rid of the sharks or avoid them by having them marked by Ikaros, the eagle. Then proceed to the boat and investigate around it including the corpse of the boy.

Either tell the truth to the father or lie about his son’s fate. The latter option will earn you more XP but either way, you earn Drachmae and Lesbos Sandals for armor.


This quest is found in Lakonia in Sparta. You will find a Spartan Commander known as Lysander giving commands to his soldiers.

He will tell you that he wants to weaken the Athenian army by killing some of their Polemarchs in the forts all over the world. In order to complete this quest, you need to gather Arthenian Seals.

There will be many forts available to you on the map depending on the choices that you have made and where you are in the main storyline.

Check the map to see which regions the Athenians currently control. Then, look for a fort in that region and fast travel to it. Use your bird to scan for the Polemarchs.

Once you have done that, you need to kill them in whatever way that you see fit. Once you have killed them, you must loot their items and take them back to the opposing commander to confirm that they are dead.

Deliver all of the Athenian Seals to Lysander and this quest will be complete.

Training Days
This quest can be found towards the west of Sparta and is given to you by Xanthe at the Krypteia Training Grounds. You need to escort her son. Simply walk with him to the south side.

There will be some wolves along the way which you need to kill. Once you get there, talk to the Master who is somewhere near the center of the area. Simply beat him in the showcase fight and then talk to him afterward to complete the quest.

Brother in Arms
After completing the above-mentioned quest, Iatrokles in Agoge Camp will have a job of investigation for you. The inspection has to be carried out in an outpost that you can reach by moving south of where you acquired the quest.

Following a bunch of clues including the equipment and blood trails, you will be led to Cave of Sorrows in Mount Taygetos. Free and speak with Theoros, then return to Xanthe in Pitana to receive Spartan Belt, XP, and some Drachmae.

Not My Mother’s Daughter
After the previous World Quest, speak with Zita in Sparta to begin the quest. Consequently, you will be aided by Zopheras to reach Dromos.

Once there, use one of the horses to go south of Sparta and keep listening to whatever Zopheras has to say until both of you reach the secret destination for completion of the quest. You receive Spartan Waistband, XP and Drachmae.

A Godless Blight
In Amyklai Farm in Forest of Eurotas, talk to Lanike and now, you will start your lengthy investigation on the arrival of blight in the area.

First speak with Maron near the fields, either do things diplomatically and help him with the hoe or beat the answers out of him.

You will then be prompted to investigate the scene by the river where aligning the clues lead you to three corpses in the river. Bring them out and onto the investigation scene.

Now head back to the fields and speak with Teuta. Again, you can either help her with a task, in this case, a mint on the table nearby, or beat the answers out of her (yep, things worked differently in ancient Greece).

Either way, you are directed to some clues on the field after which you need to set the crops on fire. After doing so, return to your quest giver, Lanike to get Spartan Grain Scythe, XP and Drachmae.

Sacred Favors
Having completed ‘Brother in Arms’ mission, speak with Zeuxo in Geronthai, Limnai Marsh to deliver a package to Kalibos located in a camp in Helot Hills.

Fight off some enemies in a surprise attack and then speak with Kalibos to finish the quest. Your rewards include Spartan Spear, Drachmae and XP.

Treasury of Legends
After the above two quests, head to the Temple of Dionysos Kolanta in Sparta and speak with Damia. You will get a cute little task of telling the children in the terrace of the temple, one of the stories of Perseus and other gods.

You are free to choose any dialogue options. Once you finish telling your story to the kids, you are awarded Spartan Cuirass for torso, XP and some Drachmae.

Only Fools Want War
Commander Lysander, exactly at the place where you found him last in Lakonia, gives Sparta this quest to you.

The quest is the same as the previous one in the fact that you need to find and kill 3 more Polemarches who are in Athenian Forts.

Look at your map to find the forts like you did last time, or take the easy way out and simply kill the same Polemarchs that you killed last time.

Remember to restart the game, as it will allow them to respawn. Once you have killed all of the Polemarchs and retrieved the quest items, make your way back over to Lysander to complete the quest.

Achaia Side Quests

The Dunce Conundrum

This quest can be started by talking to Demokritos, who can be found by the docks in Achaia. He’ll request you to bring three items for him.

The first item is right in the middle of Argolis, the second can be found north from Thera Island (it’s underwater) and the final item can be found in Lokris.

Another Kind of Poetry

This quest is started right after you complete the one above. You have to go along with Demokritos, defend him from some hostiles and then talk to him again.

Volcanic Islands (Lemnos and Thassos) Side Quests

Tough Love
This quest is given to you by Mikkos at his house in the Green City, on Lemnos Island. Meet him at his house to begin the questline of Mikkos.

Have You Seen My Mikkos
This quest gives you a total of 3 different quests which you need to complete in order to complete this one, it will automatically complete itself when the other 3 are completed. Let’s take a look at 3 of those quests.

This quest is given to you by the doctor in Aliki Quarry on Thasos Island. Kill the 2 cult guards and get to Mikkos’s house. Get to the Stronghold in the Sky Fall Lakes and kill the Cult General in the temple at the top of the hill.

Try to avoid enemies as much as you can in your pursuit of the general and use stealth to get to his guards. Take out the guards and take out the General and then return to the main entrance of the Stronghold.

Chios Island

Clothes make the Daughter
One of the women in Northeast Hunted Forest of Artemis on Chios Island has a fetch quest for you. You need to retrieve three pieces of armor all near the Huntress Village.

It is best to avoid huntresses as they are formidable opponents. The first piece, The Daughters of Artemis Boots, is found in the Artemis Cave west of the Huntress Village.

The head armor is found in the middle of the village in a hut surrounded by huntresses. Lastly, the chest piece of armor is in the Huntress Outpost Camp southwest of the Huntress Village.

As a reward, you earn a rare sword, Artemis’ Bane along with some XP and Drachmae.

Hostage Situation
In Chios, Affluence Bay of Chios Island, help a female farmer out by freeing her two sons who are held captive at the Mastic Farm somewhere middle of Forest of Tears.

You can use your eagle to help you navigate and mark them out. Clear out the guards and then proceed to free the sons in order to receive Bandit Chief Belt armor, XP and Drachmae.

Chip on your Shoulder
After having completed ‘A Debt to Pay’ story mission, speak with a lumber merchant, Thais at the Boupalos Shipyard in Affluence Bay, Chios Island.

This will direct you towards making matters worse for the army by killing the leader of the Petrified Islands and setting ablaze their provisions and equipment. You may also loot their chests.

The leader is found in the Leader House west of Mytilene in Lover’s Bay on the island of Lesbos. For rewards, you get XP, Drachmae, Olive wood resource, and Lesbos Breastplate armor.

Elis Side Quests

This quest is given to you by the namesake of the quest at the Hippodrome in the Valley of Olympia. You need to speak to the priestess of Demeter to learn about her situation and then interact with the love letter as well as the poem.

Report back to the priestess and then decide whether or not to plead innocence for Kallipateira.

The Message, The Stick, and The artist
This quest is given to you by Phidias at his workshop in the Valley of Olympia. He needs you to interact with a symbol on the statue of Zeus at the Temple of Zeus.

Climb the statue once you are at the temple and interact with the symbol before returning to Phidias.

Art Leading Life
This quest is given by Phidias and he wants you to find the symbols on 3 different statues, this will unlock a total of 3 different quests for you to complete which we will now look at.

Gutter Runner
This quest is given to you by a Street Vendor at the Sanctuary of Olympia. Decline his fortune telling and then a kid will swipe 2000 drachmae of you.

Chase her down and talk to her, offering to get a necklace from the captain at the Endymion Camp. Kill his guards and loot the quest item before returning it to the kid.

The Drachmae of Romance
The quest is given to you by Lelex and Makar at the Temple of Zeus in the Valley of Olympia. Investigate the treasuries to the north and talk to the Greek soldier.

After that, head northeast to talk to the thief. In the end, decide whether you want to kill the parents or the couple. In the end, talk to whoever you did not kill in order to complete the quest.

Journey’s End
This final quest from Phidias has you finding the quest item by looting the body inside the workshop. After that, get tot the temple at the back of the stronghold and solve the puzzle.

Note the 4 symbols on the scytale in your inventory and interact with the symbols in the same order to complete the puzzle, unlock the door and loot the chest.

Throwing the Bet

Start this quest by speaking with Aletes in the Olympic village. Then, speak with Pithekos and he’ll tell you about his javelin which is broken. You can either steal a worn javelin from a building or buy a simple javelin for 2000 drachmas.

After you give the javelin to Pithekos, you’ll have the option to bet on his victory. If you bought him the javelin, he’s guaranteed to win. If you stole it, he’ll lose. So, only bet on him if bought the javelin.

Keos Island Treasure Hunting

Golden Feather of Ajax

This side quest is part of ‘Birds of a Feather’. You’ll get three maps from the lady. You have to choose the map called ‘Map to Rumored Feather Location’. Head to this location and you’ll encounter a man who’ll tell you where the feather is exactly.

The treasure can be found in the souther section of Attika, in the Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax. Look to the stack of items on the left side of this room and you’ll find the feather inside it.

Makedonian Bracelet

This side quest is part of ‘Sacred Vows’.  You’ll get three maps from Xenia. You have to choose the map called ‘Map to Sacred Site’, Head to this location and you’ll find the Temple of Poseidon in Attika. Examine all the marked items to start another quest. Dive into the water, grab the Makedonian bracelet and hand it over to Xenia to complete this quest.

Triton’s Shell of the Tides

This side quest is part of ‘She Who Controls the Seas’. Head to the Makedonia and jump into the Underwater Cavern. Use the map to find the treasure chest containing the item you need.

Lyre of Apollo and Pan’s Flute

This side quest is part of ‘Throw the Dice’. Enter the Cave of Pan and go inside the Apollo Temple. Find all the items and talk to Xenia to complete this quest.

Old Coffer

Head to the Olouros Fortress, grab the item there and bring it back to Xenia to complete the final treasure hunting quest for her.

Petrified Islands

Romancing the Stone Garden
Kill the guards that surround Bryce. Talk to Bryce. Kill the mob leader and the remaining guards. Talk to Bryce again and follow her to Dread Ruins.

Hard to Artemis
Reach the Huntress Village in the Hunted Forest of Artemis. Sneak or fight, to get into the cave of Arktoi. Loot the treasure in order to complete the quest.

Heavy Is the Spear
Find and talk to the mercenary about the spear at the mountain temple of Poseidon. Kill him and get the Gorgon Slayer spear and Immortal Coil. You can also talk to Bryce and say let us go to do this without the spear.

Writhing Dead
Use the Gorgon Disk to open the gate and track Bryce through the temple. Find Bryce in the final Cavern with Medusa. Medusa has a shield that cannot be penetrated.

You need to kill the other enemies first in order to bring the shield down. Once she has been defeated, take the loot.

World Quests

Although it is best to focus on the main storyline, you will not get the full experience that the guys behind Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey have planned unless you have sidetracked just a little to explore the side quests the world has to offer.

Moreover, these World Quests will award you with XP for leveling up and some good gear and equipment for your trouble. Here is how you complete every side quest in the game.

The best way of going about which the side quests is by seeing which one’s closer to your level so you don’t find anything too challenging for you own good.

Of course, there is level scaling that you should be concerned about, so when looking at quests recommended for similar levels, go with the one that awards you with the most XP.

Now, let us take a look at all the World Quests divided according to their district on the map.

A Growing Sickness
There are some particular requirements for this quest. First, you would be required to save the family in the ‘The Blood Fever’ side quest acquired from Phoibe.

Then, you will need to head South Greater Athens during the main quest of ‘Abandoned by the Gods’. Speaking with Hippokrates here, you will be tasked to burn some corpses with a torch.

In the process, you will also fight off some Followers of Ares. After carrying out both actions, head back to Hippokrates to receive his rare staff along with some XP and Drachmae.

Escort Service
While you are carrying out ‘Follow That Boat’, all you need to do to trigger the quest is to rescue Kleio from a ship over at Harbor of Korinth in Korinthia.

The objective of the quest will be to carry an escort mission and helping Kleio reach Mykonos City dock in Mykonos Island.

There, give out a call for the Adrestia and you will have completed the quest for receiving Delivery Boots, an armor for legs along with XP and Drachmae.

Sibling Revenge
You can get this quest as long as you do not attempt either of the two missions ‘The End of Drakon’ and ‘The Fall of Deinaneria’.

Upon entering the City of Orchomenos in Lake Kopais, speak to an NPC named Timon who will task you with taking down Astra as revenge for killing Timon’s brother.

Astra can be found on the northern shores of Lake Kopais. After defeating her, bring back the necklace and choose to keep it or hand it over to Timon. You can also collect the legendary boots for armor from Astra’s corpse.

Brewing Love
The quest will become inaccessible after completing ‘The End of Drakon’ main mission. Head to Thebes Gymnasium in Cursed Land of Oedipus and speak with Melanippos.

Now head to a building nearby which has a red flag or cloth hanging from it.

Clearing the bandits in the surrounding area, speak with the herbalist inside the settlement and speak with her twice to bring down the final price of the herbs to 500 Drachmae.

Purchase them and return it to Melanippos for Boeotian Sword, XP and some decent amount of Drachmae.

The Stolen Steed
The quest can be triggered so long as you do not attempt ‘The End of Drakon’ story quest. For this sub-quest, you need to find a street vendor near Thebes blacksmith in Cursed Land of Oedipus.

He will ask you to ride a horse located in Athenian Potnies Military Camp in the eastern part of Cursed Land of Oedipus, all the way to its master, the oil merchant you acquired the quest from.

As a reward, you receive Boeotian Greaves for legs, XP and Drachmae.

Besieging Bandits
After having completed the ‘A Debt to Pay’ main quest, you need to head to Fort Geraneia in Mount Geraneia, Megaris and loot a treasure chest there by the brazier in order to uncover a hidden letter.

Follow the instructions of the letter and complete the 10 objectives. After doing so, speak with the NPC in the south of Kirrha in Phokis to receive some high amounts of XP and Drachmae.

Fortress Fallout
Another letter lies in a chest in a fort in Port of Kirrha that will lead you towards completing 15 objectives related to forts. Upon completion, head back to the NPC in Kirrha for your reward of high XP and Drachmae.

Lacerated Leaders
Located in the Leader House in Port Kirrha, collect the letter and carry out all 10 of the objectives related to the Leader House. Upon completion head back to the NPC in Kirrha for XP and Drachmae.

A Legendary Hunt
In Sparta, talk to one of the kings, Archidamos and you will be directed towards the northwest region of the Dioskouroi Peninsula.

Here, you will hunt down the Lykaon wolf and bring its head back to the king to earn Wolfslayer’s Breastplate for the torso, XP, and Drachmae.

Do note that for this quest to show up, you will be required to have ‘Kings of Sparta’ completed already without attempting either of ‘Bully the Bullies’ or ‘One Bad Spartan Spoils the Bunch’ quests.

Training Days
During Chapter 7, you will eventually reach the Training Grounds of Krpteia, after which you can talk to Xanthe in Pitana within the training grounds.

She will ask a favor of you, to escort her son, Makarios safely to the south of Agoge Camp in Chasms of Taygetos. Interact and fight with the trainer there and you will have completed the quest for Spartan Training Sword, XP and Drachmae as rewards.

End of the Day
After completing all of the above quests in Lakonia, simply speak with Xanthe at Pitana in Krypteia Training Grounds to earn Ranger’s Blade, some high XP and Drachmae as well.

Caged and Enraged
First free the huntress Zoe within the Poseidon Temple in Affluence Bay, Chios Island. You can do this with stealth or by eliminating the guards around her.

Either way, once freed, follow her until you get a conversation option after which you are tasked to free a total of six wolves, three of them being in the logging camp and the remaining three in Antigenese Camp.

After getting around the soldiers and freeing the wolves, return to Zoe to receive Bow of the Stalker, XP, and Drachmae.

A Chest full of Drachmae
During the ‘Island of Misfortune’ quest, if you claim that you do not have enough Drachmae to pay Xenia, she directs you towards Koressia Fort, in northwest Ancient Runs of Kunastros.

Here, you may loot the chest in the building near the water body to receive high Drachmae, XP and an epic blade, Black Axe.

Trouble in Paradise
From the Adrestia message board, you are prompted to help the rebels of Mykonos Island.

Upon exiting up on the west shore, speak with Barnabas and then proceed to the two rebel camps, one in Porphyria Cave and the other in northeast Artemis Hills leading to a Spartan camp.

You can choose to go with or without Kira to the Spartan camp on your way through the Porphyria Cave, depending on whether you speak to her or not. Either way, you fight the Athenians in the Spartan camp.

Then you make a choice to agree with either Kira or the Spartan leader, Thaletas. Completion of quest results in a reward of Drachmae and XP and unlocks more quests down the line.

A Night to Remember
After completing all of the above quests on Mykonos Island, say your final goodbyes to the citizens of Delos.

First speak with Barnabas following the quest marker in Tavern Point, then proceed to converse with Kira. If you tell her to ‘find a new purpose’ or ‘forget the gods’, these are the only choices that let her forget the suicidal thoughts, otherwise, things do not go so well for her.

Conversing with Thaletas depends on your relationship with Kira. If it was swelling, then Thaletas has more reasons to hate you and will try to attack and you will need to kill him.

Joining the celebration, Barnabas offers you three choices to either give a speech, depart the island or spend a little more time with the people. After you have given the speech eventually, you will leave the island and will have completed the quest.

Grin and Bear it
After acquiring the quest from Iola in Sanctuary of Apollo, Birthplace of Apollo on the island of Delos, be ready to hunt down the white bear who wounded Iola.

The bear can be found in the Lost Bear Den, north of Sacred Land of Artemis. Now proceed to inspect the area for clues around the shipwreck, on the destroyed ship itself, and bring your findings to Iola to receive Drachmae and XP as rewards.

Dead or Alive
From the message boards of Astypalia City, highlands of Asklepiades in Kos Island, take up the contract to hunt down the Con of Kos in Artemis Fort.

Upon finding out the identity of him being Markos, the above quest ‘A Business Opportunity’ takes over this one. You still receive some XP though.

The Con of the Cons
Another contract similar to the one above also found on the message boards of Astypalia City. Either of these quests led to ‘A Business Opportunity’ quest being triggered, though XP is earned anyways.

A Family’s Legacy
Once you are done with United Front in Story Sequence 7, select this quest from the quest log. Then, use the eagle to scan the ruins once you are at the quest marker to find an Ancient Tablet.

The tablet marks a door as the quest marker and you need to make your way there. Once you are at the door, follow the beams of light and align the mirrors.

At the first mirror, hit the barricade blocking it. After that, hit the first door blocking the path and slide down the zipline. Move the 3 wooden racks to the opposite side in order to have the light reflect of this mirror as well.

Once you are done with this, head to the last mirror and push it backward. After that, push the tall rack and then the rack on the left to the right.

Now, pull the small cart forward and then pull the tall rack that you pushed earlier back towards you in order to open the door and head in.

Once you are through the door, you need to go through the lava-filled rooms by using the rocks on the ground. You will meet your actual father Pythagoras and find the city of Atlantis at the end.

The city will be unlocked for you to explore after a cutscene and you will earn the Birthright Trophy/Achievement.

The Gates of Atlantis
You need to complete 4 Odyssey chapters and return the artifacts to the gateway to the lost city in order to get the Mace of Atlantis. Once all four chapters are completed, Ancient Revelations, the last quest in The Gates of Atlantis will be unlocked.

Lore of the Sphinx
Find Gorgias at the strange ruins that are located southeast of the Military Fort of Gia, in Lake Kopais, Boeotia. Go to the Tomb of Menoikeus in the scorching rolling plains.

Here you need to kill the elite lion and loot the body in order to receive the second fragment of the Sphynx Medallion.

Awaken the Myth
When the night falls, interact with the Sphynx statue that is located in the ruins, south of Lake Kopais.

She will ask you three questions one at a time and you will have three options to choose from. The answered to the riddles and the corresponding questions are mentioned as follows:

  • “I create my lair with earthen string, and dispatch my prey with a biting sting.” – Snake
  • “At night they come without being fetched and by day they are lost without being stolen.” – Stars
  • “What is large, yet never grows; has roots that cannot be seen, and is taller than the trees?” – Mountain
  • “I’m alive but without breath; I’m as cold in life as in death; I’m never thirsty, though I always drink.” – Fish
  • “Never resting, never still; moving silently from hill to hill; it does not walk, run, or trot; all is cool where it is not.” – Sun
  • “As small as your thumb, I am light in the air. You may hear me before you see me but trust that I’m there” – Hummingbird
  • “This thing all things devour: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; slays” – Time
  • “What can run but never walks; has a mouth but never talks; has a head but never weeps; has a bed but never sleeps?” – River
  • “What can bring back the dead; make you cry, make you laugh, make you young; is born in an instant, yet lasts a lifetime?” – Memory
  • “What is always old and sometimes new, never sad, sometimes blue, never empty, but sometimes, full, never Pushes, always pulls?” – Moon
  • “In spring I am gay in the handsome array; in summer more clothing I wear; when colder it grows, I fling off my clothes; and in winter quite naked appear.” – Tree
  • “Some try to hide, some try to cheat; but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might to guess my name; I promise you’ll know when I do claim.” – Destiny

Seeking Answers
Go to Ardors at Knossos Palace in order to get Theseus’s Gauntlets and the Phaistos Disk.

Ancient Revelations
Talk to Pythagoras in order to gain the staff of Hermes. This takes you to the current time. Interact with the altar. Climb up to the objective marker. Move the pillars to reflect the beam into the cavern.

Doctor’s Pet
This quest sends you to the Aliki Quarry to the south of Cape Marmaron. Talk to Solon and get rid of the guards before heading to the Silver Mines to your North to talk to the doctor.

Kill everyone in your path and free the doctor before going to the new quest marker and killing the 2 targets in the central building.

Use Ikaros to scout the 2 targets and then assassinate them by either taking out the guards one by one or sneaking by them.

Indulging Just a Little
Complete this guest by meeting Mikkos’ friend in the Vineyard of Glory southwest. Talk to his friend and hire him on your ship as a crew member if you want.

Then, get to Karpos’ house and kill the 3 Cultist guards to get the exotic wines before taking them to Karpos. After that, get to the cave and get the athletes out by stealthily killing the guards. Speak to Karpos to end the quest.

School of Hard Knocks
Mikkos gives you this quest in his house on Lemnos Island. You need to talk to the girl in front of the Champion’s Gymnasium in Thasos City. You can answer correctly to pay 3000 drachmae to fight Euthymos or you can defeat his students and guards.

Defeat Euthymos and interrogate him. Remember to tell him to stand up for himself as he will join your side in the next battle if you do that.

Barnabas Abroad
You need to talk to Barnabus at the Sanctuary of Olympia found in the Valley of Olympia, Elis and listen to him talk in order to complete this quest.

Kytherian, Samian and Thasian Statue
All of these 3 quests are a continuation of Art Leading Life. What you need to do is to head to all 3 of the individual quest markers that you get when you start these quests and interact with the symbols on the statues in order to complete the quest.

Pieces of the Puzzle
This quest starts once you have interacted with all3 of the symbols in the previous quest. In order to complete it, all you need to do is to return to Phidias and receive the last quest from him.

They Just Want Clarity
This quest is given to you by Skoura at the Arena in Phepka. You need to defeat Klaudios, Belos, Evanthe, Titos and Vasilis to complete this quest.

Heroes of The Arena
Once the previous quest is complete, talk to Skoura and choose the ‘Mystery Opponent’ option to fight Skoura and defeat him, as he is the old leader of the arena.

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