Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide will help you with enemy encounters, important choices, and everything you need to do.

Our Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Chapter 7 Walkthrough will help you complete all the main missions associated with the game’s seventh chapter including Paradise Lost, Home is where my Mother is, The Olympian, The Cult and The Archon, and The Cultist King. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Chapter 7 is the biggest chapter yet and covers a LOT of content.

You will finally meet your mother: help her fend off the Athenians, head to Sparta to find your old home and reclaim your old home and help the two kings of Sparta. You will also meet and decide both Stentor and Deimos’ fate.

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

Paradise Lost

You will finally meet your mother; assist her against the Athenians by rescuing her admiral and fending off Paros’ attempts to defeat Naxos.

You will travel to Naxos and finally be reunited with your mother. You will also assist her in a skirmish against the Athenians.

Travel to Naxos
Head to the island of Naxos through your boat. As you approach the area, you will find a docking area in Ariadne’s Fate. Use Ikaros to scout the area and find your mother’s residence. It is time you met.

Enter the Leader House
Apparently, your mother is the leader of the area. Enter the Leader House. No need to worry, no enemy here will attack you. Enter the marked door and you will be reunited with your mother.

Conversation with Mommy
Oh, the conversation with your mother is so sweet. Your mother thought you died from that cliff’s fall long ago. As both of you are hugging, you will spill the bomb that apparently her youngest is also alive.

She connects that her youngest must be controlled by the cult and swears to get Deimos out. She will also confess that Nikolaos is not your real father. Timo, the captain of the ship, saying that a nearby skirmish needs her attention, will cut you here.

Follow Mom
Follow your mother to the horses outside and ride one of her horses. You will stop on a cliff. Send Ikaros to tag the enemies on the western beach. It is time you prove your worth.

If you enter combat, your mother’s soldiers will help you. Kill everyone to complete this mission.

Catching Up

You will catch up to your mother on the rivalry between Naxos and Paros, and follow her into the temple in the city of Naxos. You must then restore this temple by defeating Paros and to do that, you need to rescue Euneas.

Talk to Myrrine
After this battle, talk to your mother and she will reveal the rivalry between the islands of Naxos and Paros. She will also exclaim that if Nikolaos were here, he would be proud of you.

You also break the news of the healers in Asklepios lying to her about her child’s death. Your mother will also hint at the fact that the cult is afraid of your bloodline, confirming your suspicions from before.

Follow Myrrine
After this informative conversation, you must now follow Myrrine into the city of Naxos. She will stop near the temple construction site and speak to the contractor: Evandros.

He will also inform that Lygdamis temple will stay ruined if they do not get more money. Talk to Myrrine.

Conversation with Myrrine
You will return to your mother’s house and your mother will ask why you both were united at this exact moment. If you wish to continue with your mother, choose the option ‘To repair our family’.

Myrrine will say to do that; Deimos must be found and rescued. You agree to help with the temple first and then hunt down the cult. Together.

Myrrine wants you to stop Paros. However, to do that, you must find Euneas, her admiral, and rescue him. That is it. This mission is now complete!

Death and Disorder

You must meet Myrrine, kill the cult’s assassins, and find proof on their attempt at taking Myrinne’s life and then report back to Myrrine. You will need to head to Paros afterward.

Find Myrrine
You can find Myrrine at the Temple of Dionysos, under the pergola. She will be talking to Aspasia and Timo. Asparia will warn Myrrine about the cult and advise to stay out of it. You talk to Aspasia and apparently, think that Phoibe’s death was her fault.

Conversation with Myrrine and Aspasia
Your mother will stop you and wants to find proof that Paros is behind the attempts to get her killed. Aspasia will hint that the assassins might be in the caves under Mount Zas.

Find and Kill the Assassins
You must now go and find the Assassins. Follow Aspasia’s lead and you will find a cave in Maenad’s Hills. Enter the cave and kill every enemy you see in there. It might be a tough fight.

Find Proof on the Assassins
After killing every assassin in the cave, you must now look for clues and proof that the enemy was there. You will find the Stubborn Mule ‘Ainigmata Ostraka” in front of the statue. Another treasure is behind the statue.

The clue you are looking for is on one of the assassin’s bodies. You will acquire ‘coins and letter’.

Return to Myrrine
You must now return to Myrrine and report of the item that you just found. Myrrine asks Timo to take the coins to Merchant’s Guild and tell them it is the promised proof.

Aspasia will recognize the letter and say that the money is from a Spartan king. Myrrine, however, doubts that due to her loyalty to Sparta.

You must now return to Sparta to the island of Paros. The quest is now complete and you will get ‘cult assassin armor’ and ‘encoded scroll’.

Quarry Quandary

You head for Paros, only to find out Euneas was ambushed by Paros. You must find and rescue Euneas.

Reach Paros
You need to reach Paros now. Mount your ship and set sail for the waters. Once you reach the island of Paros, locate Euneas’ ship on Paros’ eastern shore. Apparently, Euneas is a captive here.

Find Euneas
Dock at the eastern shore and move towards the marker of the shipwreck. You will find an injured Spartan soldier.

Talking to the dying Spartan soldier will reveal that the Paros ambushed them when they were coming to talk peace. Euneas has been taken prisoner.

After this conversation, the brave soul dies. Loot him and the bodies of the soldiers nearby. Check your map to see the next marker. When you reach the area, use Ikaros to pinpoint Euneas’ location and the enemies in the area.

Eliminate Everyone
Eliminate everyone in the area and free the prisoners you see nearby. It might take a while, so be sure to save beforehand. After killing everyone, rescue Euneas.

Escort Euneas
You must escort Euneas out of the restricted zone. When he gets out, he will thank you and inform you of the strange things afoot in Paros. The mission is now complete.

The Paros Blockade

You must head back to Naxos and report of your duty, only to find out that Paros’ fleet has formed a blockade around Naxos. You must defeat these ships and get out of Naxos, to Lakonia.

Head back to Naxos
You must now head back to Naxos, to your mother. Fast-travel to the location or use the ship. Head to Myrinne’s residence and find her on the top floor.

Conversation with Myrrine
When you try to talk to her, large Spartan soldier butts in and says that a Paros blockade has entered the harbor and demands stuff from Myrrine. Myrrine does not like the fact.

You try to offer your services and clear the blockade alone with your ship, to which your mother is surprised. However, you must do it anyways.

Destroy Paros’ Fleet
You must now hop aboard your ship, the Adrestia and defeat the three Athenian ships that are forming a blockade.

Report to Myrrine
After defeating the ships, dock the Adrestia to the shores of Naxos and meet your mother on the docks. She will congratulate you on your performance. Timo will be beside your mother and wants to move out before enemy reinforcements arrive.

Myrrine will meet you in private say that she is worried about her trust in Sparta. You can now choose to stay on Naxos and finish all the side quests or go ahead and sail with Myrrine to Lakonia. And the mission is now complete, that was fast.

United Front
You must now defeat the cultist Silanos of Paros, who is heading to Naxos with his fleet. Afterward, drop your mother off at Naxos.

Defeat Cultist
As you try to move out of Naxos, four ships from Paros that you will have to destroy will meet you. The cultist Silanos of Paros controls one of the ships. Defeat them to continue

Return to Naxos
Apparently, your mother wants to go back to Naxos because she feels that Naxos is safe enough. Drop Myrrine off to the dock in Naxos and talk with her on the pier. She suggests that you guys have done enough and now you need to kill up the cult.

Apparently, she also wants you to find your real father. She will point towards the island of Thera and that she will meet you in Lakonia.

Home is where my Mother is

In this quest, you visit your old home, get informed that your old home is under the control of the government, meet the Spartan hero: Brasidas and of the kings of Sparta: King Pausanias.

King Pausanias will ask some tasks that you will have to do. Afterward, you will have to meet the kings in their chamber and do favors for the other Spartan king: King Archidamos too.

It is time to visit your old home. Go to Lakonia and meet your mother there. She will take you back to your old home. You will meet Brasidas here. In order to reclaim your estate, you will have to do favors for the Spartan king.

Move to Lakonia
Before starting this quest, we suggest doing the quest ‘A Family’s Legacy’ to go meet your mother. You can it here in the subquests list.

Head to Lakonia on the Adrestia. Dock at the Village of Gytheon’s port. You will find Myrrine here. Talk to her and she will ask if you have found your real father. She will then suggest seeing the old home.

Follow Myrrine
You now have to find the old home with Myrrine. First, she wants to show you something. Follow Myrrine and she will ride north. She will stop by a tree on a small hill and dismount the horse, only to walk to the northern edge of the ledge.

She will show you the location where she first taught you to use a spear. You will see some Spartan children below and worry about their safety.

Your mother will tell you not to interfere because interfering will make them weak. You can choose either of the options. Alternatively, a secret option is: you can just shoot one of the wolves and then ride with your mother down the hill.

Follow Myrrine down the hill and towards your old house. The area looks very nostalgic because it is similar to the one from the flashbacks.

Talk to Myrrine
Talk to Myrrine and she will spring up Nikolaos in the conversation, saying that he would be proud of you. Brasidas (the Spartan hero) walks up and joins the conversation, surprising you. He is happy to see Myrrine alive.

Brasidas will tell you that Sparta claimed your estate and only Stentor can claim it back. You will need to take care of the traitors who are giving weapons to the helots.

And your mission here is complete, two support quests will now unlock that you may need to complete before moving up ahead. These are ‘Bully the Bullies’ and ‘One Bad Spartan Spoils the Whole Bunch’.

Bully the Bullies

In this support quest, you meet one of the two Spartan kings: King Pausanias and offer your services to him by eliminating the rogue Krypteia members.

Speak with Myrrine
After starting this support quest, talk to Myrrine. She will be standing beneath her grandfather’s giant statue. She will also be standing next to a Spartan commander who will give you the side quest ‘Ambition’. You can find the guide for that side quest here

Your mother will tell you that the blood of Leonidas runs through your veins. She will later ask to hold out your spear. She will hold it and show you a vision from the past.

The flashback shows Leonidas verbally sparring the Pythia and the cult and going to war against Xerxes while the cult disagrees.

Myrrine wants you to take down the Cult of Kosmos. Later, King Pausanias joins the conversation. He is one of the two kings of Sparta: Pausanias and Archidamos. He will recall your story of how you died to save your sibling.

Conversation with King Pausanias
King Pausanias is a modern man and does not like the ancient laws. You can point out his different political views and keep the king happy to regain citizenship. Nevertheless, your mother will give you a stink eye for your attitude with the king.

King Pausanias wants a favor, apparently. He wants you to find Kryteia and pry for more information. He also wants you to talk to King Archidamos.

Find the Krypteia Members
You now need to find the Krypteia members in the Leader House and kill them. After killing the soldiers, loot one of the soldiers to find ‘Ainigmata Ostraka’.

Head for Krokeai
Head south of the Leader House for your next objective: Krokeai. When you reach the location, use Ikaros to find the target. Kill him.

Enter the Leader House
Ride to Zarax Point and find the final target you need to kill in the Fort of Praisai. Kill him. This support quest is now complete.

One Bad Spartan Spoils the Whole Bunch

You need to head for the Quarry and kill everyone there. You will also need to make the enemy forces weaker by destroying their weapon racks.

Head for Gorani Marble Quarry
Travel southwest from your current location and into the Forest of Eurotas. You will need to head towards the Gorani Marble Quarry. Enter this area and use Ikaros to scout for the enemies in the area.

Kill everyone and destroy five weapon racks. The weapon racks are the wooden racks that hold weapons. You must have seen loads of weapon racks in fortresses and leader houses before.

Killing everyone in Gorani Marble Quarry and finding 5 weapon racks will complete this quest.

Kings of Sparta

You must now meet the kings of Sparta, ask for your citizenship but get tasks to do instead.

Head for the King’s Chamber
Follow the marker to the King’s Chamber and you will find Brasidas outside. Approach him and the leaders of the area will be revealed: the two kings. Talk to Brasidas.

Conversation with Brasidas
Brasidas will offer to take you to see the kings if you are ready. Complete the support quests ‘One Bad Spartan Spoils the Whole Bunch’ and ‘Bully the Bullies’ before proceeding.

Meet the Kings
Once inside, you will find the kings fighting with spears to settle an argument. Brasidas will introduce you to the kings, with your mother. Archidamos will snap at you for showing your face around here.

Apparently, he remembers how your mother punched him in the face. Brasidas will try to calm the king. Your mother will say that they are here to reclaim their home. She also adds that Sparta was betrayed and that she and you will expose the traitor.

Apparently, to reclaim your citizenship, you will have to prove your worth to King Archidamos. Archidamos asks you to conquer the Athenians in Boeotia to prove your loyalty. He will also ask you to win the Olympics for Sparta.

The Olympian

King Archidamos wants you to get Testikles to the Olympic Games. Apparently, Testikles will be too drunk for his own good and ultimately feed himself to the sharks. You will have to enter the Olympic Games and win.

You will now need to find Testikles. Head for Testikles’ trainer, find the oil maker, get oil for Testikles and offer oil to Testikles to take him to Elis, to the Olympic Games.

Talk to Testikles’ Trainer
Talk to Testikles’ trainer in Sparta and ask him for the pankration champion. He will ask you to give Testikles oil as a gift. Testikles thinks it imbues him with the power of Herakles. You need to get the oil from the merchant in Gytheion.

Find the Oil Maker
Head for the Village of Gytheion and find the oil maker. Once you reach the location, you will find out the oil maker is a slave. Talk to her and she will give you the recipe:

Light the Fire, Heat oil of Athena and add one of Rose Petal, Myrrh, or Cinnamon

You will walk away from the slave and towards a cauldron. Choose the choices in the order above. You will now have created the oil for Pankration fighters.

Find Testikles
You can find Testikles next to the shipwreck of the Nestor in the Bay of Hades. You will find Testikles at the top of the hill. He will be drinking.

Give him the oil and ask him to get aboard the Adrestia. Get to Adrestia and sail to Elis.

Head to Elis
Travel the ship north to Elis, to the city of Kyllene. Dock the ship and the marker will give you the next objective: Alkibiades.

Alkibiades will welcome you to the Olympic Games. Alkibiades insults the drunken Testikles. Testikles does not understand and asks for a hug, but stumbles into the water and is eaten by the sharks. So much for the champion, huh.

Alkibiades asks you to take his place in the Olympic Games. This will complete the short mission ‘Delivering a Champion’.

The Contender

You will need to head for the Olympic Games and take part. You will defeat two enemies in unarmed combat.

Head for the Valley of Olympia
Go to the Valley of Olympia and find Barnabas there. Talk to him. He will give you the side quest ‘Barnabas Abroad’ that can be found here

Send Ikaros up to locate Paios near the stadium. Talk to him.

Conversation with Parios
Paios is the event organizer and thinks you are not up to the challenge. Say that you are filling in for Testikles to begin.

Defeat Orion
Your first objective after entering the arena will be to fight Orion, in a fistfight. You will be unarmed and will possess none of your armor. Punch him until he is down.

Defeat Erastos
Erastos will be at the same level to your own but will be a tougher fight. Defeat him to continue.

After the fight, you will discover that you will have to fight Dorieus later on. You will soon discover that Alkibiades has been poisoned. Now you will have to find out who poisoned him.

The Long Game

You will need to find and retrieve the antidote for Alkibiades and find out the cultist behind all this.

Enter Leonidaion
You need to head inside the Leonidaion and look for someone to talk to, at the banquet. You will discover dead bodies if you track the marker.

Investigate the Banquet
Follow the marker and find clues to the area. You will have to find the room and investigate the poison in the jars. Investigate the area and you will find a grocery list addressed to ‘Priam’.

Talk to the Merchant
Exit the Leonidaion and find the merchant. Follow the marker and find him in a back room of the Sanctuary of Olympia. He will reveal right off the bat that he was working for someone. And that the antidote is probably at Fort Koroibos.

He will reveal his master to be a cultist: Kalias. You can eliminate him standing at the stadium.

Find and Retrieve the Antidote
Travel to Koroibos and you will find the antidote inside. You might need to kill everyone inside though.

Give the Antidote to Alkibiades
You must now hurry back to the Sanctuary of Olympia. Alkibiades will be lying under a tent. Give him the antidote and he will say that he feels his stamina return. Barnabas will inform you of the final fight in the pankration.

This is where this mission will end. Another mission ‘Pankration’ will begin directly after this one.


You now need to talk to Paios and get in the ring to defeat Dorieus and become the winner of the Olympic Games.

Talk to Paios
Head for the stadium in the Valley of Olympia and find Paios. Talk to him and he will inform you that your next and final enemy in the ring will be Dorieus. You can also rub the oil you obtained from Testikles to look shiny.

Face off Dorieus
Dorieus will be a much fiercer foe. Defeat him in one-on-one combat: unarmed, to proceed. After this battle, you will be crowned the winner of the Olympic Games. This will conclude this support quest ‘The Olympian’.

The Cult and The Archon

You must decide the fate of the cultist ‘Lagos’ in this quest.

You need to meet up with Brasidas and your mother, only to find out that the mercenary Brasidas paid for is working for the Cult. Defeat the mercenary and find Brasidas and your mother to plan for the next action.

Head for the Smuggler’s Forest
Head for the Smuggler’s Forest in Arkadia, southeast of Elis. Continue towards the Golden Fields until you reach the Smuggler’s Forest. (Why do I have to say Smuggler’s Forest so much, you ask? Well, cause its fun to say!)

Head to the site, under the statue of Artemis. You will find a mercenary waiting for you. Talk to him.

Conversation with the Mercenary
The mercenary will reveal himself to be Sospatros the Archon’s Servant and drop Brasidas’ name. Apparently, Brasidas did not pay the mercenary enough and now you will have to fight him (Curse you Brasidas, why are you so stingy.)

Defeat the Mercenary
Defeat the mercenary and once he reaches the end of his life, you will be able to talk to him again. Apparently, Archon (Lagos) is paying more for your head. You can let him live or kill him after this conversation.

Head for Tegea
Your next marker will be to head to the west of Smuggler Forest, into Pan’s Cradle. You will arrive at the town of Tegea. Head for the cliff and you will find your mother and Brasidas on the cliff.

Pro Tip: if you spared The Monger in chapter 5, Brasidas will give you an option to convince Lagos out of the cult. If you killed The Monger, though, you will not get the option.

Converse with Myrrine and Brasidas
Your mother is pleased with your return. Myrrine wants to kill Lagos and put his head on a pike to send a message to the King of Sparta. Brasidas will call you out for using violent tactics.

If you kept The Monger alive, Brasidas will want to keep Lagos alive, to provide for Arkadia.

Choose your Side Quests
You can now side with either your mother: go for the violent path, or choose the peaceful path: side with Brasidas. The choice you choose will decide on what support quest you unlock next.

Myrinne’s Path: you will unlock ‘Breaking Bread’ and ‘Fourth-Degree Burns’.
Brasidas’ Path: you will unlock ‘White Lies and Blackmail’ and finally ‘Gluten Free’.

After this conversation, Lagos the Archon’s profile will pop up. Your quest will be completed and now you will get several other support quests to do instead.

Brasidas’ Path: White Lies and Blackmail

You will need to find Brasidas and he will ask you to save Lagos. You will need to free a prisoner and enter a well to save Lagos’ family.

Talk to Brasidas
Talk to Brasidas if you are taking Brasidas’ route. He will be inside Archon’s safe house. He will reveal that Lagos is still alive (obviously) and you need to save the good-willed cultist from the cult’s reach.

You will be cut off in the conversation because someone is in the next room.

Reach the Drop-off Point
The men in the other room are talking about a letter near the scorched tree in a golden field. Ride into the Golden Fields, use Ikaros to pinpoint the scorched tree and kill the cultists in the area.

Free the Prisoner
You need to free the bounded woman, who is on her knees near the tree. Free her and kill the cultists who descend upon you. The prisoner will inform you of Lagos’ family and that they have been imprisoned with the rest of the prisoners underground.

Enter the Hideout
You need to find the well marked with your objective marker and descend it. The quest will be completed when you reach the first wooden platform inside.

Brasidas’ Path: Gluten Free
You must enter a cave and rescue Lagos’ family from the Cult of Kosmos.

Enter the Cave
Having entered the well, you will now dive into the water at the bottom and led into a cave. You will find cultists inside. Kill everyone and locate the cages in the back of the cave.

Free Lagos’ Family
Free the prisoners and you will free Lagos’ wife, and Lagos’ son.

Talk to Lagos’ Wife
Talk to Lagos’ wife and she will say that they have been held captive for days. Apparently, the soldiers first arrived for their protection and the cult then ordered to imprison both of them.

The side quest is now complete. Yay! You can now proceed to the next quest ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’. We will now proceed with Myrinne’s path. You need to find the grain silos and burn all of them up.

Destroy the Grain Silos
If you take Myrinne’s path, follow the Lagos’ compound near the edge of Pan’s Cradle. You will find three-grain silos around the compound. Set them ablaze and run away. That is it. The short support quest is done.

You must kill everyone in Lagos’ garrisons to ultimately make his forces weaker.

Clear the Garrisons
You need to kill everyone in Lagos’ garrisons. Head for central Tegea first, then Fort of Arkas and then finally at Kepheus Camp. When you are done with everyone, the support quest will be done. You must choose the fate of Lagos.

Head for Fort Samikon
Travel to the Forest of Soron by following the marker. Then head west of it to Fort of Samikon.

Deal with Lagos
You can find Lagos here with his marker. Find him whenever you wish to. Kill all the enemies in this fort and converse with Lagos.

If you went down Brasidas’ path, Lagos will thank you. He will ask your opinion and you can choose to either kill him or try to talk him out of the cult.

If you killed The Monger, Lagos will not leave the cult and you will have to kill him. If you did not, Lagos will walk away and hand you the artifact fragment as well as ‘Ring of Pausanias’.

Talk to Myrrine and Brasidas
Myrrine and Brasidas will on the top of a nearby hill. Talk to them and they will show their remarks. The conversation will conclude and now you must do the other quest to finally return to the kings ‘Paint it Red’.

The Conqueror (Part 1)

You must travel to the Ruins of Plataia to talk to Stentor. He will ask you to defeat four Athenian heroes.

Travel to Ruins of Plataia:
Travel to the Ruins of Plataia and then to the Spartan military camp on the top of the mountain. As you enter the camp, a cinematic will lead you to your stepbrother Stentor who welcomes you with a punch.

Talk to Stentor and your next objective will be to defeat the Athenian champions ‘Aristaios, Deianeira, Nesaia, and Drakon’.

The quests for each of the champion will be ‘The End of Drakon’, ‘The Fall of Deianeira’, ‘The Last Fight of Aristaios’ and ‘The Last Hunt of Nesaia’.

The Last Hunt of Nesaia
You must defeat the Athenian champion: Nesaia

You can find Nesaia when you reach the Healing Sanctuary of Amphiaros. You can find the clues here. Investigate the clues here to learn that the hut must be Nesaia’s.

Continue searching for the clues until you find Nesaia in the forest, fighting some wolves. She will be with her partner, a bear. You must defeat both of them to finish this quest. Such a sad end for a wildlife hunter.

You must defeat the Athenian champion: Drakon.

Defeat Drakon
Time to get rid of the next mercenary. You will find him near the coast, about 680m from Nesaia. Defeat Drakon and you will be able to loot his body for Drakon’s bracers.

The Last Fight of Aristaios
You must defeat the Athenian champion: Aristaios, but instead, meet someone?

Assassinate Aristaios
You will find Aristaios north of Thebes, around the shores of Lake Kopais. Take a small boat and reach the island. If you saved Nikolaos in the past, you will be able to find Nikolaos here.

He will have defeated Aristaios for you and is genuinely happy to see you. Apparently, he wants to atone for his sins.

Say that you are glad to have him by your side. He will later say he has a message for Stentor and if you wish to accept, you send Nikolaos to Stentor.

Nikolaos will leave for Stentor and leave the treasures of Araistos behind. You can loot him to get ‘Araistos’ breastplate’.

You must defeat the final Athenian champion of the four: Deianeira.

Assassinate Deianeira
You can find Deianeira to the Mount Helikon region. Enter the Cave of the Oracle to find Deianeira’s hideout. Explore the cave and you can find Deianeira there. Kill and loot her to take her ‘Amazon’s Greaves’.

Return to Stentor to complete the quest ‘The Conqueror’.

The Conqueror (Part 2)

You must now report to Stentor, wage war against Athens for Boeotia and finally, face Stentor.

Meet Stentor
Go back to Stentor and converse with him. He will be surprised to see you back from a seemingly impossible task. Stentor later wishes to wage war with the region because the Athens are weak now.

Wage War
The battle between Sparta and Athens to hold Boeotia begins. You must kill the high-ranking targets to drain the Athens’ blue bar. The war ends when you have depleted the blue bar completely. Beware though; you might meet a hero in this battle.

Conversation with Stentor
After winning this battle, Stentor seems genuinely happy with the victory. Apparently, this does not stop Stentor from fighting you.

However, if you spared Nikolaos, right before you guys are about to fight, Nikolaos will get here and defuse the situation. Stentor does not know that Nikolaos is not dead.

Nikolaos and Stentor have a bonding moment. Nikolaos wishes you well and leaves.

The Cultist King

You must now report your tasks to the Kings and accuse Pausanias of being with the cult, ultimately killing him. You will also meet and face off Deimos in the battle of Pylos.

A Bloody Feast
You must head for the kings’ chambers have an audience with the Kings to get your citizenship and finally kill the cultist/king ‘Pausanias’.

Head for Lakonia
You must now head for Lakonia, the place where you went to seek the Kings’ audience. Meet Brasidas in front of the chambers. You must find Myrrine there too. Talk to her.

Conversation with Myrrine
Myrrine will ask if you are ready to confront the kings. She will ask if you have enough proof to accuse the king. Answer that you do. She says that she will gather the ephors (the jury) and meet you inside.

Conversation with the Kings
The Kings will ask if you finished their favors. You will reveal the truth and as you do, they will ask for the reason as to why the ephors are assembled. You can accuse either of the kings. Pausanias is the puppet king.

If you have the proof from Lagos, (considering he is alive) you will reveal that Pausanias blackmailed Lagos into joining the cult. Pausanias does not contest the story and is exiled from Sparta.

King Archidamos gives you citizenship and your home back. If you did not have physical proof, well, things do not go as hoped and you will be kicked from the court, without the citizenship. You must now either find or assassinate Pausanias.

Find and Assassinate Pausanias
If you had Evidence
You can find him in the Village of Gytheion, without any form of protection. Defeat him there.

If you Did not have Evidence
You can find him walking on the street on his way to the Leader House in north Sparta. Mount Phobos and rush after Pausanias. Kill him on sight. You will receive ‘cultist proof’ after killing him.

You must show this to Archidamos who grants you citizenship afterward.

Return to Myrrine
You must return to your mother and she will want a conversation with you. After a short conversation, Brasidas will walk in and say he is headed for Pylos and wants your help. Apparently, Deimos is there too, so be sure to respond ‘I’m happy to help’.

This is a story-changing conversation. Myrrine will ask you to bring Deimos back. If you saved Nikolaos beforehand, choose the option ‘I’ll bring Deimos back’ for the best ending.

The Battle of Pylos

The Battle of Pylos ensues between Athens and the Spartans. You must defeat the enemies until you face off Deimos. You are rendered unconscious afterward.

Head for the Bay of Hades
Head for the Bay of Hades with Phobos and towards the location. You will see a Spartan war front camp on the west side of the Bay of Hades. Speak to the officer and he will escort you to the battle near Brasidas.

Wage War
You must now enter a very smoky war. The visuals are different; the mechanics are the same here. You must kill the high-ranking targets to drain the Athens’ blue bar.

When you drain the Athen’s blue bar enough, you will find Brasidas. As you spot Brasidas, you will also spot Deimos. Both of them are coming towards you. Apparently, Brasidas wounds Brasidas which makes you angry.

Fight Deimos
You tell Deimos to leave Brasidas out of this fight because the fight is between you and Deimos, not Brasidas. Fight and avoid his/her abilities until he’s/she’s too weakened.

As you reach a certain point, a cutscene will trigger where you tell Deimos that you found their mother. Deimos will try to plunge in for a final attack, ultimately being struck down by a falling burning tree.

For the best ending, choose the option ‘Hold On!’. No matter what you choose, a tree will land on you and knock you unconscious.

The quest and the chapter is now complete. This was such a big chapter but it did the gameplay of the game justice. The story is reaching the finale very quickly and we cannot wait for the end!

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