How To Get Isu Gear In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Isu Gear is the most coveted kind of gear in Assassin's Creed universe, and in AC Mirage you can get some as well.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage offers quite a unique variety of weapons and outfits to select from. All AC games have featured content from the long-gone Isu people, which is the case in this game. Basim can find Isu Gear in AC Mirage, known as the Milad set.

There are a total of three items in the Isu gear, namely known as the Milad Outfit, Shamsheer-e-Zomorrodnegar Sword, and the Samsaama Dagger. This guide will uncover the locations and the process of finding these items. 

How to find Isu Armor and Weapons in AC Mirage

The Isu gear items are obtainable at the price of certain Mysterious Shards. Getting all these shards in one place is quite the hustle as they are littered around the map. These shards will reveal themselves on Tha’abeen when you progress further into the main story and pick up The Ancient Palace quest from Nehal.

The Tha’abeen are higher-ups in the Order of the Ancients and usually roam around with a couple of guards by their side. Assassinating them carries no penalty, but doing it in broad daylight can be difficult to achieve. You also get the chance to pickpocket these shards off them. But the window is small, and you may ultimately lose the opportunity and have to kill them.

You need 10 Mysterious Shards to check off all three items on the list. The Milad Outfit costs 5 shards, the sword costs 3 shards, and the dagger can be picked up for 2 shards.

northern oasis location in AC Mirage

Once you have collected the required number, head north of the map to find the Northern Oasis, dive in the water, and move downward. Eventually, you will reach a crack between two walls. Enter here and continue forward.


You will reach an air pocket leading out into a cave. Climb up and follow along the path. It will require low-level parkour moves, so you should have no problem here. Keep on going ahead, and you will eventually reach the eternal resting place of the Isu gear. 

Acquiring the Isu Outfit in AC Mirage

This outfit is officially known as the Milad Outfit but is called the Isu Outfit. The outfit is non-upgradable and comes with a special stun effect where you complete an air assassination without taking damage.

This armor can be found in the Northern Oasis. Follow the path mentioned above, and you will come across the chest containing this outfit. You will need five mysterious shards to open this chest.

Acquiring Isu Weapons in AC Mirage

isu weapons in ac mirage

There are two weapons still left behind from the Isu Era. These weapons rest alongside the Milad Outfit in their respective chests. Namely, these weapons are called the Shamsheer-e-Zomorrodnegar sword and the Samsaama dagger. Both of them lie in their separate chests.  

The sword will be on your right side when you enter their tomb. The sword packs quite a punch and also comes along with Blood Price. Blood Prince is a special effect that decreases your maximum health and increases damage. 

The Samsaama Dagger makes up for the deficiency by granting you a life-steal effect. This can be vital as it restores health upon every 5th hit you land on an enemy.  

These weapons are found in the same cave where you can find the Milad Outfit. There will be three pedestals where you can insert the Mysterious Shards and reap the rewards of your grind. 

AC Mirage Isu Gear Stats

The Isu Civilizations were keen on making their gear stand the test of time and prove effective in their respective fields. Following are the stats regarding the gear we talked about above; 

  1. Milad’s Outfit
    • Forgotten Terror: Stun enemies in a 15m radius if you complete an air assassination. 
  1. Shamsheer-e-Zomorrodnegar Sword
    • Physical Damage: 46 
    • Def. Damage: 78 
    • Special Effect: Blood Price 
  1. Samsaama Dagger
    • Physical Damage: 27 
    • Def. Damage: 47 
    • Special Effects: Life Steal 

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