Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Gift For You Enigma Solution

Solve this Round City enigma for a free talisman reward.

Solving enigmas rewards you with Talismans or outfit dyes and A Gift For You enigma in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is no different. To help you find a solution to AC Mirage A Gift For You enigma and reach the treasure location, we will go over the complete process of completing this enigma riddle.

AC Mirage A Gift For You enigma location

To get your hands on the A Gift for You Enigma, you need to visit the exact place shown in the map image below in the Round City.

To be more precise, this is a big house located to the southwest of Al-Jahiz’s house. Once there, you need to climb up on the wall of the multi-story house. On the terrace, you will come across a window that you cannot enter. If you look inside, you will come across another window on the opposite side of the wall, blocked with some wooden planks.

Throw your knife to destroy the blockage. Once done, move to the other side of the building using the terrace. Drop down to the ground floor. From there, jump over the lower window to enter through the small window you just opened with your knife. Inside the room, you will get the A Gift for You Enigma resting on a sofa amongst some cushions.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Gift For You enigma solution and treasure location

Instead of showing a map, A Gift for You Enigma in AC Mirage shows you a letter to solve the riddle. The riddle is as follows

Oh, sweet-singing poetess!
I have left you a gift, a token or my eternal gratitude,
and while it is merely a trifle, I would be inconsolable if it did not find your hands!
So use our prodigious creativity to solve this mystery:
Go to where men speak the opposite of poetry.
While your verses set people free, their sentences imprison.
In the west of the square, find the fountain to find my tribute to you.


To solve A Gift For You enigma, you need to visit the western side of the Mazalim Courts, where you will come across a blue fountain next to the building’s walls. Step inside it, and you will be able to collect the reward. You will get a Bedouin Talisman for completing the A Gift for You Enigma riddle.

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