How To Unlock All Talismans In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Do you want to show off your status in AC Mirage? Talismans in the game will allow you to do just that.

Talismans in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are cosmetic items that help your character look more elegant and sophisticated. These wearables do not provide any passive perks or special effects, unlike outfits. The AC Mirage Talismans are in fact a kind of trophy that shows you’re no ordinary assassin and have aced many hard challenges in your life’s journey.

Some talismans are unlocked by passing through different stages in the game, some can be bought, while others are added via packs. This guide will help you learn how to unlock all Talismans in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. 

AC Mirage All Talismans Locations 

Talismans or Cosmetic charms have no more value than being ornamental and showy. You can unlock Talismans by completing Enigmas, giving NPCs their belongings, or simply purchasing them for some Dirhams. All Talismans in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are listed below, with directions on how to unlock them. 

Apprentice Talisman 

This Talisman is unlocked once you achieve the rank of an “Apprentice” among the Hidden Ones. You can reach this rank by successfully assassinating a member of The Order. 

Novice Talisman 

This Talisman unlocks when you reach the rank of a “Novice” in the game. You will achieve the Novice title upon killing two members of The Order. 

Disciple Talisman 

Disciple Talisman comes as a reward for achieving the rank of a “Disciple” among the Hidden Ones. This rank is achieved when three members of The Order die by your hands. 


Assassin Talisman 

This Talisman is unlocked as a reward for reaching the rank of “Assassin” in AC Mirage. This status/rank is achieved once you successfully kill four members of The Order. 

Master Talisman 

Like the previous Talismans, this one is unlocked as a reward for becoming a “Master” in AC Mirage. You reach the Master rank when you kill five members of the Order of Ancients. 

Lion’s Head Talisman 

The Lion’s Head Talisman reminds its wearer of the Persian Legend Rostam’s great personality and heroic deeds. You can purchase it from any trader in Baghdad for 90 Dirhams. 

Scarab Talisman 

Just as the name suggests, this Talisman resembles the shape of a Scarab Beetle. In effect, it reminds one of the iconography of the ancient Egypt.  

To get this Talisman, you must visit any Baghdad trader and pay him 180 Dirhams. 

Knight’s Talisman 

You must solve The Gift enigma in AC Mirage to unlock this fancy Talisman. After solving the Enigma, you can spot the Talisman on a ledge of a rock near the river, west of the Pharmacy of Haylanah. 

Jeweled Talisman 

Like its name, the Jeweled Talisman is covered with pure gold and precious gemstones and shows off its wearer’s wealthy personality. It can be purchased from vendors in Baghdad for 135 Dirhams. 

Horned Lion Talisman 

Like the Lion’s Head Talisman, the Horned Lion Talisman references the legend of Rostam, the great Persian hero. This magnificent Talisman is achieved by solving the Left Behind enigma

Rebel Talisman 

This red-and-white Talisman marks the wearer as sympathetic to the cause of Ali Ibn Muhammad and his rebels. The Rebel Talisman can be unlocked as a reward in AC Mirage for solving the Surrender enigma

Monstrous Talisman 

You can receive this Talisman as a reward from Al-Jahiz when you complete the Bookworm quest and provide all seven lost books to him in AC Mirage.   

Hour Glass Talisman 

The Hour Glass Talisman is one of the rare and special talismans in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. It comes with other Prince of Persia themed items when you purchase the game’s Deluxe Edition. 

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