Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Best Outfits Tier List

Every outfit comes with a perk that's tailored to a specific playstyle.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage features a total of nine outfits that are absolutely stunning in terms of design. They are also not just limited to aesthetics.

Each outfit in AC Mirage comes with a unique perk that can give you a massive advantage in combat. It boils down to your preferences and playstyle.

That being said, some outfits do outshine others. The tier list below ranks all nine outfits in AC Mirage based on their perks and the value they bring to make your playthrough easier.

Best outfits tier list in AC Mirage

TierOutfit Name
  SInitiate of Alamut Outfit, Rostam Outfit
 AZanj Uprising Outfit, Milad’s Outfit, Hidden One Outfit
 BSand Outfit, Abbasid Knight Outfit
 CJinn Outfit, Fire Demon

5. Hidden One Outfit

Location: Can be found inside a gear chest in either the Mazalim Courts, the rooftop of Shurta Headquarters, or inside Al-Jahiz’s house. You can purchase maps from cartographers to reveal the locations of all the gear chests in the area.

Perk: “Deadly Moment” keeps restoring your focus chunks after every stealth kill. You get back 5 percent focus chunks at upgrade 1, going on to 10 and 15 percent at upgrades 2 and 3 respectively.

The Hidden One Outfit may not be one of the best in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, but it is still highly useful in combat.


This is especially advantageous in missions where you need to assassinate multiple enemies in open areas.

Being able to restore your focus chunks after every stealth kill means that you can spam the Assassin’s Focus skill to chain kill multiple enemies. This, obviously, means that the outfit is useless until you unlock Assassin’s Focus by completing the First Order mission.

Since you will not always find situations where groups of enemies are open to assassination, the value that the Hidden One Outfit brings to the table varies on a case-by-case basis.

4. Milad’s Outfit

Location: The Milad’s outfit can be found inside the old shrine located at the bottom of the Northern Oasis (Wilderness). To obtain it, you have to open a locked door which requires 5 Mysterious Shards. These 5 Mysterious Shards can in turn be obtained by defeating multiple special enemies found throughout the world, which is part of “The Calling” quest.

Perk: The Milad’s Outfit comes equipped with the Forgotten Terror perk. This perk encourages you to use air assassinations more often by emitting a lightning jolt after each one. This lightning disorients nearby enemies within a considerable radius.

Once the enemies are disoriented, you can take advantage of their vulnerability and eliminate a large group of enemies at once. Moreover, since it already comes fully upgraded by default, you won’t have to go through the effort of upgrading it.

Since the overall landscape of the game is built in such a way that you perform air assassinations most of the time, using this outfit would make things a lot easier for you. If this perk itself isn’t enough, then the shady gold/black design of the outfit will surely make you want to choose this one.

3. Zanj Uprising Outfit

Location: The Zanj Uprising is a unique outfit that takes quite an effort to acquire. You first have to travel all the way up to Harbiyah’s Upper Harbor and board the ship there. Upon entering the ship, make your way to the galley and push aside the box in front of you.

This reveals a tiny opening that you can walk through. Once inside, clear up a path by pushing aside the rest of the crates and you’ll find a chest at the end of it. This chest contains the Zanj Uprising outfit.

As for the schematics required to upgrade the Zanj Uprising outfit, you can find them at the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse and the Prince’s Palace.

Perk: The effort required to obtain the Zanj Uprising outfit doesn’t go to waste in the least because of the Infamous Perk. This perk protects your notoriety by nullifying the impact of any illegal action that you do to a certain extent. As you upgrade this outfit, the perk gets stronger and the percentage reduction is doubled.

Hence, this perk grants you a lot of freedom with your actions within the game, having little to no consequences for it.

2. Rostam Outfit

Location: The Rostam Outfit is associated with “The Marked Coins” side quest and is received as a reward for completing the quest. The quest involves delivering a bunch of marked coins to a person who uses them to catch a traitor.

Perk: The Rostam Outfit is considered one of the best outfits in AC Mirage because of the huge impact it has on stealth once it is fully upgraded. The “Sound of Silence” perk that comes with the Rostam Outfit greatly reduces the amount of noise you make while running.

This is really helpful if you have a fast-paced playstyle but want to remain stealthy as well – as enemies have a lesser chance to detect you even when you’re sprinting because of the reduced noise.

The fully upgraded Rostam Outfit makes it so that all possible noise you make with movement is silenced. This means that even when you sprint through a whole restricted area without being seen, no one will be able to notice you zoom by.

1. Initiate of Alamut Outfit

Location: The Initiated of Alamut Outfit is the base outfit you get in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, obtained by completing the “A New Beginning” main quest.

Perk: Despite being the base outfit, the Initiate of Alamut Outfit is widely considered the best armor in the game because of one simple reason – The Silent Blade Perk. This Perk makes it so that any noise you make while performing a silent assassination is greatly reduced.

At the max upgrade, all sound from assassinations are nullified, which means that you can assassinate an enemy standing right beside another and he wouldn’t be able to hear a thing.

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