Assassin’s Creed Mirage A New Beginning Walkthrough

Basim learning to become an Assassin.

A New Beginning in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a quest in which Basim learns how to protect himself from the dangers ahead by learning how to fight. Doing so, he will become a “Full Fledged Assassin”.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: A New Beginning will begin after a few months of completing the last chapter since Basim is coping with the change.

Return to Training

For the Return to Training objective, you need to get yourself ready for the training by first meeting the NPC named “Roshan.” She is the same woman who saved your life in the last mission; after that, she became the teacher of the Basim.

To find her, you need to follow the quest marker, which will lead you to the Fort on the hill once you get out of the water. The objective will finish once you meet with Roshan, who will ask “Basim” to get dressed for the training.

Practice Leap of Faith

To Practice the Leap of Faith, you need to climb the small hut with the help of the Handholds that come across in between. First, you need to reach the Wooden Platform and climb the cliff until you reach the Beam on top.

Once you reach the Beam, you must walk to its edge until you are precisely above the Haystack underneath. You then need Basim to practice the Leap of Faith in Assassin’s Creed Mirage by pressing and holding the “X/A” button on the console. Doing so, Basim will jump from the “Wooden Beam” and launch himself into the Haystack.

Follow Roshan

For this objective, you must follow Roshan in the “Hidden One’s Camp” after passing through the Narrow Mountain Canyon. While reaching there, Roshan will tell you more about How an Assassin should perform a Leap of Faith.

Find and Speak to Fuladh

After reaching the Hidden One’s Camp, you will get a new objective of finding Fuladh in AC Mirage A New Beginning. The tricky part about finding Fuladh is that the quest marker will not show you his location. You need help from an NPC called Tabih, who has a bubble on his head and asks about his whereabouts.

Doing so will enable the quest marker to show the location of Fuladh. Make your way to the location of the Tabih after that and begin a conversation with him. He will then send you to do another errand, which is explained in the next objective.

Get Leather Strips and Bring them to Rebekah

For this objective, you need to proceed with the mission of getting the leather strips. For this, you must go to the Storeroom by following the quest marker.

The Storeroom is filled with other miscellaneous items; you need to take the help of “Eagle Vision” to find the Leather Strips. While searching, you will find some “Red Herrings” and a letter.

After some searching, you will find the Leather Strips you were looking for on top of the table, located close to the store’s entrance. Pick the Leather Strips in Assassin’s Creed Mirage and wait for the cutscene to end.

After getting the Leather Strips, your next objective is to bring them to Rebekah. For this, you must follow the quest marker, which will take you from the “Hanging Platform” to the “Zipline.”

This will take you directly to the “tent” where Rebekah is located, where you will find her crafting “Weapon” in the forge. You then need to give the Leather Strips to her, which will trigger another cutscene.

In return, Basim will get an “Alamut Dagger and an Alamut Sword” from Rebekah. The next objective will now focus on learning how to use the weapons.

Combat Training in AC Mirage

After getting the new weapons from Rebeka in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you will get a new objective in which you must make your way to the Training Ground. During this, you will learn how to kill enemies by fighting them.

Rebekah will also give you the “Throwing Knives,” which you must test first by making your way to the Target Range. To get there, you must find the Assassin marked with “Orange Text bubble with Exclamation Mark.” After some searching, you will find him on the sidewalk behind the fountain.

After finding him, the Assassin will give you a temporary target that can be used to test your knife-throwing skills. To throw the knives, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Equip the knife by selecting it from the “Tool Wheel.” This can be done by pressing the holding “R2/RT“.
  • You must then press and hold “L2/LT,” allowing you to align the “Crosshairs with the target.”  
  • Finally, press “R2/RT” to throw the knife once the target is in your crosshairs.

You can use your newly learned Knife Throwing Skill in AC Mirage on any target that you come across. After this, you must follow the quest market, which will take you to the Training Ground. You need to climb to the left end of the “Towering Cliff.”

From there, use the help of “Handholds” to reach the lift, which will take you to the top of the Peak. You then need to make your way to another peak Eastward using the help of “Wooden Platform and Pulleys.” Drop down the valley from the peak to reach the “Small Arena,” where a cutscene will begin showing Basim and Roshan in a duel.

Combat Techniques and Controls

Roshan will then teach Basim the basics of “Mirage’s Combat” techniques in AC Mirage: A New Beginning:

  • Lock the target by pressing “L3“. You can confirm this by looking at the “Black and White Circles” that appear on the target. Every attack after locking will directly hit the target.
  • Execute the Light Attack by pressing the “R1/RB” button on the console. These attacks generally deal less damage.
  • Execute the Heavy Attack by pressing and holding the “R1/RB” button on the console. The hits delivered through the Heavy Attack are slower but are more powerful and deal more damage.
  • Parry the attack by pressing the “L1/LB” button on the console. You need to wait for the “Attacker Sword to Glow White.” Successfully dodging an incoming attack will allow the attacker to be “stunned,” allowing you to strike again and deal more damage.
  • Dodge the attack by pressing the “Square/X” button on the console. You need to wait for the “Attacker Sword to Glow Red.” Dodging can be used for attacks that cannot be parried, which can be distinguished by the sword’s color.

Once you have mastered all types of attacks mentioned above, Roshan will teach Sparring the attack. Sparring the attacks in simple terms usually combines every attack in the fight, which we have learned so far.

After this, your fight with Roshan will begin, in which you must beat her with all your newly learned skills. She will first try light attacks, followed by parrying your attacks. In between, she will also sprinkle some heavy attacks between the fights in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Since these attacks cannot be blocked, you need to dodge them.

You need to learn the pattern of Roshan’s attacks and parry her when she gets out of hand. Damage from the unblockable attacks can be prevented by keeping your distance from her. Deal as much damage as you want by stunning her, and repeat this until you beat her.

Follow Nur and head to the Watch Point

You must follow the “Nur” as she heads into her patrol. Equip the “Torch” by selecting it from the Tool Wheel, allowing you to see in the dark. This can be done by pressing the holding “R2/RT“.

Halfway through the patrol, you will encounter a “pair of Hidden Ones.” Soon after meeting them, a cutscene will begin. After this, you must follow the A New Beginning quest marker in Assassin’s Creed Mirage until you reach the “Watch Point.

Investigate with Nur

You need to follow the Nur into the Ledge from the Watch Point by using the “Zipline.” Both of you will drop into the valley full of small rocks. You will come across “Two Men with Torches” in the distance. They are searching for something in the bushes, so you must hide from them by crouching in the grass.

You need to spread them apart by blowing the whistle. You can press “Right on the D-Pad” to whistle. Doing so, one guard will approach you to investigate the whistle in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

You need to wait for him to be within your range and take care of him with heavy attacks. Similarly, Nur will take out the other guard. Now that the coast is clear, you need to travel ahead into the route until you come across more enemies.

There are five enemies this time, and you need to follow the same whistle strategy. They are not all standing close to each other, so you need to pick the pair that is closest to you.

You just need to kill the two close to you, and the Nur will kill the rest. Remember that Nur will only engage two enemies at a time, so you need to jump in and deal with the remaining one.

Once all the enemies are taken care of, Assassin’s Creed Mirage: A New Beginning will finish.

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