Assassin’s Creed Mirage Assassinating Al Ghul ‘The Slaver’ Walkthrough

The Air Assassination of Al Ghul.

In Assassinating Al Ghul ‘The Slayer’ mission, you will attempt the first major execution of the Assassin’s Creed Mirage. You have to invade Caravanserai, where Al Ghul is staying. But before that you must head to your team in a mill pointed on the map. 

There, you will find Ali addressing some traitors. When you get close, a scene begins in which you learn about Al Ghul’s location. At this point, you can prepare for that mission or say you are ready. Then, a girl named Roshan will lead you to Al Ghul’s location. You need to follow her to start the contract to assassinate Al Ghul in AC Mirage.

Find A Way To Caravanserai

Your first important task is to get excess into the Caravanserai and use Enkidu (companion). Enkidu helps you to track down a secret entrance to Caravanserai near the north wall.

It is a narrow well; dive into it and reach the other side. There will be a guard outside the well when you reach the other side. You can quickly kill him without letting anyone know, and now you are in Caravanserai.

Once in, it would be best if you got Al Ghul out of his room so that you can easily assassinate him in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. To take him out, you have two choices, which are:

Rally the Workers

Once you are in the Caravanserai, head towards your left. There are joined rooms on your left; get into the second one and talk to a civilian there, who seems to be thinking about something. He will say that they get cheated and want your help. Agree to help them.


Then, you must discover the enslaved person’s owner; you will find him on the south side of the place. Reach him and ask him that you want to buy the slaves. There, he will ask for a considerable amount; refuse to pay him that large amount.

When he is leaving, you have to pickpocket the deed that he has so that you will free the slaves. Again, reach back to that civilian you have talked to in the same place and ask him that now you are the owner of the deed and he is no more an enslaved person and free to go. This will make Al Ghul to get outside in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Take Merchant Help

You will find the merchant near the main entrance of Caravanserai. Talk to him and again, head into the Caravanserai using the secret entrance mentioned above. Merge in with the civilians to get to the center of the Caravanserai so you won’t get spotted, and head to the southwest corner.

For this, the best route is to go through the walls. There are stairs on your right when you get in the Caravanserai in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Take those stairs to go to the rooftop. There will be three guards you need to kill while going through the stairs and then take the ladder to the roof.

A couple of guards will be on the top; after dealing with them, jump straight on the down floor. Assassinate the guards there.

Then, on your left again, jump down and kill one of the guards there. Besides, where the guard stands is one open room where the merchant’s creation is lying. You will face two more guards there, kill them, and take the merchant’s crate.

You can also do this by creating a distraction through the crates tied in the air by throwing a knife, This will distract all the guards, and you can go and grab the chest.

Once you have the crate, it’s time to reach the merchant. Go on your right; there will be an open way into a corridor, while in there, take the stairs up.

There will be a ladder in front. Take it to get outside the place, then reach the merchant at the place where you met him before.

Once he gets the crate, he starts walking inside the Caravanserai, and you can sneak in by mingling in the merchant’s group while the merchant starts making some noise. This will make Al Ghul get out of his place to the balcony.

How to assassinate Al Ghul, the Slaver in AC Mirage

When you succeed in luring Al Ghul out, now it’s time to assassinate him. To do this, once you enter the Caravanserai from the secret entrance on your right, take the stairs. After this take the ladder to go on top.

There, you may face guards if you haven’t assassinated them before. After dealing with them, there will be a beam on your left side at the center of the roof, and you will see Al Ghul on the balcony.

It’s time for the air assassination; jump on and kill him. After the assassination, you will get spotted by two guards, and here, a new ability will be unlocked: “Assassin’s Focus.” Kill both the guards, and this skill will enable you to take down the guards in seconds. This will complete the mission to assassinate Al Ghul in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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